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Blue Star Burgers, the new kid on the burger block (which recently opened in Tenafly), has added a Make Your Own Salad option to its existing menu. Boozy Burbs?Boozy Burbs is your not-so-secret ingredient to discovering the latest dining, drinking & nightlife news in Greater Bergen County. There's only three weeks left until the spookiest holiday of the year, which means stores and costume shops everywhere are bringing out their Halloween inventory full force. Walter WhiteFor the minimalist Walter White costume, all you'd need to do is shave your head, grow a goatee, and dawn some glasses. HeisenbergWalter's badass alter ego, meth kingpin Heisenberg, is way cooler than any of Walter's regular costumes. DIY Meth CandyIf you wanna take your Halloween costumes to the next level, you're going to need some meth.

Customers are given a sheet (see below) and circle their choice of greens, cheeses, toppings and dressing.
The price includes as many mix-ins and toppings as you choose, besides the above mentioned supplements. So now's a good time to start prepping your Halloween costume—because you really don't want to do it last-minute again, do you?For the ladies, it's easy to come up with a costume if they're going the sexy route, since they can just take any costume and then immediately remove the majority of the fabric.
I won't really include any links to products, so just search Amazon or something—there's tons of cheap options out there on the web.
But it's a little tougher for the guys, though with enough time and attention to detail, creating a great ensemble for Halloween is totally possible—especially if you're a Breaking Bad fan.
This is more for inspiration; being a Breaking Bad character is way easier than you think—but that's no excuse to wait until the last minute!

Wouldn't you rather go as Walter White in compete meth-making gear, like this: Aside from the basic bald head and goateed White, you'll also need some vapor filters, a gas mask, and of course—the yellow Tychem hazmat suit. You can buy some blue Rock Candy to mimic the shows famous Blue Sky meth (they actually use cotton candy flavored rock candy on the show), but if you wanna stick with the whole DIY theme, then check out this recipe from Sugar Hero.

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