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Primary Marketing Goal: Customer Acquisition still remains the Primary Marketing Goal of India Retailers, with 58% Retailers voting for the same. Online Marketing Activities: Social Media is voted as the Primary Online Activity by 79% of India Retail Marketers, a 30% increase over 2014.
Offline Marketing Activities: Print Promotion (77%) remains the top choice of retailers as their preferred Offline Marketing Activity. Importance of Email Marketing: More than 85% of India Retail Marketers vote for Email as an important channel of their marketing Plan. Importance of Mobile Marketing: 95% Retailers said that mobile is important or very important to them as they use it as a part of their Marketing Strategy. Contribution of e-Marketing towards Revenue: 72% of e-Commerce companies with turnover of Rs.
Frequency of Technology Upgradation: Keeping pace with the constant changes and innovation in IT, 82% of Retailers upgrade their technology within 5 years of time span. Cart Abandonment Program (CAP): Today, Shopping Cart Abandonment is an important issue for all Online Retailers.
Octane Research’s Annual Reports (State of e-Marketing India and State of Email Marketing) drives comprehensive analyses which are tailored to meet the requirements of the India Marketer and leverage them with multiple channels to aggregate customers and engagement rich conversions. Octane’s Industry Reports are powerful and actionable business tools that collate in-depth strategic insights and analysis over the several sectors in India.
As every industry has its own nuances, therefore Octane Industry Research collates the knowledge and awareness from the experienced industry specialists which helps the marketer to make sound strategic decisions and get positioning in the market place. Now, businesses can target consumers based on what they're doing in the moment by using a variety of mobile-local services and marketing techniques, including advertising in location-based apps and sending push notifications to customers within a certain radius of a store. Apps like Life360 and Waze prosper because consumers feel like they're getting great valueA out of sharing not just their location, but other information too. Geoaudience profiling, geoconquesting, and hyper-local in-store campaignsA areA three primary strategies used to segment audiences and target consumers based on location. The geoproximity technique is equivalent to casting a big net near the boat and hauling in whatever gets caught.A Campaigns erect geofences created around bricks-and-mortar stores and send targeted ads to smartphone users who travel within the radius. A geoconquesting campaign is a specific type of geoproximity campaignA that uses location data to target potential customers when they walk into a competitor's store. Considers those apps that have done the best job offering a service to consumers and getting them to voluntarily share their information. Looks forward to emergent trends like hyper-local targeting, in which retailers use Bluetooth technology and mobile payments in stores. For full access to all BI Intelligence's charts and analysis on the mobile industry a€” including downloadable Excel files a€” sign up for a free trial. A while back Bags & Bows did a blog post and infographic on color psychology marketing and how different colors attribute to branding your business. Tyson Schnitker and his wife Mary, local Minnesota distillers, admittedly came into their craft by accident.
As a local retailer, you know you need to position your marketing strategies to reach a geographically-centralized audience with sales-boosting promotions. Bags & Bows’ parent company, Deluxe Corporation, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Have you ever asked the question, “What did we used to do before smartphones?” I know I have. You’re always on the lookout for ways to bring new customers into your retail shop, and if you haven’t tried postcard marketing you’re missing an excellent opportunity to introduce new customers to your shop and increase sales.

