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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. However, before you can start to design and build a Growth Engine for your business, you first need to define and understand your Go-To Market model.
Content marketing can be an incredibly successful approach to customer acquisition for B2B SaaS companies.
And there is a lot of content out there that can teach you how to do it effectively as well, with the likes of HubSpot, Marketo and Kapost all producing great content that’ll help you create a winning content marketing strategy for your company. However, I’ve found there is a lot less content around how to actually execute content marketing on a day to day basis. The PDF eBook has been a staple of content marketing for a very long time, and for good reason too.
It’s a great lead or subscriber magnet to offer people, and when done right it can significantly increase the amount of leads you generate and help build your all important email list. So when I sat down to plan out our latest guide on How to get Better Marketing Results with Beautiful Design, my natural inclination was to create a PDF eBook that would live behind a landing page with a lead capture form. I have to hand it to the guys at Buffer, the recommended content section was a genius play.
I’d heard through a content marketing friend of mine that getting featured in their recommended section drives a ton of social sharing activity, and I was definitely intrigued by the idea.
Late last month, I was fortunate to take some time off to head up to Splendour In The Grass in Byron Bay with a few friends. It was quite the event, with 40,000+ people all converging in one bigass field outside of Byron for 3 days of music and drinking. Whilst always fun, the problem with this is that you end up going and seeing bands that you only partially like. You know your audience will be delighted, as your post has heaps of actionable ideas on how they can make their lives better.

You publish the post and get some good sharing activity and attention, but then you noticed in your analytics tool that nothing good actually happened. Recently however, I was looking at their Open Blog and in particular the Content Marketing Report for April and found some of the statistics quite interesting. These days we have more access to great information on marketing SaaS products than ever before. People like Sean Ellis, Neil Patel,  Chris Hexton, Peep Laja and many others choose to share their knowledge of online marketing via blog posts and eBooks and it is available for us to learn completely free, as long as we have the desire. But do you ever find it hard to understand how it all fits together to achieve that illusive ‘Growth’? In a recent post on my blog titled 4 stages of growth hacking, I make the point that optimising your Growth Engine is often an overlooked step of the Growth process.
However too often those responsible for optimising a Growth Engine focus on the best practices out there.
Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly picked up a few tricks and I think it’s awesome that everybody is sharing their knowledge and all learning from each other.
FuelCoin plans to create a sustainable adoption rate and network growth strategy by leveraging philanthropy and educational initiatives to drive continuous adoption to the masses. There is also a mass branding and awareness campaign in play utilizing a social media phenomenon during Summer 2015 called, “The Social Hunt.” Which will put FuelCoin in the hands of celebrities for endorsements, a reality TV show produced by Amazon Studios, and continued interaction with key Hollywood figures for promotional purposes.
Bitcoin, in its early days, was used primarily on the DarkNet for illicit product purchases (Silk Road is the most notorious online marketplace that was utilized). Marketing StrategyGo-to-Market refers to plans made to launch a new product, while marketing strategy can apply to anyongoing marketing activities.There is a lot of similarity in the two, but the go-to-market strategy is specifically tailored around a productlaunch, and has additional components due to the need to have a strong feedback loop with the productdevelopment team. We will help you harmonize corporate culture and structure with your strategic objectives and alignthem where necessary.Product life cycles are getting shorter, while acquisitions expand your brand portfolio but also raise the level ofcomplexity. Not only did they create a feature that has probably tripled product usage, but they created a content distribution channel that they can use to send content on a sharing rampage.

I think they create some great content and I have personally learnt a lot from them about happiness, productivity and other topics. Without having an optimised growth engine (particularly an optimised acquisition funnel & a low churn rate) you will have a very difficult time scaling your growth either because you cannot find profitable channels or your high churn rate means you’ll hit a growth ceiling.
However, one thing i’ve noticed reading through a lot of this content is that there seems to be a significant focus on the what and the how, but not on the when.
This puts Bitcoin in a bad spot with regards to media relations and public perspective regardless of the technology advancements it offers, people are hesitant to interact with a solution that has ties to many illegal activities. Once the product is successfully launched the original strategy morphs into a marketingstrategy and very possibly integrates with the overall strategy across products.If you want to be successful in global competitive markets, you must continually reevaluate your strategies andbusiness models.
On the one hand sales channels are becoming more specialized, while on the other hand they aredominated by key account customers.The growing power of key account customers leads to increasingly tougher negotiations, and, in the end, tomore complex trade terms and pricing systems. This is a loaded questionas it implies the fundamental business problem is understood, a unique and differentiated solution to thatproblem has been developed, a compelling value proposition that resonates has been created, a path to accessthe decision maker is known and the story to communicate to the decision maker has been crafted that resultsin action.All of this information should exist in various forms of completion as this is the exact information that shouldhave been used to initiate a development effort. If so, will the offering be sold through a direct salesforce, an inside sales force, an ecommerce site or some combination of the three? Therefor our business model innovation approach not just focuses on the efficiencyimprovement of existing processes and structures, but also on consciously challenging and changing the currentbusiness model of our customers in order to differentiate them from competitors. To compound this, the end customer is also becoming lesspredictable – communication channels are increasingly taking into account the many-layered digital spectrum.Digital marketing speeds up communication, but it also poses considerable challenges in terms of integratingindividual information offerings so as to establish a desired customer contact experience. What is even more confusing it that marketing strategy and go-to-marketstrategy are used interchangeable when they are actually very different concepts?

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