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Google has released TensorFlow, a new AI system it has been developing, as open source software, meaning that anyone can access and edit the code behind the powerful image recognition tool. The technology is being used by Google already to improve a number of functions in everything from Search to Gmail, and is the software that enables Google Translate to detect foreign words on street signs and translate them in real-time. It recognises complex data structures in information, known as tensors, and passes them through an artificial neural network that resembles how the human brain deals with abstract concepts. By releasing the technology as open source software, Google is hoping to spur a new wave of development and encourage the next evolution of machine learning and AI. At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits. The ads will be served up to anyone who searches for the name of the model being advertised.
Google says the format is based on its own research, which shows that viewing images is the single most common mobile action when shopping for a vehicle.
Following our interview with privacy advocate Alexander Hanff yesterday, IAB UK CEO Guy Phillipson has issued a statement responding to Hanff's claims that the detection of ad blockers by publishers is an illegal act. Today the Google logo has been transformed into a work of art similar to the work of Alexander Calder to celebrate his 113th birthday.
He is most well known for his mobile sculptures, but he also made paintings, lithographs, toys, tapestry, jewellery and household objects. His mobiles are perfectly balanced with flat bright coloured sheet metal which spin almost independently of each other. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged alexander calder, Alexander Calder Google doodle, Alexander Calder google logo, calder mobile doodle, google doodle, google logo on July 22, 2011 by Sara. Google’s Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead, posted on the Google Webmaster Blog that they have published their official checklist for mobile website improvement today.
The checklist is broken down into three steps, companied by content and videos that help you accomplish each step.
The content is not specific to search or marketing but encompasses several topics and are explained through businesses cases or studies.
Barry Schwartz is Search Engine Land's News Editor and owns RustyBrick, a NY based web consulting firm. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
Columnist Josh Manion explains why Google's update should encourage marketers to move beyond the mobile Web into native mobile apps. The news that Google was rolling out a mobile-friendly algorithm should have come as no surprise. Nonetheless, the announcement was unprecedented in one respect: Google ostensibly manages some 200 algorithms that govern how websites are ranked in its search engine, but changes or adjustments rarely, if ever, trigger public notice.
Under the new mobile rules, Google will be giving preferential search rankings to sites optimized for mobile.
Google defines “mobile friendly” as sites featuring readable text without zooming, content sized to a smartphone screen (no horizontal scrolling required), easy use of links and the absence of applications not customary in mobile like Flash.
At this point, the rules relate to searches on smartphones, but it’s likely only a matter of time until tablets are added. The key here is the growing importance of mobile in the overall omni-channel marketing strategy.
We can expect that mobile-optimized sites will result in more customer conversions, because consumers will have a more positive experience when they click through on mobile links. Google is known for promoting a last-click view of the world given that it heavily favors its search engine.
Marketers must optimize spend not just on last-click metrics, but also on lower-funnel retargeting and nurturing activities. While the attention now is laser-focused on mobile-friendly websites, it’s also important to note that the mobile world includes more than just Web experiences. But using mobile apps to acquire new customers has been challenging because Google searches could send someone to a mobile app, but not to a specific content location within it.
Mobile app indexing by Google helps solve this problem, ensuring consumers will be sent not just to the mobile app, but to the appropriate “page” within. This shift naturally will drive marketers to extend their current optimization efforts beyond website experiences, including mobile Web, into native mobile apps — and do so swiftly. The mobile-first philosophy has been about optimizing mobile business — not just the mobile Web.
Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
Josh Manion brought the breakthrough Ensighten tag management technology to market in 2009, and continues to lead the company’s technology vision and strategic operations. When Google first announced that they were adding mobile websites to their search ranking algorithm, most businesses knew that this was going to change the landscape of SEO and e-commerce forever.
Now, just a few months since making the changes, Google has released a Research Report on all of the key statistics they have discovered when it comes to mobile marketing and SEO.
As part of their best practices, Google has released 5 of the top brands that are leading the way when it comes to their mobile strategy.
Over the course of just a few months, Home Depot had over 100 DIY videos on YouTube which were gathering millions of views due to some clever mobile marketing. In order to speed up the time they changed their fonts, images and code on their mobile version in order to give consumers one of the fastest load times compared to all other big-box retailers. Since discovering this, the company has been pushing the app and now receives nearly 52 percent of their prescription re-fills from the app.
