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Learn all about resources available for importing and exporting in the El Paso region from our panel of experts. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Countertrade• Arrangements in which the flow of goods and services in both directions is the core of the transaction.
Contract manufacturing• Contractual agreement between a company and a foreign producer under which the foreign producer manufactures the company’s product.
Licensing• In this agreement, the international company, the licensor, agrees to make available to another company abroad , the licensee, use of its: – Patents and trademarks – Manufacturing process – Know-how – Trade secrets – Managerial and technical services. Management service contracts• It is a long term agreement, in which the legal owners of the property and real estate enter into a contract with an outsider firm to run and operate the business.
Turnkey projects• The international company engages in the design and construction of the entire operation, once it is finished, the management goes to local personnel in exchange of a substantial fee. Foreign direct investment• Serve a local market better (HFDI) – Copy and paste from the HQ plant. Companies entering  foreign markets might face problems or increased costs because of the business environment and the way in which companies operate. Monopolies often block entry to competitors by using patents and licences to prevent the development of possible substitutes, by controlling distribution routes, resources or suppliers, or by using pricing strategies.
One example of a monopoly-type situation is the provision of Internet services in North America. If entering companies cannot access an efficient or cost-effective distribution system because incumbent companies control distribution networks, their goods or services are unlikely to be successful. If supplies and resources in the target market are cut off because of an exclusive deal with incumbent companies, an alternative supplier from another market will need to be identified if possible, although this will be more expensive. In many countries, business activities are commonly sped up or made possible through the payment of bribes. Corrupt practices can be used to induce a government to adopt measures that are favourable to an industry or to influence government purchasing decisions. In other cases, key officials and decision makers will demand some form of payment to allow a transaction to proceed. Companies should remember that no matter how different the conditions, there are business people who thrive and prosper in virtually every country of the world. Therefore, one strategic response is to partner with local business people who do understand the system and can work it to commercial advantage. Perhaps the most successful strategy is to differentiate their product or service from that provided by the monopoly. This content is an excerpt from the FITTskills International Market Entry Strategies textbook. About Latest Posts Madison AbrahamMarketing and Communications Assistant at Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)I’m the Marketing and Communications Assistant at Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). I think the most important thing for any company to understand is the cultural sensitivities of the new market they are planning to enter. Listen to knowledgeable speakers and participate in the discussion via question and answer. A monopoly occurs when one company is the main provider of a product or service in a market.
Because of the way Internet signals are carried (through cable or phone lines), consumers usually only have one of two choices for how they obtain their Internet service: through their phone company or through their cable provider. In the case of the Internet providers described above, a new company wishing to provide Internet service would have to install new wiring to all areas it was targeting. If a company cannot assume protection of its intellectual property (copyrights, patents, trademarks) and fair and effective dispute settlement mechanisms, it is likely to suffer losses in the market. Although public opinion in the target country may be against such practices, they remain a reality. When entering a market dominated by a monopoly, companies must understand that they have a high chance of failing and be prepared to lose substantial amounts in sunk costs.
Companies should limit their exposure in countries that lack legal safeguards, especially when they have valuable intellectual property that is essential for their success.
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Once you understand the culture, it will become easier to navigate your way through the market. This is a point that is not lost on the many subject matter experts experienced in global trade.
The banking system might be undeveloped, and certain payment mechanisms may be unavailable.
Monopolies might be state owned or can be created through takeovers of competing companies. In rural areas where cable has not been installed, the phone company will be the only provider of Internet services for most customers. In some countries, resorting to legal action over a commercial dispute can be futile, because neither the law nor the courts favour the foreign exporter.
While local companies in such countries treat bribes as an everyday business occurrence, foreign companies can face severe civil and criminal penalties for paying bribes. You will find the cultural aspects of international trade mentioned repeatedly across our blog as well as in the FITTskills text books. Incumbent companies can also charge lower prices than new entrants and often use this as a strategy to dissuade competition. June 6, 2012September 3, 2013 ~ Sasa Kovacevic Pa mit 3 semester havde jeg et ret sp?ndende eksamen indenfor marketing.
Jeg har aldrig brudt mig om faget eftersom jeg ?rligt talt synes, at det er et rigtig pige-fag. En egenskab som er et must i dag for de fleste globale virksomheder.Jeg interesserer mig meget for affiliate-marketing samt sogemaskineoptimering, og der er tydelige tendenser der peger pa, at hvis man skal kunne folge med i udviklingen og den konstante konkurrence, sa kr?ver det at man ligger i toppen pa Googles side 1 pa de vigtigste sogeord.Hvordan ligger man i topppen af Google?
Udover de nodvendige off site og on site faktorer indenfor SEO, sa er v?rdi skabelsen blevet langt vigtigere de sidste par ar. Google straffer flere og flere hjemmesider som ikke skaber v?rdi til den besogende, og lader andre komme til som gor.
