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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. At this stage internal marketing meets traditional ‘change management.’ Firstly you should identify your internal customers.
Always make sure that you have thought through your approach before starting the implementation.
Appoint a change agent, or champion for change that will help to ease your changes through. The change must be correctly marketed to your target audience using an approach such as Jobber’s (above). Try to anticipate the arguments against change, and decide how to counteract them positively. In previous lessons, you will have seen that the process of marketing follows a familiar pattern for which we use the acronym AOSTC – Analysis, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, and Control.
Tactics would include an internal application of the marketing mix, and could include staff forums, presentations, an intranet, away days, videos, personal visits by company directors or newsletters. Evaluation would consider the take up of PRP against your objectives, attendees at away days, visits to an intranet page, and so on. Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals. Pre-owned equipment, practices for sale, open positions, helpful practice management resources and more! In these times of ever-tightening budgets, dwindling profits, and increasing competition, how do you plan on continuing and increasing success? For most of us in eyecare practice, external marketing is advertising or communicating with people you do not know (potential patients) while internal marketing is advertising or communicating with people you do know (your current patients). Internal marketing usually doesn't cost much and can be much more successful as you have a captive audience already. These numbers indicate that almost all were at least somewhat interested in contact lenses. If you are interested in building your contact lens practice, the first thing you should do is discuss lens options with all of your patients. In my office our technicians are trained to ask patients as they are pretested if they're interested in contact lenses.
Also, confirming appointments via text messaging will save time and money, but only if you have the information and technology you need to do it.
You may think that service agreements are a thing of the past now that most patients wear disposable lenses, but communicating your expanded services is never a thing of the past. Open houses are a fun way to introduce new technology to patients and extend a casual atmosphere of congeniality. Rewarding patients who send a friend with referral discounts is truly the best practice builder that we've used. I like to highlight my favorite contact lenses and spectacle lenses that coincide with the latest in technology advancements. Here is an example of an invisible recommendation by Tom Stout, OD, FAAO, of Morgantown Eye Associates in Morgantown, W.Va. The conclusion of every examination should begin with the words, "I recommend." For a patient, everything begins and ends with your recommendation.
Contact Lens Spectrum is the most respected source of clinical contact lens information for optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists.
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WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Internal marketing obeys the same rules as, and has a similar structure to, external marketing. In the diagram above, Jobber (2009) uses a similar approach as a structure for the implementation of internal marketing. Robinson, who received her doctorate from Indiana University School of Optometry, is in private group practice in Indianapolis, Ind. I believe you can be successful even in the midst of a recession by implementing a few of the marketing ideas in this article. Examples of external marketing are the Yellow Pages, practice Web page, billboards, direct mail, TV, or radio.
It's a known fact that the number-one way patients find practitioners is by personal recommendation from friends, family, or colleagues.
Gallup polls have shown that many practitioners have missed a huge opportunity to even discuss the option of contact lenses with their patients.
Next, these same consumers were asked if they discussed contact lenses with their eyecare practitioners. If the answer is no, the next question should be, "Have you worn contact lenses before?" Many patients have discontinued lens wear for a variety of reasons, but few practitioners inquire about past lens experience. Today newsletters have to be unique because our patients receive so much of this type of mail almost daily.
Providing a brochure to patients with information about lens care, fees, and services ensures that each patient receives the same communication — even if you get behind and are unable to discuss these things individually during the exam. We give patients a card that encourages them to refer a new patient if they have been more than satisfied with our service.
I've often seen them use these cards to upgrade to a more expensive frame or sunglasses, or even to get a second pair of glasses. Having every contact lens manufacturer's pamphlets all over your office not only looks cluttered, but sends the message that you have no specific recommendations. For example, a poster about anti-reflection coatings is crucial to making the recommendation that vision is better without all those annoying reflections. From that point, you can explain your services as you hand the patient your contact lens brochure. The key to your professional success is what you already know how to do best — communicate with your patients.

