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What Are the Elements of a Great Small Business Marketing Plan?You’re about to launch your small business and most of the pieces are in place. First of all you will need to identify your business objectives and make a clear plan of action.
Of course – it is likely to be a combination of all these things and more, but it is important to focus on one area at a time, and plan your strategy around each of the cogs that will turn the wheel.
For example, if you are looking to generate exposure, there is no better way than a video that goes viral.
Take Tipp-Ex’s “Shoot the Bear” video for example, which went viral from day one – with 1 tweet per second in the first 10 hours, and one million viewers after 36 hours. Our previous article looks at some of the ways video can be implemented to increase your website conversion rate.
At a cost of around 900,000 Euros for “Shoot the Bear”, not every company will have the marketing budget of Tipp-Ex!
The reality is that you don’t always need Hollywood-style production to make a video that delivers value, so once you have worked out the budget your business is able to put towards video marketing, it is just a question of tailoring your strategy to make the most of it.
There will be potential video content all around you every day – capture one of your team giving a talk; introduce your staff on camera; film testimonials from happy customers… Content is king, and there are opportunities everywhere – you just need to open your eyes to them!
Contracting a team of video production experts will take most of the work off you, but if you are on a shoe-string budget – be as creative as you can, like these guys were using just one camera and a few borrowed treadmills. Probably the first area to look at is the one where you already have a captive audience: your website. For increasing visitor engagement, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions – effective video is an unbeatable medium, and your website is your prime piece of real estate to showcase your business.
If there are areas of your site that are less successful (maybe visitors are spending less time on a particular page, or not completing an action you hope they will), look at how video could be used to keep your audience engaged and informed. The next part of your video strategy will be to look at the channels that can connect quickly to your audience. Social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are changing the way businesses communicate with their customers, and make it possible for everyone to create and share content. The next important part of your strategy is to plan and research how you are going to optimize your video for the search engines. Make sure you fill out all information fields relating to your video, and add descriptive, catchy titles.
Take it step-by-step, and there may well be a fair amount of trial and error – but it will be worth it!
Having invested so much time and effort into your video marketing strategy, you will want to make sure it is working for you. Without visible analytics, it will be impossible to know whether you should continue down the same path or change tack – and hopefully, with a clear strategy in place you will already be half way down that path!
We believe that getting to the core of your business is the only way to deliver successful healthcare marketing solutions.
Create Marketing is a leading healthcare communications agency based in London and Bristol, with many yearsa€™ experience supporting our clients across the public and private sector. Working with some truly remarkable people with spinal injuries to create photographic 'portraits' of their life.
Creating captivating marketing visuals is a huge part of influencing your audience with your content.