Der er ingen tvivl om, at hvis man fanger den rigtige vinkel med sin marketingsstrategi, sa er man et skridt n?rmere succes.Jeg fik 10 i min marketingseksamen.
Even though they operate in a niche market and as I stated in question 1 that they are a Born Global they have many opportunities in expanding their products.
If it is unsure whether or not the company should internationalize or stay home, one can look at Solberg’s nine strategic windows figure 1.1 (below). Here the strategic behavior of the firm depends on the international competitive structure within an industry. Because of this I would consider their preparedness as mature.The fundamental reason for Green Toys Inc. The high-spending markets in Western Europe, North American and Japan where birth rates are low, and the low spending markets Asia Pacific, Latin American and Middle East and Africa where birth rates are high.
Since I have to choose I would take the risk and pick China that is placed in Asia Pacific.Before I argue why I have chosen China I want to state that Western European countries would perhaps be a better choice to internationalize to first. This is because the gap between the US culture and Western Europe is much smaller and because this part of the world has many well educated online blogging moms that is a big costumer segment for Green Toys Inc. Information of global marketing research can be found in table 5.1 page 156 in Global Marketing. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages and it can therefore sometimes be difficult to choose which one is the best alternative. But for complex problem solving on a complex subject qualitative would be advisable.There are however macroenviromental factors that can be a hindrance when Green Toys Inc. These political limitations can be import restrictions, tax controls, local content laws and so on. Especially if there is a big cultural difference between the home country and the host country.
Halls High-and low-context cultures concept figure 7.3 (below) we can state that China and America are almost places in their own separate ends of the model. In the following I will discuss which entry mode I believe would be the best.Before Green Toys Inc. The Network Model is known as the relationships of a firm in a domestic network that creates bridges to other networks in other countries. In other word there are different market entry methods that might be adopted by different firms entering the same market.
Figure 3 (below) illustrates three different entry modes when a company wants to internationalize markets.

There are different degrees of control, risk and flexibility associated with each of these three.Before choosing an entry mode it is a good idea to ask what kind of strategy should be used for the entry mode selection. So if the entry mode does not work or is not profitable, the firm will find an alternative entry mode that works.
This rule normally used by Large Scale Enterprises because it takes time and money to research the different markets. The Choice of entry mode “should be based on the expected contribution to profit” (Hollensen, 2007:297). This is normally seen in big companies that have a lot of international experience, are risk averse because of financial stability, have high product value and have small sociocultural distance between the targeted markets and so on. If the company is smaller and has many minuses it can either chose the intermediate mode or export mode.
In intermediate entry modes there is no full ownership involved, but ownership and control can be shared between the company and a local partner.These modes include different forms of arrangements like licensing, franchising, management contracts, joint ventures and so on.
They both relay upon a contractual network of small overseas manufacturers for their clothes, shoes etc.
In other words contract manufacturing is used when a company wants to outsource to an external partner, one that specializes in production. Companies that want to do business in China have to understand the complexity of Chinese history and culture.The key to doing business in China is flexibility, patience and persistence. In return the Chinese company receives a royalty.  The Chinese call this form a contractual joint venture. This is because there is now upfront investment which minimizes the risk – ideal for Green Toys if it happens that this was the wrong entry mode. The citie gives opportunities because it is much more liberal than the rest of China and it therefore is easier to deal with policies etc.Regardless of which entry strategy the company chooses there are several factors that are important to have in mind. These affect all relationships and interactions inside the company with costumers and inside the government – therefore understanding the local business culture is critical for a success. Business in China is relationship based and therefore it is best to have an introduction from a Chinese representative.
Every product has a “life cycle and a growth phase that is eventually followed by a decline in profit” (Hollensen, 2007:427).
In order for the company to retain its competiveness in the market, product differentiation is necessary.
This can be a complex matter because pricing is influenced by supply and demand and which strategies the company uses when pricing its products. One or more organizations involve in the process of making their product available to the costumers.
One can consider this as a form of advertisement where their product or service is placed in ads, movies, videos, music and so on.
Sports is an excellent example, Nike uses famous sports athletes to advertise their products making the demand even higher. Because I daily work with affiliate marketing I know how much “more sale” affiliate marketing can do for a company.I would suggest Green Toys Inc. As stated in the material Green Toys Inc.’s biggest costumer segment are well educated parents that use the internet at lot.
By giving bloggers and companies commission it would be a cheap and fast method to spread the news about their products. It is however important to remember that each country is unique and that it is not possible to make a marketing mix plan for entire regions.
This is done by making decisions in the company who is responsible for the implementation of the activities and when they will take place.
In order for a marketing plan to be successful it needs to have a well-planned budget.  Green Toys Inc. Jeg arbejder med alle former for online marketing, dog mest SEO og AdWords.Jeg er til daglig Head of PPC hos search bureauet Obsidian Digital.

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