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Podzinger, in beta until mid-December, lets users jump to the spot in a podcast where their search term appears, rather than forcing them to scan an entire program for pertinent parts as blinkx does. Podzinger is a nice offering, but irritatingly it requires IE 5.0 and Realplayer for audio playback. The Wired article also mentions Blinkx, a comparable podcast (and video) search tool I saw mentioned a few months back. Extract (uncompress) the file to the directory in Applications where you installed Audacity.
In this dialogue box, go to the folder where you put the file earlier, and select it. In Windows Start menu, go to Windows => Settings => Control Panel => Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices (or Sounds and Audio Devices) => Audio => Sound Recording. If you change directory structure after configuring audacity, you will need to reconfigure Edit => Preferences => Directories or Audacity will bark at you. Allow Clipping allows you to jack up volume even higher, however, this also clips highs and lows (which affects quality).
Select the downward pointing arrow at the top-left of the stereo track to reveal the track drop-down menu. Create a new playlist called podcast (this sets up an uncluttered work area for managing your podcast's metadata). To remove a podcast, click the checkbox next to the podcast and in the pull-down menu Move Selected Tracks To: select Trash.
Essential if you plan to have two or more people participating in your podcast and want to provide a quality studio setup.

The Olympus DS-40 is a highly sensitive digital handheld recorder that provides 136 hours of recording with a 30-hour battery life. Don’t be baffled by the terminology, podcasting is simply the production of audio content which people can download from a web page and listen to either through their computer or on an MP3 player like an iPod or mobile phone. You don’t need any special equipment or training to record and produce a podcast and it is a great way of communicating because people can listen to it at their own convenience, wherever they may be.
The real strength of podcasts is they enable you to engage in such a powerful way with your audience.
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Is Your Web Site No 1 In Google?You don’t need us to tell you that if you are running a business the best way to be found online is to be at the top of the search engines. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. I often listen to them during a coffee break at my desk, or download a whole series to listen to while running or on a car journey. People who you have never met will hear your voice and connect with you in a way that is much more compelling than simply providing the same content in written form on your web site. And Podcasters can link to a searchable index of their content in order to sell sponsored links to text in the index provided by Podzinger.
It probably goes without saying but if you speak about a topic that you know inside and out, such as yourself or your area of expertise, you can give people real value. Who are you aiming your podcast at; prospects, customers or a particular sector of your audience?

The quickest way to get to the top and be found by your […]Is There A Budding Writer Within You?Have you ever thought that you know more than enough about your particular business expertise to write a book about it? Or have you written articles or newsletters on a particular topic and thought that if only there were enough hours in the day, it could all be pulled together into an ebook or downloadable […]Web Site Registration and Form FillingDo you have any idea how many hours a week you spend filling in forms?
Do your homework and know who you are speaking to so you can gauge their expertise so that you don’t talk down to them or above their knowledge level. It can be online with web sites that require you to register to access certain articles and information, to sign up for newsletters, or post your contact information for other visitors to see, or offline with application forms, etc. All […]Are You One To Chat?Are you one of those people who have a huge amount of information to give about your particular area of interest, and could talk and talk endlessly and passionately about your subject? Running a tele-class or tele-seminar is a great way to […]Collecting Contact InformationDo you need specific information about current or prospective clients?
With a little research performed by My Virtual Assistant you can collect all the data you need, including phone numbers, email addresses, social media links, etc. We can then enter the collected data into spreadsheets, documents, address books whatever is most useful to you saving […]Which Products and Services Are Best for You?At My Virtual Assistant, we often find that when we begin to work with a new client, they often don’t realise the full extent of the services we can provide.

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