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If you’re an entrepreneur and want to be really good, and I mean, really really good at online marketing, then you NEED to read this list of the top 10 best online marketing books for entrepreneurs in 2014. For those of us under the age of 30, we may only know of online marketing as the only avenue to promoting our businesses. Before we get into the books, there are two infamous online marketers you absolutely need to know: Joost de Valk, otherwise known as Yoast, and Seth Godin.
I’m not that good at computers, can I still learn how to do online marketing since those words scare me? You can build the best product or service in the world, but if no one knows about it, it will fail.
Purple Cow by Seth Godin – Great book to help you think outside of the box and be different. Words that Sell by Richard Bayan – If you want to learn how to write killer content that gets people begging for more, this is for you. Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall – Do NOT, and I strongly repeat, DO NOT ever run a Google AdWord campaign if you have not read this book, unless of course you like throwing money away in the garbage.
Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer – Best book you will ever read on sales. Hooked by Nir Eyal – If you want someone to become obsessed with your product, service, software, or technology, this will teach you how.
Some of these online marketing books were not written in 2014 but they still apply more then ever none-the-less. For strategic decision-makers in the private and public sectors; “marketing” describes a fundamental approach to general management decision-making and a necessary set of business functions. Marketing’s flexibility makes it a good choice for students to choose for specialization in Finance, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurial Management, or Operations Management.
In order to master in area of MBA Marketing, listing below few of the finest books for MBA-Marketing. The book revolves around financial analysis in Marketing as well as present sample marketing plan. In the interesting times that we live in today, the meaning of success is different for different people. This ability to influence others requires strong marketing skills – which is quite sought after these days.
Interested students in Marketing can surely go through the above books to enhance their knowledge further more, & take an in-depth insight in to the area of marketing. The fact that my book is a top selling direct marketing book is a sign in the shift of direct marketing as we know it. Traditionally direct marketing is described as marketing messages addressed directly to customers in the form of catalog distribution, fliers, outdoor advertising. The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing is a comprehensive guide to learning the ropes of communicating on the social web through a range of online tools to help build credibility, visibility and sellability.
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That’s the latest number from YouTube and represents how many videos are watched every single day. With those kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder that 76% of online marketers plan to increase their use of video and YouTube. Imagine if a business could drive traffic to a website by creating the right kind of video filled with the benefits and information that customers want and need. If a business thinks video is just a passing fad, then it’s time to pull their head out of the sand. Video puts a face and a personality to any business so that customers across the globe can recognize and “know” it as a real person and not just a company logo. Once upon a time, communities gathered around the radio to listen to their favorite programs. On the other hand, with so much digital information clamoring for attention, and so many devices to choose from, customers can get distracted…and they are also more empowered.

Today, customers have the ability to see what they want, when they want, and how they want.
No longer can any business afford to subscribe to a false sense of security believing that their customer will do exactly what they want them to, when they want them to.
A smart business, small, medium and large, can do in a minute what may take their competitors weeks and even months to do. With any revolution a business can either watch it go by in awe, doing nothing and being left only with the scraps dropped by the competition.
Businesses that are ready to learn exactly what's needed to empower their marketing during the Video Revolution can pick up this free report prepared by James Wedmore, Video Marketing Coach and Online Strategist. Every Self Publishing knows that writing and publishing books isn’t the end of the game when it comes to been an author.
After A Self Publishing Author have taken the pain and the stress of writing a book and getting the book out there through the many Self Publishing Medium out there, the dream of everyone is seeing many buying and reading such book.
When it comes to book marketing, many self publishing authors got struck as to how to market and promote their book. To such questions are many answers like getting reviews, using social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, Having a book launch or a blog tour to create buzz about a particular book and many common book marketing strategies like that but still, many Self Publishing Authors still find it difficult to follows all these ways of promoting and marketing books all because they are still yet to know the best book marketing strategy among all these many diverse ways to promote and market self published books. Before answering such a question, we need to look into why self publishing authors are asking such question. There are many book marketing advise, book and information online with many book marketing experts giving their opinion of the how they think self published book can be promoted online based solely on what works and what has worked for them now or in the past. A trip to Google to search for such questions as What Is The Best Book Marketing Strategy will definitely return lots of searches contain links to multitude of book marketing information, advice and strategies but the problem is that these usually cause what can be called “Information Overload” whereby there are too much of information that self publishing authors get confused on what to do and which way to follow among all these numerous book marketing strategies. Many even will want to know which of these book marketing information and strategies that is better than the rest but what every self publishing authors should know is that self publishing can be such a crazy world and in it, where we have book marketing, there are many ways to arrive at one single destination and that should tell everyone that there can be no best or better way to market and promote books online – that is, social media marketing can’t be said to be a better book marketing way than getting reviews and can’t also be a better way to book marketing than building a blog or having an author platform. The truth is that someone might only trust getting book reviews as a way of creating buzz and getting a social proof to sell book all because that has worked in the past for such author and another might love the fun and trills of using Twitter and Facebook to build a large audience base of loyal book reader and buyer all because such author enjoy using these social media networks making it a successful and workable book marketing strategy for such author but can we because of these say using social media networks and getting lots of book reviews are the best book marketing strategies? The lesson here for all self publishing authors is that everyone should find what works for them and stop been confused on what to do or which way to go.
Do you think there is any book marketing strategy that is the best among all the many ways to promote and market a self published book? For those above the age of 30, you may have only done print advertising such as placing an ad in a magazine, newspaper, or even traditional marketing such as trade shows, conventions, door to door selling, cold calling (eww), and more. The way to do this is to continually get quality customers knocking on your door (or website for that matter). Most business owners and entrepreneurs tend to do everything themselves and these books teach you what you need to know to get it done or delegate them properly. Imagine driving down the highway and seeing a herd of 100 cows and one purple cow in the front.
If you read any of these or have any books you recommend that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comment section below. Business people trained in marketing can provide critical input in areas such as markets, competitors, and portfolios of operating technologies. Hovering between the number one and number two spot on the charts, the book by web marketing expert Lorrie Thomas is a sign of a shift in the definition of “direct marketing”. Now, in more recent times, email, mobile messaging and consumer websites have become a part of the marketing approach mix, making marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and students flock towards online marketing books like The 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing. The book helps to teach readers how they can harness online marketing through blogs, social media and online newsletters by creating interesting and relevant content that brings customers in to participate with an organizations online presence.
Thomas is a Professor at UC Berkeley, and former professor at Santa Barbara City College and UCSB Extension, and is a national speaker on the subject of online marketing.
That’s a lot of eyeballs…and a lot of potential customers eagerly searching through YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine) to find what they are looking for.
Projections confirm that video is slated to be the top source of content used by all online marketing efforts by the year 2014. When it occurs, entire countries, economies, families, and society as a whole are changed, right?

