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Here are some of our FREE direct mail, planning, business and branding resources to help you better understand and strategize your marketing efforts in order to successfully accomplish your goals and vision. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Or are you still unsure how to use Pinterest to effectively promote your products or company? You can promote your products, generate sales and leads and use it for other commercial purposes without any worries.
But first, you may want to convert your personal profile into a business account (or if you don’t have a personal account, just start fresh with one for business).
Here are some tips on how you can take advantage of this update and use Pinterest commercially to promote your business.
The first thing you need to do is create a board based on that holiday and label it with a board name, description and category. Write a good description to let readers know how they can use your product during this holiday. Rearrange your holiday-themed boards so that they’re at the top of your profile page during the appropriate season so they stand out (and don’t forget to add a good cover image). A good example of a holiday board is Christmas Gifts for Her, which can be found on Argos’ (a UK home and general goods retailer) Pinterest brand page. On this board, you’ll find pins of products from their website for Christmas, along with detailed descriptions and labels, which all ultimately lead to a landing page to buy the item. Another creative way of using your Pinterest brand page is to promote your products using a theme. For example, if you choose the color theme, create several boards where you plan to pin products of different colors.
Once you have set up the boards correctly, start pinning products of that color onto that board and add a good description (make sure you mention the color here too).
This method is also good for search engine optimization (SEO), especially when you mention the keyword (color) in the board title, board description and pin description. A company that is promoting its products around a theme on Pinterest is Debenhams, a chain of stores in the UK.

On their Pinterest page, they have several boards labeled with names of designers like John Rocha, Betty Jackson and Jenny Packham.
Once your products reach that list and are easily visible to your website visitors, they are likely to sell even better. You can take advantage of this same idea on Pinterest too and list your most popular products. First, create a board with a title and description to tell readers this is where they can find your most popular products. Make sure you write everything about the product—include the price, whether the product is a limited edition and add a call to action asking users to check out the product or buy it. Top 40 Best Sellers is a board on Gourmet Display’s Pinterest brand page, where they pin 40 of their best-selling products for food and beverage displays. The board has a good name and a well-written description, which instantly tell you what the board contains.
Then add a short description about the content on the landing page along with an attractive image that is also the cover image of your file. This will increase your landing page traffic and will help generate more leads, which can be used to increase website and blog traffic and drive sales later. An example is the Free Marketing Resources board on Team MarketingProfs’ brand page, where you will find pins of their free marketing resources. This is a great way to generate leads from potential customers who can be marketed to later. The ultimate goal of your campaign is to generate leads and sales for your services and products. FeedFront Magazine, a free quarterly print publication featuring dozens of articles written by experts in the affiliate marketing industry — the folks that are in the trenches every day. offers over 40 different podcasts and vidcasts covering Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Search Marketing, Mobile and Video.
ReveNews features content related to Online Advertising, CPA, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Next Generation Marketing and more. This could be Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day or any other day that is of significance to your audience.

You could also upload the images directly to Pinterest, but in this case make sure the image leads to a landing page on your website where people can make a purchase. This could be a theme around colors, designs, materials, ingredients, locations or anything else that’s interesting and can be categorized.
Label them accordingly, with different color names and arrange them side by side, so users know that the boards collectively form a theme.
This is a creative way to market your business, as people can easily find products of their favorite color. Fans can visit that board to check out the creations of that designer instead of visiting the website and browsing through hundreds of clothing items and accessories.
Just make sure you choose a title under which you can group many of your products together. When they know that a product is selling well and everyone else is buying it, they want to get a hold of it before they miss out. The pins have both an attractive image and a good description and they lead to a page where the product can be purchased. First, create some quality content (such as ebooks, white papers, reports, case studies, etc.) that is gated with an opt-in form on a landing page. Here, instead of directly marketing their services, MarketingProfs asks its followers to download their marketing materials for free.
It’s a lot easier than trying to get them to buy your products or use your services right away.
In fact, it would be nice to start generating sales as soon as you set up your brand page, but on Pinterest you want to take your time doing this. This is one of the reasons why there’s the Amazon bestseller list and the option to look at the most popular products on online stores. Write a brief description about it with a call to action that asks people to visit your website to sign up.

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