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After searching far and wide, losing the map, breaking our compass and taking a few wrong turns, we have found 60 of the best fashion ecommerce sites. WeMakeWebsites work with design-led independent retailers in fashion, furniture, gifts and other industries. Join 10,000 merchants on our weekly e-commerce advice mailing list, full of advice to help you sell more. Make Money OnlineEasy Risk free way to Make Money Online with Zero Cost – Paid Daily! 7 Deadly Sins the Best Professional Services Websites Never Make You are using an outdated browser. Join our mailing list to get weekly advice.Making it MondayOur YouTube channel Making it Monday gives you the 2 minute advice videos that explain how to improve your ecommerce business. Stand for something: a specific service offering, a vertical you serve best, or a special way you approach your trade. EventsNews on events, workshops and the official Shopify London meetup.Setting up on ShopifyOur experts offer advice on how to get the best out of Shopify.
If you need help articulating your position with clarity, hire a skilled marketing copywriter to help you describe your services. In today’s web-centric marketing environment, clarity is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.3. But letting your content go stale can do a lot of harm.Outdated web content can raise damaging questions in the minds of your prospects.
Our research shows that 99 percent of prospective buyers visit a firm’s website at some point during the buying process.
Moreover, 80 percent use what they find on a firm’s website to help them decide whether to buy. And you’ll never even know about the many prospects who visit your website and rule you out. Your site should be built on a content management system that makes it easy to add and delete content, as well as make quick corrections and updates.

This visual noise communicates one thing loud and clear — that your firm lacks the imagination or confidence to be different. Most hosting services offer at least a rudimentary package, and several excellent web-based services are available for free, including the ubiquitous Google Analytics. So why do so few professional services firms use these tools as part of their marketing program?Many professionals don’t realize how easy these tools can be to use — or what a wealth of useful information they provide. I call it “having a bad case of the blues.” For some reason, business stock photos tend to be blue-toned.
You’ll discover how many people are visiting your site on any given day, what pages are most (and least) popular, how many times a PDF is downloaded, and where visitors come from. You may want to avoid standard business imagery altogether and take a more conceptual approach with your photography — selecting photos that depict more abstract themes. Or if you want to be more literal in your imagery, consider using illustration instead of photography.
For instance, they can segment their visitors and uncover how people from each group navigate their site.
And if your site is one of the multitudes that use blue as a dominant color, look for a new color that’s less predictable.2. Lack of Clarity (and Specialization)Fuzzy writing infects an astonishing number of professional services websites.
And based on these insights they can make adjustments to their site structure, design, and messaging to facilitate a visitor’s journey.
These sites speak in general terms about solutions but avoid specifying the problems they solve.
Our quantitative understanding of the sources and levers of enterprise value enables us to identify for our clients how value can be created and sustained and how competitive advantage can be managed.What does this company do?
People don’t always follow the same path through the site or even begin in the same place. Many visitors (particularly those coming from search engines) may enter the site through an interior page, and they may jump around in a non-linear fashion.In fact, on some sites the homepage plays a relatively minor role.

This is the sort of fuzzy but impressive-sounding language that many firms use to disguise their lack of differentiation. At Hinge, for example, 90 percent of our web visitors enter through an interior page — and most of those entries occur on content pages.When designing your site, it can be helpful to consider these non-linear visitors and their overall experience.
This means ensuring that key messages appear on popular entry pages so that people aren’t disoriented when they arrive. You may want to place “offers” on key pages pointing to sections of your website that you believe visitors will find valuable.
Assuming you have a web metrics package available, you will be able to measure response rates to individual marketing efforts.
This will give you a foundation on which to build a powerful, metrics-based marketing program.6. Ignoring SEOMany professional services firms still don’t appreciate the value of search engine optimization (SEO).
As we described in section 3 above, the vast majority of your prospects will consult your website to help them make buying decisions.
Regrettably, many professional services websites fail even at this most basic level.Modern, standards-compliant websites are built in a way that makes them friendly to search engines — which is a great start. But if you want to make certain that people can find you and pave the way for Internet-based marketing in the future, you need to give serious consideration to keyword research, building your domain authority, and developing content that is crafted with your target audiences in mind. To a much greater degree, it’s about helping people who have no disabilities at all read the content on your website from a mobile phone or an older web browser.
It’s about helping ordinary middle-age business people with imperfect eyesight be able to enlarge text on the screen. And for firms that contract with the government, accessibility is about complying with a set of government standards (Section 508) and demonstrating de facto support of those standards.There is no excuse for building non-accessible websites today.

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