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Motion typography or kinetic typography creates an eye-gripping video and that’s why it has really exploded on the design landscape. If you wanna learn how you can create truly amazing kinetic typography videos or check out some really cool examples of it then you’ve reached the right place. Kinetic typography is a form of motion graphics where text is mixed with fast-paced animations to express unique ideas and thought provoking arguments. Probably, this eye-gripping shock value is what has made this technique so popular and that’s why we have been seeing it a lot.
The Sherlock video above is a pretty cool example, but just one example can’t be enough so here are a few more.
I have tried to add different kinds of videos, some are modern themed, some are funny, and some are dead serious.
This is a song but instead of giving out simple subtitles, the creator goes a step ahead… what a step ahead. This video uses the voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s interview where he told some facts. What designer do is when they import an object to a composition in AAE, that object is assigned to a set of variables (i.e. Now I wouldn’t just tell you to go and work for hours and hours just create your first video, would I? We’ll take a look at the free templates as well as these tools I just mentioned, but first, here are the tutorials.

I loved this tutorial because it doesn’t waste your time and tells you the methodology that works behind a cool typographic video. This tutorial is divided into three parts, all of them are given below but first, take a look at the final result. And if you’re really paranoid about kinetic typography then you can take a 3-hour long course of kinetic typography on udemy. Now that you have learned how these videos are created, let me make your work easier by giving you some really cool free templates for creating animated text.
The reason I’m placing this template on top is because it is really easy for beginners to edit. The only downside to this template is that the typeface doesn’t contain any special characters or punctuation marks.
If you like to play with motion, you just have to master this technique because this not just looks amazing but it is highly commercial as well.
But creating these videos is a tedious job and that’s why I have shared these templates with you. The KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY GENERATOR PACKAGE is a AE CS 5.0 Full HD package coming with an kinetic typograpgy generator automated system. The packages includes the main aep file (with the two storyboards), 27 ready-to-use scenes (aep files), 5 animated texts aep files, 10 text animation presets, 20 color theme, numerous transitions, 20 background textures and an amazing fully automated system. Spare your time and boost your productivity with this intuitive and automated kinetic typography generator.

It is being used everywhere these days, from TV commercials to landing pages, this technique has proved to be immensely useful when it comes to improving conversion rates and making an impression. If you have not seen this movie then I suggest you skip this one because it won’t make much sense to you. There are some specialized tools available as well that serve only to create kinetic typographies.
I’m not including that final result in this post because that contains language and concepts inappropriate for children. No plug-in required, 5 detailed video tutorials (+-40 min), free fonts links and music link included, pdf file with the video tutorials contents…. However, if you have seen the movie or if you are familiar with the concept then this video will seem like the ultimate example for pacing the video correctly. What the creators did was they asked each animator to pick a glyph and animate it using 4 colors at max, 25 frames and a 500 x 600 canvas.
They are ideal for personal work but clients need (and deserve) customized solutions, therefore these templates may not work there. Designers mostly use Adobe After Effects, spend hours and hours adjusting the text and motion it finally takes a shape.

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