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If you want to be the next Steven Spielberg, you typically have to start somewhere helping out on a set. A production crew looking to hire a first assistant director is likely to look at your industry experience instead of your training in film school. Your duties in preproduction include helping to plan the shooting schedule, which is a task that takes significant input from the director to help fulfill his vision.
Your responsibilities during shooting include working with various departments and groups to make sure that everything is on schedule and not going over budget. Some film assistant producers have a title that means they help find investors and perhaps donate their own money. The main job description of an assistant camp director is to work to achieve the objectives set forth by the camp. Childcare assistant directors assist and obtain directives from the childcare director or owner for a childcare facility. Not long before this article went to press, that particular member of the Hollywood film crew called "the director of photography" (DP) was treated a wee-bit better than other crew members were likely to be treated (but not that much better). When film stock improved in quality and sound became clearer, movies became sleeker - and as a result, those film stars with power began to name the DPs they wanted to work with. The first assistant director has duties that are different from the responsibilities of the second, second second, third and fourth assistant directors.

Some production crews might actually be turned off by film-school training, because they might fear you'll have a sense of entitlement about your skill set.
You oversee the makeup, props and transportation departments to see that no problems are holding them back from being on schedule. While the obvious move is to become a director, you can also use your skills and experience to become a producer or screenwriter.
Granted, the director and producer knew his name and his body of work - but his screen credit was still mixed among all the other names of the crew (if listed at all) - and this article points out that much of that changed in the late 1930s.
With this new-found status, the DP (formerly known as "cameramen") found that perks were on the rise. Being his helper means that you get to learn what to do and what not to do as the director. The first assistant director has the most responsibility and works closest with the director. While attending film school might fuel your creative process, being an assistant director is a technical job that does not require creative input. Working your way up happens for some people by freelancing over time and building connections. Today the DP is very much a separate entity from all other department heads; the title is listed among the "above the liners" - director and stars, with far greater pay, per diem, and hotel accommodations.

The position entails managing the other assistant directors, helping the crew stay on track and handling the extras. One route you may consider taking includes beginning to work on set as a production assistant and working your way up to fourth or third assistant director. Your efforts help the director focus on his vision and not get bogged down with the logistics. The second assistant director is next in the level of responsibility; you can take over the role of assistant director if need be. The second second assistant director, third and fourth assistant directors help with the additional tasks of a large production. Director's Guild of America also has an assistant director training program that is respected in the industry.

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