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Have your child decide if they will make a flag for themselves, your family or a made up world like my son did. Red, White, and Blue (Penguin Young Readers, L3) by John Herman is a great non fiction read about the American flag. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox.
Or hand out a sheet of empty gift tags to each student and let the students make their own basic fact cards. Each student can choose the basic facts or math problems he or she needs to review the most. If you have computers in your room, let your students create slides so the first slide has the problem and the next one shows the solution.
Once on your page, your students can create their own math flashcards or practice with those cards you've already placed on your page for them. Your students can also choose from several games to review the flashcards individually or as teams. The student tries to drag the problem and correct answer on top of each other as quickly as possible. You or your students type in the problems in the lefthand column and the answers in the righthand column, print the cards, cut them out, and fold them on the broken lines to make flashcards. After completing 20 problems, the flashcards are all shown and the ones missed are highlighted in red.
Flashcardlet (from Quizlet) is a free flashcard app with math problems (and other subject areas).

Your students can flip through their cards and set them to move as fast or slow as they would like. Students respond to the math fact on the screen by shouting out their answers or simply saying them aloud.
If you have student responders or a clicker system in your classroom, you can have the students answer with their clickers.
Do you have a favorite way to help your students learn basic math facts? Tell us what's working with your students. Even though Flag Day is the American Flag’s birthday the day most people wave it is the Fourth of July.
You will need some white paper, a sheet of construction paper, scissors, glue or double stick tape, markers and a pencil. You can read the book below first or just grab a flag and talk about it and basic symbolism. Now that my son is a little older I am trying to get him started thinking about rough drafts and final drafts.
Have your child present their flag if possible at the dinner table to the rest of the family. Non fiction books are becoming more important for all ages as the Common Core State Standards focus much more heavily on non fiction works than most previous curriculum standards. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Then have them use the slides as electronic flashcards for bell work or math warm-ups at the beginning of your class.

The game pictured on the left takes the flashcards and scatter problems and their answers across the desktop. I love history and I have passed that down to my son who read this entire book to me at bedtime Saturday night. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Let each student try to increase the correct number of problems he can solve out of 20 (or within a certain time period).
You can choose to add or subtract zero, ones, twos, nines, or a mix of number being right or wrong. Now when he waves this flag in between scrambling for candy at our hometown parade he will hopefully see much more than he did before. The author did a great job presenting the important takeaways without losing the reader’s interest .
I was particularly impressed with the author’s note about the lack of real evidence that Betsy Ross actually sewed the first flag. As someone who studied history I appreciate the accuracy while still acknowledging the familiar story and it’s uncertainty.

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