And don?t ever forget to remind patients of how your care will not only help them to see their best, but to look their best as well. Each month, it offers timely editorial on fitting, overcoming complications, utilizing new technologies, gaining patient compliance and more — written by contact lens practitioners for contact lens practitioners. So during selected months, I let a small group of lucky Chiropractors into my office to see firsthand exactly how I do it! We went the extra mile and had an outside attorney (non-employee) come in and do Medicare compliance seminars…even though we didn’t have to….
Once the weight loss patients gain your trust, they want to know what else you have to offer…like for their back pain. Your staff or your patients answer questions on the computer and the results tells you what type program to put patients on. If you are a Chiropractor, I can help bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to help treat the people in your community that I promise, are looking for answers to their weight problems.
You can use this program with your existing patients…in fact, there is a GOLD MINE in your current practice…just waiting to be mined! Then after losing my dream practice in 2003, I was able to spend 100% of my time studying exactly what worked and what didn’t work in healthy, nutrition-based weight loss. When you come to my office to see all my secrets and learn how I can collect $100,000.00 in cash a month, you will also get to bring a spouse or one key employee.
Even the experts in our chiropractic insurance industry say we can only count on insurance for another 3 to 5 years. That’s why I’m having the seminar in my office, so you can experience the entire thing firsthand. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you come to the seminar, but if you want to get started IMMEDIATELY, but can’t come for a month or two, you can start the learning process online just as soon as you sign up and get this system mastered BEFORE you even attend the seminar. This information-packed seminar will leave your head spinning with all the new ideas you’ll be able to implement in your office.
By the way, the Salt Lake Airport is a hub for Delta Airlines, so it’s easily accessible from anywhere in the country. They have been subjected to programs that don’t work; and most of them have actually gained weight by being yo-yo dieters. The Webinars will cover everything you and your staff will need to implement all the systems you will learn at the seminar.
When I taught the first hundred doctors or so, we didn’t have this amazing tool, and they still did well. If you do that, you’ll be able to get the website for only $297 a month…which is a fraction of what it’s worth! We have the Dream System All Done For You So You Can Add $25,000 to $100,000 a Month in YOUR Weight Loss Practice! Special talent for enhancing corporate marketability through electronic and print marketing tools as well as clear, effective corporate messaging. They create dynamic, best-in-class resumes and cover letters that consistently  deliver results.
The main differences are that your customers are staff and colleagues from your own organization.
But, before you take that step, let?s review the difference between external and internal marketing. Use that knowledge to impress your patients with your expertise and care so they will spread the word for you.
If they are not good candidates, I explain why I feel that way and at least they don't leave wondering. To increase your sales of annual supplies, make your patients who choose this option feel valued and appreciated. Frame trunk shows, dry eye seminars, and multifocal consultations are just a few ideas to get you started.
For every new patient referred, patients receive a credit on their account that they can use toward anything in our office.
The most effective internal marketing comes from a free flow of information from the patient to the staff and doctor. In addition, Spectrum shares valuable information via a weekly e-newsletter, Contact Lenses Today. These wraps are a terrific fit in a weight loss program, and we include them in the larger programs.
You’ll be amazed that although this is comprehensive, it’s easy to understand and makes a lot of sense. People are most successful when they get hands-on experience—and see exactly how things are done. But weight loss is hard work for a patient, so I’ve been very careful to include some pampering services into the weight loss program, so it makes it easy for the patients to stay involved. We’ve had doctors make thousands of dollars…and completely pay for their investment before they even attend the seminar by going through all of the training online.
Because you will be getting hands-on experience, you’ll easily be able to go back to your practice and duplicate the same processes that allow me to collect $100,000.00 a month in cash! Once we added this tool, doctors fell in love with it, and we originally charged an additional $897 a month for it. Stellar organizational and planning skills, as demonstrated in successful event planning experience. Found innovative ways  to market ABC brand, including highly successful e-mail  marketing campaigns.
Great Resumes Fast also offers writers with specialization in Federal Resume Writing, Executive Level and C-Suite, Information Technology, Sales and Management.
