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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Company-Wide Information SharingDecagon opens up TeamPage to all employees and their daily work. Decagon is an "all-hands" company, taking suggestions from everyone to maintain an open, inclusive culture. Now more than ever marketing leaders need to prove value, implement and manage complex technology, and adapt to change in a world where buyers control more of the sales process than ever before. Marketing is more customer-centric and more content driven than today and that is reflected in the way that companies are organizing their marketing departments. This includes a consistent flow of headlines, trip and meeting reports, healthcare updates and key new employee information. Anyone in the company can submit a request to change a process, fix a problem, enhance a product, or audit a system. Decagon deployed TeamPage for project management, ISO certification of their procedure management, internal corporate communications and knowledge management.Decagon Devices Grows UpAbout 12 years ago Decagon needed to transition from a small family start up - founded in 1983 and managed by Dr.

Each submission moves through the submitted, active, completed (or discontinued) phases marked with tags in TeamPage.
CAPA Change Management applies to all processes of the company, not just product development and support.The Decagon-wide change management space is called CAPA. This gives a bird's eye view of everything from design specs to marketing materials, phase gate reviews, meeting notes and team member roles.
This makes it easy to keep up to date or bring a new team member on board.Project ManagementCompany-wide projects are also managed in TeamPage. The Add button pops up a TeamPage template developed by Decagon that's easy for anyone to understand and track as it moves through the CAPA process.Templates are easy for Decagon to change because each is based on a standard TeamPage article that's copied as the starting point for a new article with the push of a button.
The Lead Free Initiative spanned several years, requiring careful attention and involvement of key people from different parts of the company at different stages.
When the template is filled in and posted, it appears in one of the Submitted sections on the CAPA dashboard. As part of Decagon's Quality Management initiative, all SOPs are now written, reviewed and used as living TeamPage articles.

Printed copies of standard operating procedures, work instructions and similar materials are considered obsolete.Training procedures are also managed in TeamPage.
Training facilitators and managers use TeamPage add notes to certify when training was completed and who was trained.Edit history makes it easy to see what version of an SOP was used to train any given employeeThe SOP dashboard shown at above breaks out standard operating procedures by department or function. TeamPage's draft review process is used to review and discuss work in progress revisions before a change update is approved. Changes to a SOP may be made in response to issues raised or changes proposed by CAPAs; if so, the CAPs and SOP are linked in TeamPage. For information that isn’t on a Dashboard, the Attivio Search option adds simple, yet exceptionally powerful search and content navigation across everything in TeamPage, including content, documents, tags and user profiles.
TeamPage Profiles, personal notification, and personal Task summaries are directly connected to the collaboratively created plans, specifications, SOP's and other procedures that make ISO 9001 Quality Management work well and deliver high quality, successful products and services.Decagon uses TeamPage with Attivio search as a complete collaboration, action tracking, search and change management solution for administration, sales, marketing, and support as well as engineering and product development processes.

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