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BlazeDVD Pro - one of the best region-free DVD player chosen by millions of users from all over the world. BlazeDVD Pro is not only a powerful region free player for Windows 8, but also a comprehensive media player support video files, pictures and songs from computer, portable devices, YouTube and Facebook. BlazeDVD works as an all-region-free DVD Player to play movies of region 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 without changing region code, it can instantly unlock locked DVD for free playback. All-in-oneA media playerA to play all popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, VOB, WMV, DTS, HD (high-definition) videos, etc. You could play all kinds of your pictures as slideshow fluently by this feature-rich media player and then enjoy these beautiful pictures in front of your PC with your families along with relaxing music. BlazeDVD Pro is a smart all-in-one media player makes movies vivid with sharp picture, smooth video playback and shocking surround sound effects. Improve the playback quality of movies, videos, pictures and songs with edge enhancement and special lighting technology to bring ultimate HD movie experience even on large displays. BlazeDVD can expand 2-channel audio to up to 5.1-channel audio to bring a powerful surround-sound effect with Dolby AC3.
BlazeDVD also provides special audio effect by adjusting various preferences, such as Equalizer with 10 bands, to bring you a wonderful audio-visual experience!
A bunch of advanced features possessed by BlazeDVD Pro deliver wonderful performance for playing videos, view pictures and enjoy songs.
Repeat the movie playback between two spots on the timeline to watch and study the wonderful clips over and over again. Support 32 different subtitles to bring much convenience for people from all over the world.
Standard Parent Control function could help you protect your children from being affected by violent or blue movies by restricting specific movie levels or setting a password.

Intelligent bookmark could note down the exact frame (or time) where you decide to close BlazeDVD Pro and remember to resume the movie from that spot next time. BlazeDVD Pro allows users to load multiple files to the playlist of media library for playback.
The exclusive A-B Point Repeat Playback Feature allows users to play the highlights of moviesA over and over again.
Smart and easy-to-use tools on the control panel enables you to play, pause, stop, fast forward and backward, step forward and backward and freely select any part of the movie such as Title, Root, Sub-picture, PTT and Audio Menus.
Additionally, the DVD player provides DVD to video converter feature to convert the recording files into ASF, AVI, iPod MP4, MPEG, PSP MP4. The Multi-core CPU optimization and hardware acceleration features bring sharper picture, smoother screen action and stronger Dolby Stereo effect. Perfect "Copy + Ripper" combo - copy any DVD with fast speed by auto removing almost all DVD copy protections and rip DVDs to a variety of popular formats for portable devices.
Professional All-in-One DVD tool pack meets all your need, includes player, copy, creator, burner, enables anyone to watch, edit, and convert any encrypted DVD movies.
Powerful DVD Burner offers movie lovers the easiest way to create high-quality DVD discs with numerous movies, pictures and music, and share their masterpiece with families and friends. Replying to an email from Wired, Mr Sharma said “This helps AMD leapfrog Intel by making Windows 8 more attractive on their tablets and PCs. These Android apps will be probably most welcome on the upcoming Windows 8 touch enabled PCs and tablets, where the software market is currently quite small. If you are a movie lover, BlazeDVD Pro is just the right region-free player to bring you the ultimate real theater enjoyment. On the other hand, it could also down-mix the 5.1-channel audio to two-channel stereo audio with Dolby Surround compatibility when the listener does not have a surround sound setup.

The decent media Player applies the most advanced home theater audio technology for HD movies. This new software will enable hundreds of thousands of Android apps to be used on AMD equipped PCs. Consumers can now enjoy their favourite mobile apps on the larger, more immersive screen of their PC”.
The program is supposedly easy to use but requires a user to set up an account and run through a connections wizard to get started.
So far there have been a lot of Intel and ARM powered Windows 8 devices announced, but not so many with AMD chips. Developers will also benefit by gaining a larger market for their Android apps “With BlueStacks technology, app developers can rest assured their Android apps will run directly on Windows without any code change. The exclusive Multi-core CPU optimization and hardware acceleration functions bring sharper picture, smoother screen action and stronger Dolby Stereo effect.
The hope is that the AppZone Player on an AMD touch tablet device could make it a more attractive gadget compared to a similar Windows 8 powered Intel device with access to just 2,000 touch friendly apps from the Windows Store.
BlazeDVD Pro offers you an easy way to play movies, videos, pictures and songs with the best video and audio quality. Or you can just go to the AMD AppZone website and download any Android app, the first of which will also download the player app for you.

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