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It's easier than ever to make a film – new technologies have brought costs down, while the internet's made it possible to track down like-minded film-makers instead of toiling away on your own.
Making a film is divided into three stages – pre-production (scripting, raising funds and planning), production (shooting the film) and post-production (editing, grading and visual effects). Probably the most important part of the process is writing the script – you can take the best actors and the most expensive kit, and still make a bad film if the script isn't up to scratch.
If they haven't convinced you, remember: almost every great film-maker started out making short films. Make a list of the resources you have available to you and work out what sort of story you can tell with them. You can still show PG-13 movies on cable without editing them, making this a completely meaningless designation.

The final 3 infographics will illustrate a historical look at the first filmmakers, how editing evolved and an interactive look at the history of film.
The The Lumiere brothers, Auguste and Louis were  known as the first filmmakers.  This graphic celebrates their 150th anniversary and their contribution to Cinema.
Check out Martin Scorsese's What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?, Christopher Nolan's Doodlebug, Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket and Neill Blomkamp's Alive in Joburg for inspiration. Even mundane locations can be made interesting with a clever script – look at films like Primer (set mainly in a suburban house and garage) and Following (set mostly in houses and flats, with a couple of key scenes shot after hours in a nightclub).
They cover every topic from science to pop-culture (movies are prominent in this category – especially Star Wars– here’s one about how to defend the Death Star).
Script and storyboard your film, make sure you've budgeted for all your needs and get copyright clearances for visuals and music – otherwise you might not be able to show your film in festivals or get distribution.

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