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Sooner or later, most companies will need to reinvent themselves in response to disruptive market shifts, technologies, or start-ups. This dual approach allows the company to realize the most value from its current assets and advantages, while giving the new initiative the time it needs to grow. In each instance, a key to making the dual transformations work was the establishment of a "capabilities exchange," which allowed both efforts to share resources without interfering with the mission or operations of either. Sign up for Innosight's free bi-monthly newsletter featuring new perspectives on growth and innovation.

Dual Transformation: Rebuild Your Core While You Reinvent Your Business ModelBy Clark Gilbert, Matt Eyring, Richard N. Building a Growth Factory: the Four Components that Make Innovation RepeatableBy David Duncan, Scott D. That's why we propose that companies under assault pursue two distinct but parallel efforts: "Transformation A" should reposition the core business, adapting it to the altered environment.
The results to date are promising: At all three firms, the core business is back on track, and the innovative initiative is demonstrating strong growth.

Can a new business model quickly replace all the revenue an incumbent has lost to market upheaval?

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