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One of the hardest mailing lists to find is for email and direct mail marketing is Commercial Real Estate Property Owners. Direct Data Source can help you search commercial properties, discover owners, and generate targeted leads that are right for your business. Our comprehensive database allows you to select from more than 250 commercial properties types. Choose your property type: Airports, Department Stores, Golf Courses, Kennels, Parking Structures, Shipyards, Universities, etc. If you are interested in knowing the number of specific-type business in a county, including who the owners are, we can provide that.
Are you a roofing, electric, or plumbing company that wants to target commercial property owners by the square footage of the building? To get quick results, you can use our preset Commercial Interest groups that provide listings according to broad commercial property types.

Ready to build your commercial property marketing list?  Contact Direct Data Source at 888-886-0727, or by email using our quick contact form. 12 Specially written marketing letters for Commercial Agents, so you can send one direct letter per month, over 12 months. Every template is editable in word.  Simply copy and paste to your mail merge program.  You can change to suit your market and property type! Commercial Real Estate Broker, Author, Broadcaster, International Conference Speaker, Coach.
Compete and excel in the marketplace by making property flyers an automatic part of your listing process and be seen as the top-notch brokerage professional you know you are.
Choose from the pre-designed template options OR enter your custom Easy Marketing template number when you place your order. Minor, content-only changes to your existing, already approved flyer created through Easy Marketing (i.e.

Go to the next level by ordering a custom flyer template coordinated specifically to your firm’s branding. Yet, if you are a business-to-business company, that’s the list you need for your marketing campaigns. To do this, you find the area you want to target on an online map, and draw a circle or rectangle around it.
Direct Data Source has a list that can tell you the corporate owner or the individual owner.

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