It is simple to construct, especially if you are familiar with traditional principles of marketing. She currently serves as president of Women of Vision, a professional organization for women optometrists. If the response was yes, the next question was "Who initiated the discussion about contact lenses?" The overwhelming majority (86 percent) said that they did while only 14 percent responded that their practitioner began the discussion.
Assure your patients that their e-mail address will not be shared or abused, but remember to utilize patient e-mail addresses for regular e-blasts about new technology in your practice.
Manufacturer's representatives are typically more than happy to help and usually provide the snacks.
Nothing is more powerful than your recommendation, so utilize those posters or brochures to help make your point (Figure 1).
This starts with a welcome form that asks the correct questions to elicit the needs and interest of the patient. When you explain this new, common sense and comprehensive approach, they’ll go from thinking you’re great to practically worshiping you…just wait! Combining the plethora of knowledge I gained and putting it into a comprehensive program wasn’t easy.
You will both leave with the tools you need to do this or to delegate this to some other staff member(s) to implement….if you were making an additional $100,000.00 in cash, could you take off a little more time? You should certainly keep running your insurance practice if that is working…but DON’T rely solely on that!
You’ll see everything you need to see in order to go home and duplicate a thriving, cash producing, weight loss program in your office! In addition to that, you really must experience this incredible program for yourself—in person! Let me say, this program is really a “wellness” program disguised as a weight loss program. However, we realized just how amazing this tool is for you to have from the very beginning because it will absolutely boost your weight loss business.
As Jobber (2009) explains, you can target three different segments namely ‘supporters,’ neutral,’ and finally ‘opposers.’ Each group requires a slightly different internal marketing mix in order that your internal marketing objectives can be achieved. New contact lens materials and designs, spectacle lens advances, even new frame styles might be some technology that you want to highlight. We post sign-up sheets at the front desk to get the conversation started from the moment patients enter our office. You see, I once had my “dream insurance practice”… It didn’t happen over night, but it happened–after years and years and lots and lots of hard work! But don’t take my word for it, check out the hundreds of testimonials from satisfied doctors who have attended my seminar! In other words, my first objective is to get the patient healthy, and along the way, they DO lose their weight. Bring somebody who will be able to help you implement everything you learn, or bring your spouse to support you in creating a new exciting Weight Loss Program within your practice.
Once you are processed, you will be able to go home and start doing the same things for your patients….this alone is worth the price of the seminar!
So we decided to give the Club Reduce website to the new doctors for FREE for the first 3 months. Gained extensive experience communicating with vendors and event support personnel, and effectively managed overseas marketing team. You'd be surprised how inexpensive and effective e-mail is to continue communicating with your patients about the services you have to offer.
I haven’t yet had a patient that I wasn’t able to help….in fact, I constantly get referrals of patients who say they have tried everything to lose weight…and I’m their last chance.
Then after 3 months, if you want to continue to use the website, you will only pay $297 a month…UNLESS you allow your membership to lapse over the 3 months, at which point the price of the website will be $597 a month.
And if for some reason you simply can’t come for awhile, you will have access to the training for free for the first three months of the program, and you can learn online…however, we STRONGLY advise coming to the seminar. First I test the patients (in office…I’ll teach you how too!) to see what is going on with them. Do whatever it takes to get to this seminar and solve your money problems once and for all!
You can easily make back the cost of this seminar by selling just one patients this incredible weight loss program—and I’ll teach you how to get hundreds of new patients each month! We offer some one-on-one support (done entirely by staff…scripting is provided for them.) We perform body wraps where the patients lose 4 to 14 inches in one hour…they LOVE this and it keeps them motivated! We have other tools for the patients for their emotional eating and maintenance….it’s a COMPLETE PACKAGE to ensure their success! It’s worked for thousands of my patients, thousands of other doctors’ patients…and it will work for your patients too! Solutions4 makes all of their supplements to Japanese standards, so you know that what you are giving your patients is pure and will work. One of the most financially rewarding things I’ve ever done is carry the Solutions4 line…because patients love it and continue to order month, after month, after month!
With the Solutions4 line, my patients lose their weight, love the product, and are compliant with my recommendations on supplements.

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