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Organizations that are successful at innovation naturally develop a strong innovation culture. Organizations that are successful at innovation naturally develop a strong innovation culture.  Such a culture is much appreciated by customers who say that the company is a genuine innovator, and it’s also known among the people inside the organization as a dynamic and innovation-friendly place to be. But supposing an innovation culture doesn’t yet exist in your organization.  Then how can you nurture it?  How do organizations develop an innovation culture?  Who should be involved in the innovation process?  And what roles should they play?
Every culture is an expression of behaviors and attitudes, and every organization’s culture reflects the beliefs and actions of its people, as well as the history that shaped them.  The innovation culture, of course, is likewise an expression of people, their past, and their current beliefs, ideas, behaviors, and actions about innovation.
We have found that the innovation culture comes into being when people throughout the organization actively engage in promoting and supporting innovation, implementing rigorous innovation methods, and filling three essential roles:  Creative Geniuses, Innovation Champions, and Innovation Leaders. Who comes up with the critical ideas that are the beginnings of innovation, and then turns these ideas into insights, and insights into innovations?  They are Creative Geniuses, and they work everywhere, inside and outside. Innovation Champions are those who promote, encourage, prod, support, and drive innovation in their organizations.  They do this in spontaneous moments of insight, in ad-hoc initiatives, as well as in highly structured innovation programs. While they may work anywhere in the organization, including in senior management positions, line management roles, staff, or front line operations roles, the specific nature of the Innovation Champion’s role is to function in the middle, to provide the bridge between the strategic decisions of senior managers and the day to day focus of front line workers.
An Innovation Leader is someone who shapes or influences the core structures and the basic operations of an organization, all with a clear focus on supporting innovation.

Core structures include the design of the organization itself, as well as its policies and their underlying principles.  Metrics and rewards can also be core structures. The actions and attitudes of senior managers are based, ultimately, on their philosophies about management, on their mindset, which we explored earlier in this document.
Do leaders believe in a win-win model, or win-lose?  Win-lose organizations usually are not trusting environments, and because trust is so important to innovation, when it’s missing innovation suffers. The table is a slight parody, in that there are no purely status quo organizations, but it does frame the contrast quite clearly. The firm that’s obsessed with the status quo probably won’t last very long, but some managers still seem to believe in this model, and their domineering attitudes and behaviors reinforce it. Innovation doesn’t happen without leaders who embrace it, nor can it happen without people who have ideas and are willing to risk failure to experiment with them. And of course it happens best, and fastest, when all three roles are consciously implemented and mutually supporting. So what is important is not that we classify people into the various categories; in fact, we should avoid doing that. Langdon Morris is a co-founder of InnovationLabs LLC, one of the world’s leading innovation consultancies.
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Participants had the opportunity to hear speakers and attend workshops on the importance and value of academic and career networks, building mentoring relationships, advancing leadership skills, and shaping and supporting their communities.In addition, women employed in industry were able to count this event towards professional development hours. This energizing day of personal and professional development, insightful keynote speakers, and the opportunity to create connections with other women in engineering was an event not to be missed!
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Innovation leaders set expectations, define priorities, celebrate and reward successes, and deal with failures, and all of these factors can be done in a way that makes innovation easier or more difficult, because each can be arranged to favor the status quo or to favor useful and effective change.
Nor does it happen without champions to bridge between the strategic and operations questions and the individuals who have ideas and want to explore them.
This does not mean that each individual can play only one of these roles; many people are geniuses, and leaders, and champions, and at various times we play all of these roles. We just need make sure that all three roles are being played, and played well, so that defining, developing, and implementing ideas that become innovations becomes the norm. Langdon is also a Contributing Editor and Writer of Innovation Management, Associate Editor of the International Journal of Innovation Science, a member of the Scientific Committee of Business Digest, Paris, and Editor of the Aerospace Technology Working Group Innovation Series.
Our goal was to increase participants’ belief in their ability to succeed in their careers – their career self-efficacy – and thereby increase retention rates in the profession. An evening banquet provided further opportunity for participants to interact and network with each other. Subscribe to WWEST Networks Digest semi-monthly newsletter and we will let you know of upcoming conferences, by emailing: wwest (at) mech (dot) ubc (dot) ca.
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He is author, co-author, or editor of eight books on innovation and strategy, and a frequent speaker at innovation conferences worldwide. Balance is key and is scrupulously monitored by swarms of nanites that tweak a hundred thousand factors as needed.

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