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Landing Page in WordPressWhen you run your own business your website can generate a lot of revenue.
What about conversion optimized pages like sales pages, squeeze pages and other landing pages? Imagine being able to create a custom landing page that looks great and is designed to convert – all without the technical headache of having to pay a developer or learn how to code. In this post I’ll show you a number of powerful WordPress plugins that make landing page creation easy.
Thrive Content Builder allows you create custom page layouts with its drag and drop editor which allows you to see exactly how your content will look.
It has all the elements you need in order to create great looking squeeze pages, sales pages and so much more. In a recent update, the landing pages add-on was released which makes it easy for you to create high converting landing pages in a short space of time. You can also create 2 step opt-in forms which display a popover when a button is clicked by the user. OptimizePress has been a leader in the field of sales pages, landing pages and squeeze pages for a long time, but until version 2.0 launched, they only provided a WordPress theme. I’ve been an OptimizePress customer for a long time now, I bought the first version a few years ago and as soon as version 2.0 was released I bought that too.
OptimizePress 2.0 has taken the creation of landing pages, sales pages and squeeze pages to an entirely new level.
This gives you the ability to create stunning landing pages that look just how you want them to. The time it has saved me is incredible and the fact that it comes with a membership plugin could save you about $100-300 on buying one separately. There are better membership plugins on the market which have more features and are easy to use, but the option is there if you need it. I used this plugin to build targeted landing pages for a marketing agency I used to work for and the results were great, despite the fact that I’m not a web designer. LeadPages is much more than just a WordPress plugin; it’s a landing page creation platform. Setting up your own high converting landing page is extremely easy and if you have the copy you want to use, you can have a page created within minutes.
Coming Soon Pro is one of the main plugins I install whenever I start building a new website.
I use the plugin to display a coming soon page so that nobody visiting the site can see what I’m doing with the site behind the scenes. This plugin is also useful after a website has been launched because your coming soon page can be assigned its own URL and used as a regular landing page.
There are a bunch of free landing page plugins available, a lot of the ones I came across required paid memberships to work beyond a free trial. The downside is that integration with popular mailing list providers starts at $25 each; some like GetResponse are $35. Note: when testing this plugin I did find it quite tedious to customize and it wasn’t all too user friendly in comparison to other landing page plugins I’ve used. I’ve listed a number of plugins and it’s important to note that these plugins are best suited to different circumstances. In fact, it’s not strange to actually use more than one of the plugins that I’ve listed above. For example, I use LeadPages for the majority of my landing pages purely because it’s so fast. Below I have listed a number of situations where you mind find particular plugins work better for you than others. Although with OptimizePress you do get a membership plugin and a theme version but the trade-off is a more resource intensive plugin. If you have a lot of free downloads that you make available for your email subscribers, LeadPages is a great option. The problem with having a lot of free downloads for subscribers is that you find yourself having to create multiple pages for each one to be downloaded from.
The other thing is that LeadPages takes care of hosting your landing pages too so you’ll save on bandwidth here. I find Thrive Content Builder makes it much easier to tweak landing pages than anything else and it’s also very easy to add additional elements to your pages. OptimizePress is another good option here, you get the option to add more elements but it’s a more resource intensive plugin.
WordPress Landing Pages does allow split testing but I find it a very limiting plugin due to how integration’s soon cause the price to spiral out of control. LeadPages comes with 70+ templates out of the box but they also add a few new templates every month and they’re all based on templates that are getting results.
OptimizePress comes with around 30 templates out of the box but you can subscribe to their monthly club which will give you access to over 100 templates with more being added every month.
Both LeadPages and OptimizePress now have a marketplace where you can purchase extra templates or sell those which you’ve created yourself. Page load times are extremely important but you also need the right combination of features that don’t restrict you to the point where it makes using a landing page plugin more time consuming than it should be. So for a light weight plugin that has enough features to make your life easier and save you time, Thrive Content Builder is a solid option.
