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In the midst of this severe market recession, more effective marketing is more important than ever before. This whitepaper will consider the different types of marketing plans, how to establish marketing budgets, and how much some top business-to-business (B2B) brands spend on marketing. There are several varieties of marketing plans from tactical marketing plans, to specific project or functional plans, to strategic marketing plans.
The most common type of marketing plan is the tactical marketing plan, which often is in the form of an annual marketing activity plan, along with corresponding budgets and schedules. The tactical plan doesn’t focus on strategic issues like market segmentation, or competitive intelligence; but instead focuses on identifying the specific details of all known marketing programs, campaigns or initiatives. Depending on company size or budget, project or functional plans can be part of the tactical plan, or separate. Strategic marketing plans are most often used by large brands or corporations, or when a new marketing regime or executive team takes over.
A very important aspect of market planning, whether tactical, project or strategic is the budgeting of marketing expenditures. Business-to-Business brands and corporate America develop budgets based on one of three approaches: a percentage increase (or decrease) over last years budget, task and objective budgeting, or a percentage or (forecasted) sales based on industry or competitive benchmarking. In good times, management is inclined to simply increase budgets gradually based on prior budgets.
With detailed tactical, project and functional planning, task and objective budgeting becomes more feasible, and is intuitively appealing for relating directly to planned activities. Percent of sales is more often a vestige of times when advertising was the largest expense, and also when advertising expense was widely reported through information service providers. As a reference, following are marketing expenditures for several leading construction brands. As discussed, marketing plans come in a number of “shapes and sizes”, from the annual tactical plan, to project or functional plans, to the detailed strategic marketing plan. It’s that time of the year to develop annual tactical marketing plans, functional plans and strategic marketing plans. Learning objectives come in the form of statements and contain a Verb (an action) and an object (usually a noun) in each statement.
The object (usually a noun) depicts the behavior, attitude, or knowledge expected to be acquired by and exhibited from the learner after the learning session.
Create a Stem: Learning objectives must be made with a stem that shows the end result of the program. If you want the learner to exhibit knowledge after going through the instructions and learning, use the following verbs in the learning objectives you devise.
To know the capability of the learner to apply the knowledge imparted under the learning program, you can use the following verbs in your learning objectives. You can also check the ability of the learners to analyze or evaluate by using the following verbs. You can also test the ability of the learner to synthesize or to create by using any of the following verbs. As an instructor, guide or a teacher you would want to know whether the learners or students are able to evaluate and assess the concepts or ideas. In the process of planning the learning objectives, you can follow some of the following points for better results. Ensure to include all the major concepts or points when you are creating the learning objectives. In a nutshell, to achieve the desired result from a training or e-learning course, you need to have the objectives clearly defined.

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In addition, a marketing planning checklist is provided, along with a link to the results of a survey regarding 2011 marketing plans. This plan is used by construction brands and corporate America to efficiently coordinate and implement the multitude of marketing activities.
Examples of project plans might include the plan for a new website development, or a new sales training program. What differentiates a strategic marketing plan for a tactical marketing plan is the longer time frame (typically 3-5 years), the analysis and research aspects of a strategic marketing plan, the potential financial aspects of a strategic marketing plan, and the consideration of new business or marketing initiatives that may be quite different from your existing business.
Often, the strategic marketing plan is updated on an annual basis to include new research, or changing economics. Given the economic turmoil of the past few years, I will suggest that budgets are no longer “rubber-stamped”, but rather closely scrutinized. Sometimes called zero-based budgeting, task and objective budgeting involves a detailed build-up of anticipated marketing expenditures, often prioritized to allow for elimination of budget items and programs. The author suggests the use of the Schonfeld report, one of remaining resources that tracks advertising and marketing expenditures of public companies. A Marketing Planning Checklist can be a useful tool to help identify a broad range of items to be considered for typical marketing plans. Different markets and products likely require vastly different marketing strategies and tactics.
If you have undertaken any of these in the past, the new planning cycle should entail updates and modifications.
For tactical or functional plans, we prefer a spreadsheet with grouped projects, monthly columns, and budgets that can be modified easily. FUSION B2b will provide a Marketing Plan Review, complete with analysis and recommendations, under non-disclosure, for the modest fee of $500.
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