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How To Create High Converting Landing Pages Based on Your Best Performing Content You are using an outdated browser. On the second half of the page under the graph, you will find a list of webpages (blog posts for that matter) through which people entered into your website, ranked by popularity.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Landing page, Sales Pages, Cheap Price, Low Price, High Quality, Opt-in Page, Best Landing page design in low price, Squeeze Pages, Anti Snoring, App Landing Page, Auto Insurance, Beauty Product, Body Building, Business Opportunity, Car Hire, Credit Repair, Dating, high converting landing page designs, Debt E Book, Education, Electronics, Facebook Fan Page, Fashion and Modeling, Flogs, Google Money, Government Grants, Hair Loss, Home insurance, Landing Page for Sale, Loan and Mortgage, Make Money , online, Male Enhancement, Medical and Insurance, Miscellaneous, Product,review, Review Type Landing pages, Sales Page, Skin Care, Teeth Whitening, Video Landing Page, Web Hosting, Weight Loss, Work From Home in low prices World best landing pages. Choose the top 10-20 performing blog posts, and turn them into landing pages (keep reading here to learn how).Use Google Analytics To Find Your Best Landing page2. Those landing pages will resonate best and are most likely to get high engagement on your social networks.The Social ProofSo we’ve established which content is driving most traffic to your blog, this is the content that most likely bring visitors to your new landing page, but is it the best content for conversions?

Simply reframe you content utilising some of the best practices known for landing pages:Turn your post headline to your landing page’s headline.
Another option is to alter the text enough so Google won’t recognize it, or simply adding a “previously published on” at the beginning of the post.If your content is very long, then you can block about 50% of it and ask for a newsletter sign-up to read the rest of the text.
Creating multiple landing pages for your products and ad hoc offerings can dramatically generate you more leads.According to Hubspot, they found that businesses with 400-1000 pages get 6X more leads than those with 51-100 pages.
I know there are at least 30 ways.Also, if you think of it, people are okay with you heavily promoting your content but not as cool when promoting a landing page.
So why not mix the strength of the clear directed landing page with the viral and effective essence of a great blog post?Promote It Like A Blog PostI’m not going to go into “how to promote a blog post” because it’s a whole other topic.The important thing to take from this suggestion is that you can promote your new landing page the same way you are used to promoting posts.
This means you can easily target a topic and value proposition more efficiently from day one.But how can you find what is your best content?

Metrics will always tell the story.What I love about metrics, is that they keep you honest.
In addition, you can also choose to go on “value based” landing page, which will look very different than the popular structure.To create a “value based” landing page, you will need to really understand what content works best for your readers and leverage it to increase signups by utilizing some of the direct approaches we know from more traditional landing pages.What is your most unique way to find landing pages opportunities? You’ll want to select the last three months (depending on the frequency of your posts).The reason you want to set the date for the last 3 months is because if you only look at the past week, or even month, your analytics will most likely reflect a recent content promotional effort and not its overall performance.
It is more likely that in the most recent content you published and promoted, you will have better performance metrics distorting your data, than your long tail keywords that have been published a year ago.On the other hand, you don’t want to exceed the last 3-6 month period because you want to make sure the topics are still relevant and performing well.

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