Whether you want to create a squeeze page to build your email list or create a high converting sales page to promote your latest product – the plugins mentioned above will help you.

They will take the complexity out of creating any landing pages and help you create eye-catching designs that convert well.
All so you can focus on positioning your products and offers, creating compelling content and helping you get the results you deserve.
Identify the features you need, find a plugin from the above list which fits and get started. There’s not much in terms of free landing page plugins, but WordPress landing pages is the only free one worth trying.
The premium plugins offer more functionality, but damn it’s not bad for free and there is a leads plugin that integrates with it too (also free I think). I have been using WP Landing Pages since January and my opt ins have come to a stop on my site through Hybrid Connect.
I like the idea of the Inbound Now plugins too but I didn’t find them too straight forward so stuck with the Optimize Press system. Damn, that’s quite a decline – have you got goal tracking setup in GA to find out what the cause may be? Sometimes certain websites that are referring traffic can be responsible for a large number of subscribers. I checked out your site and it looks like you have a paid plugin called Instabuilder installed. Then there is the free word press plugin, which pretty much does a good job too (I am not sure if it includes sale pages) but for a free plugin, it packs a punch.
I am literally starting chapter 1 in list building, and with that in mind, which one should I go for?
Your comment has made me realize that I need to update this post and add some sort of decision matrix that shows which plugins fit which circumstances best. You should write a book on this Adam, seriously… The mechanic side of blogging needs a voice like yours. Anyway: this subject happens to be the most difficult thing about blogging and you literally spend hours researching it.
So when I saw your name in the search results, I jumped for joy because I knew I would get great advice, with no stone left unturned. I’m really glad you were able to find this post at the right moment and I appreciate you placing your trust in me! The free plugin is handy for getting started but the paid add-ons mean that just for the ability to integrate with a platform like GetResponse or MailChimp, there’s a fee.
One of the newer plugins that I added to the list could be a better fit, Thrive Content Builder. Thrive Content Builder is another good option, it’s more light weight and super easy to use.
Completely understand your frustration with the tech speak – I’m hoping that I can put together something that will really help with understanding the technical side and your feedback will be great! Really appreciate you sharing the tutorial on how to setup goal tracking with GA using no thank you page – I think that will be really helpful for others.
I am a beginner blogger and am looking for free plugins for landing page, email subscription.
But there has to be a few plugins that provide the basic functionality and can be used till one starts earning enough to use premium plugins with advanced features.
Hi Adam, As good as it is it would make sense to point out that the landing page side of Optimize Press is NOT a plugin but a THEME. For example I love the Divi theme from Elegant themes and would like a good landing page system which works well with it but I can’t use OP. Thrive looks nice though, would you run into the same issues or will it plays nice with other themes?
So you could use it with Divi, in fact I used OptimizePress to build landing pages for an agency I used to work for.
The bonus of Thrive is that you can build pages on your current theme’s layout, rather than it looking entirely different. If you want a completely different looking page, you can use the landing page templates or start from a blank page if you prefer. Having used the editor in both Divi and Thrive Content Builder, I think you would find Thrive’s to be faster and better equipped for what you need. ProfitBuilder is a nice option, I’ve used it myself and the price is very reasonable. Personal landing page — шаблон одностраничного сайта для WordPress предназначен для оформления небольших сайтов-визиток и личных портфолио-сайтов. Real Homes — премиум тема для сайтов на платформе WordPress, предназначенная для оформления интернет-представительств агентств недвижимости. Why Signature?Signature is clean, modern, unique and responsive HTML5 WordPress Landing Page Theme, that will make your event stand out from the crowd with an innovative air. Signature works perfectly in all mobile, tablet and desktop devices thanks to the flawlessly calculated Bootstrap 3.2 , you don’t meet with slipping or image disorder on any browser.
You can do everything you dreamed of very quick and simple way; you build your website with short code of template as well as 40+ shortcodes with the excellence of Visual Composer plugin. The Signature which we created by considering the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) will provide you extra benefits at the search results.