In this FREE report, we reveal the 5 things the super successful are doing online, that have their companies growing like a weed regardless of the economy. You want your small business to take advantage of mobile marketing and you’ve taken steps to integrate mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy. Now, we get to the fun part! Tracking and analysis is where your small business will see mobile technology really come into its own – especially with your social networking. In order to get where you’re going with mobile marketing, however, you do need a strategic plan. Referring Websites – Even if your sites and Facebook page are not yet mobilized, check the origin of traffic referred to your website.
There are various apps that your small business can use, plus Facebook itself (via Facebook Insights) provides excellent tracking of social media-specific data, such as who is “talking about” (and actively engaging with) your Facebook page. About Latest Posts Follow me!Shannon HuppinSocial Media Manager at Divahound, LLCBuilding a Social Media Presence For Your Small Business. How to Win On Social Media with A Minimal Time Commitment 3 Reasons to Utilize More Videos in Your Digital Marketing Four Tips for Creating A Powerhouse Small Business Facebook Profile Social Media Marketing vs.
Divahound is committed to building a powerful social media presence for your small business. It’s no secret that Facebook has been steadily building up its ad technology — directly challenging Google.
In two years, eMarketer’s projections for Google and Facebook display revenue shifted dramatically. Research firm eMarketer estimates that mobile display surpassed desktop display ad spend last year for the first time in the US.
August 2012 was a pivotal one for Facebook, which gained a strong foothold in mobile display advertising on two fronts.
August 2012 was also the month Facebook made an inspired move with the introduction of Custom Audiences, anonymously matching advertisers’ first-party data like phone numbers and emails to users’ Facebook accounts for ad targeting. Facebook quickly expanded Custom Audiences’ capabilities in 2013, first with the ability to expand targeting to Lookalike audiences, and then with the addition of consumer data from third-party vendors such as Datalogix, Epsilon, Axciom and BlueKai. Then Facebook began to take on Google’s AdSense directly by distributing ads beyond its own walls. For its part, Google has struggled to transition its dominance in desktop display to mobile. Google CEO Sundar Pichai added on that same call, “Programmatic video impressions doubled compared to the holiday season last year.
The 2015 4Q reports from Adobe, Merkle and IgnitionOne also point to a stronger outlook for Google during the hyper-competitive holiday shopping period.
Becky Tasker, managing analyst, Adobe Digital Index, said that among Adobe customers, Google Display Network is “starting to close the gap with Facebook.” Google’s CTR growth rate was 219 percent quarter over quarter, compared to Facebook’s news feed CTR growth rate of 77 percent.

Among Merkle’s advertiser base running ads on both networks in Q4, spending on the Google Display Network was two-thirds greater than on Facebook. After IgnitionOne reported strong growth by Facebook in Q3, in Q4 the company found that Google outpaced Facebook in spend growth among advertisers on the campaign management platform between Thanksgiving and the end of the year.
Beginning last year, Google also began pointing attention to YouTube’s ad growth — and said that the lagging CPCs the company has reported for years now have been caused by the rapid acceleration of cheaper ad clicks on YouTube. Yet another front where the two companies are going head to head is mobile content (and ad) delivery. As Third Door Media's paid media reporter, Ginny Marvin writes about paid online marketing topics including paid search, paid social, display and retargeting for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.
This entry was posted in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and tagged google, Google Penguin Algorithm Update 2015, SEM, seo on December 10, 2014 by Marcus Maraih. As we prepare to enter 2015 most businesses are at the point where they will ride out the holiday season with their existing online marketing plan. This entry was posted in Internet Marketing, Social Media and tagged internet marketing, mobile apps, Mobile Apps for Brands, smartphone apps, social media, Tops Apps on November 29, 2014 by Marcus Maraih. This entry was posted in Internet Marketing and tagged internet marketing, search engine optimization, SEM, seo, SEO company on November 27, 2014 by Marcus Maraih. By now, practically every small business owner with a website knows that it is recommended that they maintain a blog for the sake of their SEO strategy.
