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Since Google launched Knowledge Graph back in 2012, it has continued to try to help users find information they need as quickly as possible. One of the examples that Schwartz highlights is what you'll get if you're trying to find out how to reset your iPhone. It's clear that Google is experimenting with this kind of result though, because different searches give you very different results. What's not so clear how Google chooses which queries to list out step-by-step and how it picks the articles that it uses and their format. Google hasn't made a formal announcement about these changes, but it's clear over time that its Knowledge Graph is evolving.

This entry was posted in Animal Pictures, Funny Pictures, Random Pictures and tagged arms, dinosaur, fap, masturbate, sad, short, t-rex on November 29, 2012 by scr1be. Coloring Pages Hello Kitty, Princess Coloring Page, Monster Coloring Pages, Bible Coloring Pages, Fall Coloring Pages, Winter Coloring Pages, Spring Coloring Pages, Halloween Coloring Pictures, American flag coloring pages, Monster High Coloring Pages, Free Coloring Pages, Dr. WWE Coloring Pages, Coloring Pages for Kids, Star Wars Coloring Pages, Printable Coloring Pages, Dinosaur Coloring Pages, Mandala Coloring Pages, Coloring Pages for Boys, My Little Pony- Coloring Pages, Mario Cloring Pages, Ninjago Coloring Pages, Dog Coloring Pages, Santa Coloring Pages, Sonic Coloring Pages, Dragon Coloring Pages, Coloring Sheets , Crayola Coloring Pages, Batman Coloring Page, Scooby Doo Coloring Pages, Easter Coloring Sheets, Easter Egg Coloring Pages , St. The idea is that Knowledge Graph helps you find a fast answer to a question by displaying it in a box above the traditional list of links. Google gives you instructions from PC Advisor so users don't have to actually click on the link to quickly and easily find the info they need.

Unlike with the iPhone example, you really need to click on the Instructables link to be able to actually understand what the writer is trying to tell you to do. Instead of having to click a link, you might be able to get your question answered instantly. For example, if you ask Google, "How old is Barack Obama?" it'll tell you "52" instead of just giving you a list of related websites.

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