If a business doesn't think this is important, just think for a moment of the revolution in communications from radio to television.
Without the benefit of a screen, they had to imagine and create their own mental pictures about the stories being told and information being relayed over the radio waves. Suddenly, they could see and hear their beloved characters once locked inside that radio cabinet. And, for a smart online business using video marketing and YouTube the right way, this could be just the revolution needed to propel them past the big names and compete with all the major brands even when they have a small business, shoestring kind of budget. Most people have probably watched a video in the last week; however, how many can say they have created a video to promote a business in the last week? Or, it can pick up the tools needed to become a part of that revolution and empower the person, the business, and the destiny.
The YouTube Traffic Report will gives the tools needed to create videos that get noticed by the people that matter…customers. Ask any Indie Authors especially new and un established author their greatest fear and that would surely be the fear of having nobody to buy and read their books and if there is any question many Self Publishing Authors always ask without getting a satisfying answer to is the question of “how do I market and promote my book”.
There is nothing bad in Self Publishing experimenting with a particular way of promoting books based on what is convenient or what we all love doing to see how it goes rather than looking for the best advice on the best way to go and trying to copy what someone have found to work. Every self publishing author should remember this and go out there to find what not only works for them but what also is fun to do for them. It’s basically anything you can do online, on the internet, to enhance the brand, value, and perception of your company in order to drive targeted traffic to your site. Imagine getting 100 visits a day to your site and getting 10 phone calls, sign-ups, or sales a day all on complete autopilot (only at a 10% conversion rate), that would be pretty sweet wouldn’t you agree?
That purple cow would definitely stand out, get your attention, and make you tell everyone “hey!
No fluff in this book, just straight to the point information that you can read over and over again. But on a more general level, being able to convince other people your ideas and influence their action is what broadly defines success. Thomas' book focuses on a different approach to marketing, one in which online marketing supports the making, building and developing of relationships. In fact, wouldn’t it be revolutionary for an online business to create something that appeals to the perfect customer, instantly? Video marketing and YouTube are changing how people get their information, how they make purchasing decisions, and how they connect with each other. And, to the delight of the marketers, people were limited to 3 channels and they had their undivided attention. On the one hand, a business can reach their customer on the radio, the TV, the computer, the laptop, the notebook, the phone, the tablet and so much more. After all, there might be no better way to market and promote self published books than the method every self publishing author has find out to be the best that works for them. When I say targeted, that means actual potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer, and not just random visitors. With the right online marketing and the right website, this isn’t as hard as it sounds, you just need the knowledge to get there.
We could not have done this without the help, guidance, and inspiration from the incredible authors listed below. You will get more ideas then you can even imagine, and that’s only within the first 3 chapters.
The science of web tools are taught, but with a “It is not the tools, but how we use the tools strategically that makes marketing matter” approach to make meaningful direct marketing relationships for customer acquisition and retention. That is the same principle about your business – you need to stand out like a purple cow and be so outrageously different that people will tell all their friends about you.

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