You will receive free lifetime all updates of Signature which is checked regularly each month. You will even find tools that allow you to run split tests in seconds and create a variety of other types of pages.

And the availability of templates means you can save time & get some inspiration to make something that looks great. This does mean that it’s a bit more worthwhile spending the money on OptimizePress if you were considering this as an option. I use OptimizePress for when I need something built from the ground up or which needs more customization. You can get the license for all of your sites for $67 and while this price will go up (not sure when), the usual $97 price still works out great in comparison to the likes of OptimizePress.
The last split test I started took me 2 minutes to create and that included tweaking the copy. It comes with a light weight plugin and it’s easier to get a landing page setup than with the Thrive Content Builder. Now he shares what he’s learned about growing blogs and businesses here on Blogging Wizard.
Seems a bit odd, it’s usually difficult to not setup the auto renew for a domain with most domain registrars now.
I went from like 1-2 spam comments a day (manual comments I think) to 60+ automated comments and I don’t have the time to moderate all the spam comments. I have checked out the plugins that you are recommending and the only downside for me is that monthly fee attached to some of them, so naturally I gravitated towards authority pro 3 because there are no recurring membership fees, or monthly fees, that definitely ticks my box.
Very true about it being costly, I’ve spent a crazy amount in the process of finding my way through all these tools.
I’ve added a sort of decision matrix at the bottom of the post based on various situations and needs too.
It’s currently $49 for a single license so it is almost double the price of Authority Pro. I tried the first version of OptimizePress when I was a new blogger and it was too difficult for me to do myself.
Still a rare thing these days – so much honestly claimed and so little displayed in some cases.
After reading it I’ve decided to use Thrive Themes Content Builder, mainly because my needs are not extremely sophisticated and I am not a big fun to pay subscription fee for this kind of solution. While Content Builder is less easy to use than it is promised, after some practice I’ve managed to build a landing page that looks OK, so I am fine with this part. The challenge for me was to use a simple contact form, I have a page where I want to collect contact details (it is order request page), so I don’t want to use something like Mailchimp or other eDM platform that requires double opt-in. In overall while there were some hurdles I am fine with Thrive Content Builder, will see how it work. Also they charge for integration’s to email providers, whereas the paid plugins are often much quicker to use (your time is valuable) and they work with most popular email providers. I currently have a Coming Soon plugin (Ultimate Coming Soon Page) but can’t figure out how to integrate my lead page. So whether you want to use it with an existing theme or to replace your current theme – you can do it. I also use Thrive Content Builder for the times when I need something less resource intensive than OptimizePress. If I go ahead and grab authority pro 3, will it be a good investment or should I just start with the free wordpress plugin? Need to check this out, very keen to see how this compares with the likes of Thrive, OP and LP. I had Contact forms as a part of Jetpack installed and they didn’t work with Thrive Content Builder.
Its powerful Page Builder functionality allows you to use differst style module, modify the parameters of elements, to embed your videos from YouTube and Vimeo, customize images and much much more.
Building a landing page isn’t easy for everyone, but if you have the right word press theme you can build it a custom landing page within minutes. The next row, you could create a layout where the first column is a third of your layout in the second column takes up two thirds of the width of your layout. Being able to create a varied layout just by clicking a couple of buttons means that you can focus more on the content of your landing page and less on the structure.The Divi theme is great for building a multitude of different landing pages. Combine this with Google advertising, or other pay per click methods and you could have a great marketing tool at your disposal. Divi includes subscribe forms, call to action buttons, animated graphs and statistical elements, and modules featuring blurbs. These blurbs can show images are icons and can be used to explain different parts of your service.Did you have any trouble creating your landing page in WordPress with Divi? If you plan out what your content is going to be ahead of time, you can create a beautiful landing page in a matter of minutes. You can gain subscribers or make big sales using your custom landing page that you built with Divi. If you have any questions about how to use Divi to build your own landing page, feel free to leave your questions or thoughts in the comments section below.

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