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Song Details:"I Can't Make You Love Me" is a pop cover version of a song written by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin and originally recorded by Bonnie Rait, who released it as a single in 1991. When you know how to make DJ music well you have a great possibility of walking right into and DJing at any club in the world! How do you think the likes of Deadmau5, Cassius and Justice get to play and DJ wherever the hell they like? It’s not because they sweated through clubs with their little DJ kits, reading guides on how to DJ and trying to mix.
It’s because they made a few dancefloor filling bomb-dropper tunes that electronic music fans around the world ALL know about! That gives them license to DJ at Ibiza nightclubs, capital city top clubs and the best festivals around.
Sean teaches new DJs how to mix in just a few weeks with his course, Pro DJ Mixing just like these new producers who are suddenly playing gigs to crowds just a few weeks after becoming famous.
But if you start make DJ music yourself AND you’re good at it, you could well be one of those guys who gets amazing gigs right away! Rather than you trawling through the net reading articles, this free guide contains all the advice you need in one clear ebook. I put it together to save some time for you and to get you DJing in parties, bars and clubs faster.
Even if your tracks don’t see the same success that Justice, Deadmau5 and other artists do, even if you are relatively well-known or just well know to a few, there are still lots of advantages when you make DJ music.
Imagine, you sweat for years working your way into clubs as a DJ, competing hard with other guys to get a coveted residency. Then, on the day of a huge event, you get pushed aside because the promoter and owner want someone else to DJ instead.
When you talk about your DJing, you’ll be able to introduce yourself as a DJ Producer.

It doesn’t happen to everyone who makes DJ music by themselves, but some get to experience huge success.
I’m not saying you should aim to make a one hit wonder but you do have the chance of making the same impact that these guys did. If you manage to sell 40,000 downloads of your cool track by marketing it yourself, you’ll be in for a nice payday. Our musical memories are so good they seem to be better than any other parts of our memory.
And Fatboy Slim’s tracks will be getting played and danced to in 20 years time, I can guarantee it.
You won’t be able to just jump in and make your own tracks without learning all about it first.
Let’s face it, none of us want to spend the cash renting an expensive studio and for little in the way of results. What you use depends on your preferences once you’ve learned a few things about getting started in music production. Clarity and lack of sound interference are the main advantages of going for a quality mic like this. Being so immersed in your track means that you don’t have fresh ears to listen to it with. Then, upload to youtube and push your views up, get friends to add comments and post links to your track on forums (don’t blatantly self-promote) and anywhere you can think of. They will get your tune on itunes, Amazon store, emusic and any other big music store in a couple of weeks for only a few dollars per track.
The great thing about these services is that once you pay the initial distribution fee (around $10) you own all the royalties.
So if your track gets picked up, goes viral, gets into a TV program and sells loads, you get to keep most of the cash (at least 70%).

We’ve noticed how certain new music producers get huge gigs really fast and we were wondering how they learn to DJ so fast. This producer has just made one killer track in his life, but everyone knows it and loves it! Regular DJs who don’t make their own tunes are forced to make way for producers whose music is known by everyone. They get emailed and called all the time by DJs claiming that they’re the next big thing. As soon as you make DJ music and one of your tracks takes off, you’ll get offered gigs all over the world! Reason is the ultimate production software, Recycle I use to process and cut samples and Soundforge for recording vocals and sound samples.
I do my own vocals and use the mic for other voice recordings, so for me it’s important to get a great mic to record with.
Don’t act on every suggestion made by people, but if people are often saying that your track needs more bass, more clarity, more simplicity or anything else then it may well be the case. By that time though, you’ll have already been able to make a few videos with this software. Making your own music can be very rewarding and can open doors to places you never imagined.

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