This entry was posted in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and tagged content marketing, internet marketing, Small Businesses, Website Blogs on November 21, 2014 by Marcus Maraih. This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged content marketing, eCommerce, internet marketing, pinterest, Pinterest Best Practices, Product Pins, Rich Pins, social media marketing, social networking on November 20, 2014 by Marcus Maraih.
Yesterday, the Google Webmaster Central blog announced yet another update to their mobile search engine results pages (SERPs) that directly addresses the importance of needing a mobile-optimized website from hereon in (if your online business expects to keep up with competition).
This entry was posted in Internet Marketing and tagged google, internet marketing, Mobile Friendly Message, mobile optimization, Responsive Design, Search Engine Results Page, SEM, seo, SERP on November 19, 2014 by Marcus Maraih. A major overhaul to Facebook Places has occurred, under the radar (no official announcement from Facebook), that has big implications for local businesses managing their presence on the social network. This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged facebook, facebook places, Facebook Places Update, Graph Search, internet marketing, social media, social networking on November 14, 2014 by Marcus Maraih. I’ve made it no secret that I find Instagram to be a very effective tool to help brands sell products. This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged content marketing, Instagram, Instagram Update, social media, social networking on November 13, 2014 by Marcus Maraih. I tend to use this blog to publish articles on how businesses can gain followers on social media, not lose them.
Many businesses are quick to state that social networking does not work for them and dismiss it from their online marketing strategy. This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged content marketing, internet marketing, social media, social networking on November 12, 2014 by Marcus Maraih. Last week Facebook announced an update to their News Feed that has many brand managers concerned about the negative impact on their audience reach within the social network. This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged facebook, Facebook Page, internet marketing, News Feed, News Feed Update, social media, social networking, Unfollow on November 11, 2014 by Marcus Maraih.
We will rate your website on the 10 most important issues in achieving high rankings on Google and getting visitors to contact you. There have been rumours that podcasts would be coming to Google Play Music, the search giant’s streaming audio service, for a while now, and if looks like the reports may finally come true this week, if a leaked newsletter from US public radio station NPR is true.
According to a document sent out to member partners of the radio station, Google Play Music will be adding podcasts on 18 April, enabling Android customers to stream shows directly to their smartphones and tablets in the same manner as songs.
Google has apparently been testing a podcast interface for several months, with multiple Android customers reporting seeing it appear within the Google Play Music app, but the company has so far made no comment on when the general public can expect the feature to launch. If it does occur, the launch will place Google Play Music in closer competition with Apple Music, as well as targeting dedicated podcast listening apps like Stitcher. The technology forms a key part of deep learning, the powerful AI tool used in many of Google’s products. The technology can run on a single smartphone, meaning that we could see a flood of new apps making use of the tool in exciting new ways soon. The format aims to provide users with a showroom-like experience with a carousel of high-quality images of a car’s exterior and interior, along with information on features, all within the search results. The search engine has seen a 37 per cent year-on-year increase in searches for “pictures of [name of automotive brand]”, 80 per cent of which come from mobile. As the search giant revealed yesterday, mobile search queries on smartphones now outnumber those on tablets and desktops.
This time, Google announced the change in mobile search months ahead to give companies time to optimize websites for mobile users.
We now live in a world in which mobile increasingly comes first — and that means marketers need to deliver mobile-friendly experiences. Sites not meeting this standard will likely fall in search rankings, although strong content will continue to be rewarded.
Goldman Sachs, for example, has predicted that the number of people making purchases on smartphones and tablets will grow from an estimated 535 million last year to 1.09 billion in 2018, nearly half of all e-commerce. But in a digital world with multiple Web, social and mobile platforms at play, the consumer can no longer be so clearly characterized, tracked or motivated. That requires a fresh look at the traditional marketing funnel to accurately track and attribute offsite versus onsite behavior to better understand the omni-channel customer journey. Whereas mobile websites tend to deliver that first brand experience (think top of the marketing funnel), native mobile apps help engage customers who are closer to buying, or who have converted once and are now being nurtured. Analysis shows that they engage more, spend more and become brand advocates via social and other channels.
