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IBM® SPSS® Direct Marketing helps you understand your customers in greater depth, improve your marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI of your marketing budget. Creating buyer personas can lead to more effective targeting across a variety of platforms—from content marketing and personalized offers in online stores to direct mail and billboards. However, a recent study reveals that despite the clamor surrounding online advertising, traditional offline direct marketing still remains the most prominent and lucrative option for businesses. Mailing software is at the top of the list because it ensures proper data management and an accurate and timely mail delivery. It is not easy keeping up with market trends, but if companies know industry standards and each buyer’s needs, they will provide the right products or services at an optimal price.
The analytical toolkit marketers need to easily identify the right customers and improve campaign results. Conduct sophisticated analyses of your customers or contacts easily – and with a high level of confidence in your results. Although IBM SPSS Direct Marketing relies on powerful analytics, you don't need to be a statistician or programmer to use it. IBM SPSS Direct Marketing includes a combination of specifically chosen procedures that enable database and direct marketers to conduct data preparation and analysis activities. RFM Analysis: Score customers according to the recency, frequency and monetary value of their purchases.
Segment customers or contacts: Create "clusters" of those who are like each other, and distinctly different from others. Profile customers or contacts: Identify shared characteristics, to improve the targeting of marketing offers and campaigns. Identify those who are likely to purchase: Develop propensity scores and improve the focus and timing of your campaigns. Test control packages: Find out which new (test) packages out-perform your existing (control) package. Profile of Contacts - Gives users the information that fits the specific criteria that they are interested in. Customers most likely to purchase - The chart indicates the quality of the model while a sorted list of who is most likely to respond based on the predetermined criteria can be exported to excel.IBM SPSS Direct Marketing provides model accuracy information as it identifies those customers most likely to purchase. Postal Code - The green in the table shows which percentile meet the target rate and the organizations has the capacity to mail to them. The longevity of a business lies in the engagement of its clients and their trust in the brand.

Direct Marketing News declares that direct mail boasts a higher response rate than any other form of marketing outreach. It is easy to forget small details, but companies must pay attention to the personalized aspects of their campaign. Direct mail is a great way for marketers to target the right audience, communicate a relevant message, and evoke a response. When customers call for more personal relationships with companies, marketers can send direct mail promotions or catalogs.
To retain customers, businesses need to build and maintain strong relationships with shoppers that will work to foster customer loyalty.
Direct mail offers a number of variable structures that can be adjusted to better meet the financial needs of organizations large and small.
This apprehension often stems from the assumption that direct mail is antiquated in a world where smartphones, tablets, and other such venues take precedence.
The High Impact Marketing Manifesto is a quick and easy to read book, which contains 27 simple, but effective tips for all types of business owners.
Order forms, response forms, action forms, credit card authorization forms, and legal documents all generally look the same and can glaze over the reader’s eyes unless you do something to spice them up such as adding CopyDoodles direct marketing software graphics.
In the next few paragraphs, I am going to cover some really simple tactics you can use with CopyDoodles direct marketing software to quickly enhance the readability of your order forms. Below are two real life examples of forms that, due to the use of direct marketing software such as CopyDoodles, were very successful in capturing the attention of attendees and increasing sales. The example on the left is an order form I used at a live speaking event and the example on the right is from one of our CopyDoodles direct marketing software customer, Susan Berkley.
CopyDoodles direct marketing software allows you to digitally create your own personalized stamps without the mess and hassle of typical stamps.
As you can see in the example on the right, I added a CopyStamp in the top left corner which helped to boost the number of respondents. Both of the above order forms are using handwritten check mark bullet points to describe their offer to potential customers. These are great to use around your offer so readers engage with the benefits of purchasing today. The above techniques are very simple to implement on any order forms you are using when speaking or sending out to customers, especially if you are using CopyDoodles direct marketing software. CopyDoodles direct marketing software has numerous different lines, large X’s, and other ways to easily and effectively make a statement to readers you are offering a very special price!

These techniques can be used both offline and online to boost response, increase readability, and make your forms look more personal and unique. I'm a speaker, author and high impact marketing strategist for business owners and sharp, aggressive entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level in their business.
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Since 1998, I've been helping businesses owners create more effective and profitable marketing. Contains 27 simple, effective marketing tips tips for all types of business owners.  These time-tested strategies are guaranteed to radically transform your marketing results!
According to a survey from Ad-ology, a market forecasting group, direct mail stands to see the most significant increase in spending.
Plan Your Marketing Strategy The importance of direct mail consistency cannot be stressed enough. The intuitive interface guides you every step of the way, and the new Scoring Wizard makes it easy to build models to score your data. You can do this using only IBM SPSS Direct Marketing, or you can use it in conjunction with other applications in the IBM SPSS Statistics product family. The charts determines if you go further out in terms of percentiles, it may not meet targeted response rate.Postal code analysis within IBM SPSS Direct Marketing helps locate the areas with the most likely response rates.
If buyers want to interact more closely online, brands can offer better email marketing, URLs on mail pieces, or QR codes. More technical considerations, which play major roles in the success of direct mail, include the accuracy of contact information and address verification. It can be personalized for individual customers and changed to reflect new or updated campaigns and it is also one of the most personal forms of advertising available. Call attention to your deadline – if you want potential customers to hand their order forms in by the end of the day, make a statement on your form with the use of a stamp!

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