This tool allows you to create and edit visuals to fit each of your social media posts, email content, website content, and everything in between. This tool allows you to place your website, mobile, and social photos and screenshots into images of people, devices, and scenes. Awesome screenshot allows you to enhance your screen shots and turn them into informational content.
Whether you need to create a presentation or website content, like a guide for example, Google slides is a wonderful tool. Schedule a demo to get a personalized tour of Boast and learn how customer testimonials can improve your business. Even if your industry is self-explanatory in many ways, investors and vendors who do not necessarily understand your perspective will need a plan before they will trust you with their business.Fortunately, there are many tried-and-true tropes that you can use when you are formulating a marketing plan that will translate between industries. You have a clear business plan, a set of documented financial goals, a financing plan, a production plan and a hiring strategy.
But how do you integrate video into your overall marketing strategy and make the most of your efforts?
When you set out to create a video marketing strategy, the road ahead may seem very long – but drill in deep and simplify it down to the key objective for your campaign.
Easier said than done, perhaps, but with video sharing sites getting millions of hits a day – you could just hit the big time.
A bespoke, high-definition video can cost less than ?1,000 and will show a massive return on investment if done well – so it is worth exploring your options carefully.
Everyone knows the power of YouTube, and video sharing sites have the potential to engage a worldwide audience of millions with your brand – take a look here to get a more detailed look at some of your options. Tap into these incredible marketing tools and plan how to get your content out there (these all warrant individual posts so apologies for the lack of detail)! Google loves video content and will rank you high on the search engines if you learn how to choose the right keywords to target. A good video production company will be able to advise on the best way to get started once your video has been produced, but if you are going it alone, take a look at our recent article on the video seo basics and also running a quick search of the relevant video sharing sites will find you tutorials and advice.
Many video platforms offer detailed metrics to help you measure and track the effectiveness of your strategy, so decide which are the most important for you to measure and choose the appropriate platform. We specialise in the ever-changing global healthcare segment, and deliver innovative medical marketing solutions for companies operating across global and national markets.Our background in the sector is diverse - from the NHS, private hospitals and clinics to pharmaceutical and medical device firms. Consumers are flooded by an incredible amount of information everyday and visuals create an attention grabbing information break. There are a wide variety of tools out there to help you create captivating marketing visuals.
There is a massive selection of layouts you can choose from to create a visual from scratch. For example if you’d like a picture of a business woman presenting your new website to a group of business people, you simply take a screenshot of your desired page and drag and drop the image in the correct place in the pre-made photo. First, you are given the option to capture a section of your webpage, the visible area of the page, or even the entire page.
All of the photos that are added weekly to the site are edited in a way that allows you to immediately place them on your website or social media posts. These tools can help you ensure your visuals are top quality and work effectively at grabbing the attention of your audience.
Here are some of the best resources available for you to anyway and why you should use them.Government SourcesResources such as those provided by the Small Business Administration are among the best resources that you can use to formulate your marketing plan.

Below are just a few of the clients wea€™ve helped through brand development, global asset creation, campaign development, content creation, web building and online communications. Placeit is a wonderful way to create specialized images for your website, social media pages, and other marketing content. Pexels is one of the best websites to find stock photos that work for your content and appeal to a wide range of industries. Each of the presentation templates that you can download are filled with different styles of slides that you can choose from while keeping the overall theme seamless. Because everyone is trying to get contracts with the government, the marketing plans that they put a stamp of approval on create many trends in the world of business plans.Government sources will also help you to cross over your business plans into the public sector if you so choose. This tool is a great way to brand your marketing content to create a stronger brand presence.
This tool is great for quickly creating visual tutorials, or to enhance informational blog posts. Government standards for business plans are usually much higher than those of private companies depending on the company that you are trying to influence. And what are the elements your marketing plan will need to cover?Why Does Your Small Business Need a Marketing Plan?A marketing plan helps you identify your core audience and then define this audience in writing.
With features like layouts that specifically fit each social media post size, you can make sure your marketing visuals are effective across the board. If you can pass muster with the government, odds are that you will not have trouble within the private sector either.Smart InsightsThis website has one of the most extensive libraries of tips on business plans and marketing that is available online. A clear marketing plan can help you control this shift.Your marketing plan can also provide structure as you move from one campaign to the next.
As each campaign ends, you’ll conduct post-mortem assessments, document lessons learned and determine which elements worked and which didn’t.
The true value of this site is the ability to find absolutely anything that you want to at the drop of a dying. Instead, your audience is segmented into subgroups with different values and different needs.
Whatever holes you have in your business plan will easily be filled when you find articles from highly reputable sources in a timely fashion.ImforzaImforza is a go-to website for online entrepreneurs that are looking for funding from outside sources.
Among the resources are many business plan samples that span over a number of industries and time periods.
Consider price, ease of use, delivery options, etc.Goals: What are your annual goals and what specific metrics can help you track them?
No matter what industry you are in or how intimidating your potential investors are, Imforza will give you the ammo that you need to impress them with the right statistics. You will also learn how to format your business plan to speak directly to C level employees who do not have time to go through a great deal of work before they make a decision. She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content. Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.

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