As a result, Google has historically sent users to the relevant page within the website as the “page” within the mobile app has not been accessible.
Google also reported it will now use information from indexed native mobile apps “more prominently in search,” as new app indexing enables Google to index apps just as it does websites. This is significant, because in many cases the app delivers a much better experience than the website. The change in Google’s search rules now delivers strong incentives to create the high-quality, mobile-friendly experiences required to achieve just that. Prior to Ensighten, he served for seven years as the CEO of Stratigent, a web analytics and marketing optimization consultancy.
Red Roof Inn: This clever US hotel chain capitalised on the fact that over 90,000 travellers are stranded everyday due to cancelled or missed flights. Home Depot: Research has found that people who are looking to complete a DIY project are more likely to use their smartphone to watch a tutorial or video than their desktop. They also found that people wanted the information in a creative and simple to understand way. Walgreens: The US pharmacy chain decided to create an app where users could fill prescriptions and order products to pick up in store. If traffic is coming from mobile devices, you may be missing out on even more targeted traffic. These moves, coupled with the introduction of native ad formats that appear throughout Facebook’s mobile news feeds have propelled it past Google to become the leading seller of display advertising worldwide. In 2013, eMarketer’s projections had Google continuing to lead display advertising in the US through 2015. Facebook took 33.5 percent of mobile display spend in the US last year, with Google pulling in 10 percent of mobile display ad spend. It was the month the social network first announced app install ads would be coming later that fall. Google only recently countered Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences with its version, called Customer Match, in the fall of 2015.
At the end of April 2014, the company launched Facebook Audience Network (FAN) — initially an ad network for in-app native display and video ads that recently extended to mobile web advertising. In March, the company announced partnerships with third-party ad mediation platforms (used by app publishers to get the most revenue for their ad supply from multiple ad networks), including Twitter’s MoPub, Fyber and Opera Mediaworks. LiveRail’s focus is now on powering private marketplaces for mobile publishers such as Hulu and A&E Networks.
Google’s growth is “primarily driven by contextual placement for display, auto conversion of text to image ads and audience insights,” Tasker said.

CPC growth on Facebook stalled toward the end of 2015 and declined in Q4, causing ad spend growth to slow, Merkle reported.
Google display ad spend (including AdX) rose 37 percent, and conversions rose 34 percent year over year.
In its analysis, Credit Suisse estimated that YouTube and Google Play accounted for 15 percent of Google ad revenues in 2015 and projects the revenue contribution from both YouTube and Google Play to rise to 24 percent by 2020. Google answered Facebook’s Instant Articles with the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP).
Last week, the company announced support for video ads in Instant Articles. Publishers can fulfill their inventory themselves and keep 100 percent of the revenue or have Facebook fill it for a 30-percent cut. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Ginny has held both in-house and agency management positions. With so much focus shifting from strategy to execution and concentration on actual customers such a thing is fair.
These posts, including a detailed one on the SEO mafia, intend to help brands and businesses identify areas of concern with their existing or prospective SEO team. They have not been quiet in their assertion that webmasters had best get with the times if they expect to use their  SERP to bring in customers. The online marketing industry is stating that this November update throws Facebook’s hat into the arena to challenge Yelp, FourSquare, TripAdvisor, and the like.
This is especially true for small businesses, as proven by this recent first-hand example involving tiki mugs (seriously). However, in light of Facebook’s recent news to allow users an easier option to unfollow brands that are posting content that turns them off, such an article seemed apropos. Too often this is the case because they do not realize that they have been posting content that simply prevents them from gaining favor from existing and prospective followers.
Simply put, this update allows users to quickly and easily unfollow a friend, group, or page from News Feed. NPR has served as a popular source of podcasts both within the US and globally, and Serial, which it produced last year, was considered a break-out hit that introduced a new wave of listeners to the format. Perhaps more interestingly, it may also see Google introduce podcast ads that take advantage of the smartphone screen as well as offering audio content, something that only a limited number of podcast apps currently do with any regularity.
As a result, optimizing mobile app experiences is just as important as doing so for the mobile Web.
And, if Google can send customers to relevant locations within mobile apps, there is a higher likelihood of converting them to a sale. Josh has played chess professionally and is currently ranked among the top 60 players in the United States. Knowing this, the hardware store created a series of DIY videos and uploaded them to YouTube.