Introduce tu E-Mail y te enviaremos a tu direccion de correo electronico tu contrasena de acceso.
En esta entrada, Gfk confirma que el 50% de los compradores del sector e-Commerce acuden a la tienda retail para “antojarse” y conocer, para luego terminar su proceso de compra desde la comodidad de sus casa. Es un error tratar de impedir el showrooming, la gente lo hace y no se puede detener, y si se intenta detener cortando el acceso a internet de alguna forma o prohibiendo el uso de smartphones dentro de las tiendas fisicas sera un atentado en contra del estilo de vida del nuevo consumidor que con seguridad no volvera a la tienda, y de seguro la boicoteara en la redes sociales, creando una posible crisis de reputacion para el retailer. Por el contrario, existen otras formas mas sutiles de volver la situacion a favor del vendedor, como dotar las tiendas con wifi de libre acceso y promoverlo a los clientes para que accedan a ella. Sin embargo, sabemos que todos nosotros, como consumidores, queremos hacer las cosas a nuestra manera y muchas veces no nos resulta conveniente realizar una compra en una tienda fisica, sea porque estamos en la calle y no queremos cargar con bolsas de la compra o porque hay mucha fila para pagar, etc. Si el consumidor esta en todas partes, realizando busquedas de productos, marcas y precios online, visitando las tiendas fisicas, compartiendo en sus redes sociales los contenidos, desde su ordenador personal, el de la oficina, en su tablet y a traves de su dispositivo movil, esta mas que claro que la Omnicanalidad ha cobrado importancia ahora mas que nunca.  Y es importante tambien para los retailers estar pendientes de una tendencia que empieza a crecer, el showrooming (segun Gfk el 13% de los compradores offline realizo busquedas simultaneas en su dispositivo movil), que seguro en aras del 2015 crecera. Despues de estar publicando casi 4 meses sobre el marketing digital y el retail marketing, empiezo a comprender que son dos mundos que, por necesidad de los tiempos en los que vivimos, deben empezar a unir esfuerzos y alinear estrategias para crear sinergias. Las fortalezas de uno, suplen las debilidades del otro y viceversa, para potenciar las experiencias de compra, las experiencias de producto y mas importante, las experiencias de marca, para cautivar, fidelizar y ser relevantes para la vida de los clientes para alcanzar el exito en el siglo XXI. ICEMD se compromete a tratar de forma confidencial los datos de caracter personal facilitados y a no comunicar o ceder dicha informacion a terceros. Para ejercer sus derechos de acceso, rectificacion, oposicion o cancelacion de sus datos se debera enviar una carta a junto con copia del DNI a Avda. La guerra de las marcas por posicionarse en la mente de los consumidores se llama Marketing.
Soy un apasionado por temas de Marketing, Publicidad y Branding y he perfilado mi carrera para ser un excelente director general de empresas y marcas. Deploying a simple Cart Abandonment Program (CAP) increases revenue by improving Cart Abandonment Rates.
This research platform will enable India marketers to track the performance and profitability of the industry they belong to. Retailers and marketers no longer need to rely on billboards to advertise their nearby store, or hope that a customer heading out to run some errands remembers to grab the coupon that was sent a week ago. Research increasingly supports the notion that local apps and advertising lead to in-store purchases.
As a follow-up to that post, we are going to feature some colorful packaging products, gift bags and boxes, and explain based on color what these products tell your customers and which is best for your type of business. It could be a harvest festival, company anniversary, or maybe you’re already looking forward to your holiday party.
Now, Skaalvenn Distillery sets itself apart by breaking the chain of “boring booze” to provide unique craft drinks. For many retailers, targeting an entire town or neighborhood is more cost-effective than developing a demographically-driven mailing list; that’s because your customers are limited in number and those who live in the same neighborhoods tend to share demographic data. To mark this special milestone, we’ve started the Small Business Revolution, a movement with a mission to share 100 small business stories from across the country, each of whom was nominated by the people who knew them best – friends, family, and neighbors. Just this weekend I was out with some coworkers, and we were all on our phones trying to find a place to go to eat and then using our GPS’s to figure out how to get there. Esta tendencia ha sido demostrada por un estudio realizado por una empresa especializada en investigacion de mercados llamada GfK, y ha publicado una entrada en su blog llamada “La Mitad de los Compradores Online Visita Previamente la Tienda Fisica”. Tambien comentan un nuevo fenomeno que muchos retailers han estado tratando de detener a toda costa (cosa que para mi es un error y luego comentare por que), y es el “Showrooming”, que consiste en la utilizacion de smartphones dentro de las tiendas fisicas para comparar los precios de los productos, online.
El usuario esta presente en distintos canales mientras realiza una compra que tiende a ser cada vez mas escrupulosamente inteligente.

De esta forma se pueden capturar sus datos y realizar acciones promocionales enviando descuentos a sus smartphones que les persuada de hacer la compra en el momento.  La clave aqui es atacar la conveniencia de estar en el lugar adecuado para efectuar la compra in-situ.
Por eso ojeamos en las tiendas fisicas para terminar el proceso de compra online, y muchas veces nos decantamos por aquellos e-commerce que ofrecen posibilidades de personalizar la compra, no el producto, la compra.
Antes de ser publicados, los comentarios deberan ser validados por el Titular del Blog, por lo que puede suceder que este decida no publicarlos. Analizaremos y expondremos estrategias, tacticas y planes de accion que se llevan a cabo en distintos campos de batalla, desde el campo abierto del Retail hasta las nuevas trincheras de Internet. Yet only, 12% of India Retail Marketers have deployed a Cart Abandonment Program currently. If you scroll to the bottom of the post, we have created a new infographic complete with coordinating packaging options in every color.
In fact, the earlier you plan your holiday marketing, the more success you’ll enjoy this holiday season. Events are a fun way to get the word out about your business and generate excitement around your brand. I had the pleasure of meeting Tyson and Mary and getting to know more about them and their creations.
America was built by bold and passionate entrepreneurs who took the plunge and started their own businesses. Por eso los grandes del retail y del e-commerce deben ajustarse a esta nueva forma de pensar.
Queremos tener posibilidades de escoger, como tiempos de entrega mas rapidos o mas lentos, envios a casa o recogidas en la tienda fisica. En ningun caso seran publicados comentarios sexistas, racistas, que inciten a la violencia o que en general resulten ofensivos o intimidatorios. Delhi office: Level 4, Rectangle 1, Commercial complex D4, Saket, New Delhi - 110017, India.
Let’s take a look at how people use their phones while shopping, and how you can use this data to your advantage and increase sales. We can all think of businesses with a strong brand and die-hard followers: Apple, Nike, and Jeep, just to name a few. Sus comentarios deberan respetar las normas de propiedad intelectual e industrial de terceros, asi como los derechos de imagen, honor e intimidad de acuerdo a la ley vigente. Mumbai office: Regus Trade Centre, Level-1, Trade Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051, India.
While these are huge companies, there is something to learn from their branding techniques that can be applied to small businesses. Bangalore office: Level 14 & 15, Concorde Towers, UB City, 1 Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore - 560 001, India. ICEMD queda eximida de cualquier responsabilidad derivada de los perjuicios que pueda causar al contravenir estas normas”.

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