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The live room has two isolation booths, and can accommodate any reasonably-sized live band. The Woodstock, NY facility has a larger live room, a 12-foot cathedral ceiling with skylight, and oak floor. The NYC studio is located in Tribeca, just off Broadway, a few blocks south of Canal Street. The Woodstock studio is located in Woodstock, NY, just eight miles from exit 19 on the New York State Thruway, an hour-and-a-half drive from the George Washington Bridge. If you need a fantastic vocal sound such as you have heard on your favorite recordings, we have it.
There is a 7'6" concert hall quality Yamaha C7 Grand piano, as well as a Hammond B3 with Leslie cabinet.

For those wanting to add more quality to their finished project, we can edit, mix and master it to perfection.
All the booths and spaces have HUGE pieces of glass in them, so eye contact is not at all compromised for the sake of acoustical isolation. As in the NYC studio, each musician has their own headphone box that allows them to adjust the mix to their liking. All this makes for a great environment for bands (or solo acts) to get away from their regular life and just work on the music for a few days.
Having recorded concerts in clubs, halls, churches, and even Lincoln Center, no project is too big or too complex. A winning combination of pro engineers and top-shelf equipment makes getting professional results guaranteed.

We also have a 16' x 32' pool (with a diving board!), as well as seventy acres of woods in back of the studio. And, as a studio that has been functioning full time for twenty years, set up time is mercifully short.
Woodstock is a one and a half hour drive from the George Washington Bridge, and there is a bus from the Port Authority as well.

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