This increase of just a few seconds ended up helping the company to boost conversions by 2 percent, a decent number considering the company does billions a year in sales. Since launching the app, Walgreens found that shoppers spend six times the amount when using the app as compared to those who don’t. It's a really old browser and you deserve better!Please download one of the following modern browsers and then come back when you're done.
If mobile access is shooting through the roof, you need to get on board with a strong mobile marketing strategy right away. In addition, Google Analytics allows you to customize to your own specific and targeted reporting needs. The social media arena is constantly evolving and we make sure that our clients evolve as well.
The firm’s updated estimates in 2015 paint a very different picture, showing Facebook the leader since 2013, with share growing through 2017, in contrast to Google’s shrinking market share. On the company’s Q1 2013 earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted Facebook was already starting to see real revenue from those app install ads. The deals mean publishers using those platforms now have access to FAN ad formats and demand from Facebook’s three million advertisers. While most programmatic inventory is sold on open exchanges, private marketplaces are becoming popular with publishers and advertisers that want more quality control. The agency noted that Facebook accounts for a smaller percentage of total ad investment than Google among retail advertisers, yet for gaming and movie preview campaigns, Facebook spend is relatively high. Well today, it seems that the spirit of the season (it’s Thanksgiving in the US today) has me giving thanks for those in the industry that indeed do right by their clients day in and day out.
This content delivery is required by Google in order for them to deem your website to be an online resource of valuable information in your field.
Read further to learn more about this important update and what you need to know to move forward with your own website. The last 365 days (or so) have been big for this Facebook-owned social network, beginning with their introduction of Instagram advertising for U.S. In an effort to help you identify if you may be guilty of the same, I have complied of list of five common behaviors used by brands on social media that leave users turned off and turning the other way.
The latter of course is the biggest concern to you as a business managing your presence on the channel. He holds a degree in Management Science with a focus on Information Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Emarketer estimates that spending on mobile app install ads increased by nearly 4x between 2013 and 2015 to become a $3 billion market in the US alone.
Factor in the fact that many business owners and brand managers will be the recipients of new mobile toys as the holidays deliver under-the-tree goodies and we’ve got the perfect storm for a mobile app recommendation list. Deliver great content frequently and you have a better shot at ranking on Google Page One than your competition, all else being equal. Read further to learn how your brand can take full advantage of Pinterest as an online sales tool.
And this is only the beginning as the now decade-old institution gathers all of the data from it’s Graph Search and Location API and fully integrates it into the platform to truly improve their user experience. After a year of Facebook making big improvements to enhance the user experience many businesses are left asking if this has all been done at the expense of page managers. For more background information on Barry, see his full bio and disclosures, click over here. As a business it is important that you and your team are prepared to manage your online marketing next year while on-the-go, from anywhere at anytime. Chances are as the new year nears your business will be making big decisions in regards to how it will move forward with their online marketing plan, so please consider this a little nudge in the right direction as you prepare for the annum ahead. Knowing this, small business owners such as yourself do your best, given the limited information that you have, to churn out this content.
Read further to learn more about Facebook Places and how to prepare your brand page accordingly. As the year concludes Instagram is getting ready to ring in 2015 with a big bang as they continue to update the channel with exciting new features for people and businesses alike.
If you are noticing that mobile visitors don’t stay on your website, look for the problem, isolate it and fix it. Today I’m providing you with some insight into the updates of the last couple of weeks so that you can enter the end of the annum armed with an enhanced Instagram marketing skillset. However, are those brands that are concerned about the update simply at fault for not keeping up with the preferences of their followers? Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because Facebook Timeline is mobile friendly, your content is mobile friendly and your page optimally organized for smartphone users. At the same time, accepting that some marketing channels are best updated from the office comforts of your desktop or laptop is wise as well.
However, if you have found this article here today, you have a shot at rejuvenating your small business blogging efforts to boost your SEO and bring in qualified traffic. Read further to find out how your brand page may be impacted and what you can do to adjust your Facebook marketing strategy.
So if you’re wondering why certain social apps are absent below, draw the according conclusions.

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