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The Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) reportedly is financing US$ 149 million into the development of a Google campus in Sunnyvale, California.
Because that big-name activist is none other than Lee Man-hee, leader of Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (SCJ), which is known as one of the country’s most controversial religious groups.Participants of the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit pose for a picture upon their arrival at Incheon International Airport on Tuesday.
In 2012, SCJ ran an aggressive recruiting campaign targeting foreigners under the front group Mannam Volunteer Association.

Still, they managed to bring in thousands of unaware foreigners to a large event filling Jamsil Olympic Stadium past capacity on Sept.
Under a bevy of new banners, they went abroad to meet with world leaders and engage in diplomacy. Lee Man-hee was appointed honorary ambassador of the International Romani Union National Assembly.

Nevertheless, despite obvious connections, several volunteers of the summit denied any involvement with Shincheonji.The Korea Observer has decided to operate without any corporate sponsorship or advertisement to maintain editorial independence.

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