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It’s Archeology Week on the Brand Autopsy blog so expect to read vintage posts that are just as relevant today as when they were when first published.
We start the blog archeology dig with a post from December of 2007 that shares smart product marketing wisdom from Dilbert. In STICK TO DRAWING COMICS MONKEY BRAIN, Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, shared the above sharp and snappy business advice on how to predict success. When the Dilbert comic strip first started in late 80s, Adams remembers most people didn’t love it. Scott Adams didn’t worry about trying to make the Dilbert cartoon successful by making the indifferent reader passionate about Dilbert.
A greater predictor of successful product introductions is to gain a passionate and loyal customer base, no matter how small in numbers they are. This isn’t an absolute predictor as the abandoned product graveyard is littered with products that failed despite attracting a small, passionate customer base. AboutI believe passion and a sense of purpose fuel successful marketing messages, whether delivered via a product, a service, an experience, or a presentation. Voici les 50 marques chinoises les plus importantes, avec leurs positions leurs secteurs et la valeur de leurs marques en milliards de Dollars. La majorite des societes chinoises cherchent a se mondialiser rapidement, mais la valeur de leur marque ne rivalise pas encore avec les grandes marques americaines ou europeennes. Valeur de marque faible  894 millions de dollars et valeur entreprise plus dorte  18.364milliards USd. La Chine represente un important marche, et Internet est un moyen tres interessant pour toucher les consommateurs ou les acheteurs chinois.
Si vous souhaitez vous developper en Chine, vous pouvez me contacter par email, en precisant votre projet et vos ambitions.
Qu’est ce qui fait qu’un entrepreneur venu developper ses affaires en Chine reussit mieux qu’un autre ? Nous vous proposons donc de devenir partenaire de ce site strategique : a votre demande nous vous ferons parvenir un dossier de presse .

L’Agence Marketing ChineCe site d'informations professionnel sur la Chine est devenu l'Agence Marketing Chine, qui propose des services de Webmarketing.
Notre agence a pour but d'aider les societes etrangeres a se faire connaitre du public chinois grace a Internet. Apres 6 ans d'experience en Chine, et de reflexion sur les meilleurs pratiques pour commercialiser un produit, identifier les facteurs clef de succes sur le web en Chine, j'ai realise mon reve: travailler et vivre de ma passion le Web Marketing et la Chine. Si vous desirez vendre, communiquer, commercialiser un produit ou un service sur le marche chinois, vous pouvez desormais me contacter pour beneficier de prestations de mes services et de conseils. 126% d’importation supplementaire pour les produits de beaute des marques coreennes en 2016 ! Another great infographic from Brian Stolis and JESS3, famous for The Conversation Prism, helps make sense of brand marketing in social media. If you’re like many marketing professionals, you may be struggling with your 2012 strategic marketing plan. Over the years, I’ve studied the various categorization of media from a few perspectives, 1) that of traditional content creation, owners, budgets, and metrics, 2) how social networks cater to consumption and sharing, 3) how progressive businesses are approaching content strategies in social media and how they’re rethinking departments, intentions, metrics, and budgets, and 4) also how media opportunities are packaged and sold by each network. The infographic is available for purchase as a poster for $20 at his website, The Conversation Prism. My background includes a decade working deep inside the marketing departments at Starbucks Coffee and Whole Foods Market.
Nous publions des etudes de marche, des analyses des grandes tendances de consommation, et abordons l'influence de la Culture dans le milieu des affaires Chinois. During both surveys the same number of patients (tracking) --though not the same individuals (panel)-- were asked what drug they use for treatment of abdominal disease(s). An Example as an Appetizer Background Technicalities Recommended Strategy Take Less Risk 2. How to Run Decision Tree Create New Tree Add and Modify Tree Node Decision Path 3. The data was analyzed using the Supplementary data function with 4 supplementary rows and 0 supplementary columns.

Anatomy of a Decision Tree Output ReportTechnicalitiesUtility Functions Risk Tolerance Exponential Utility Function Logarithmic Utility Function Expected Monetary Value (EMV) Expected Utilities Certainty Equivalent Risk Profile Charts Known Problems References Forecast Manager1. The formula to compute the squared cosinus of one point and one axis is as illustrated below. Anatomy of a Profile Manager Report Input Data The Charts Sensitivity Analysis 2. Technicalities The Model Known Problems References Quality Manager Introduction to Quality Manager Introduction to Quality Control 1.
SPC Attribute ChartsC-chartU-chart P-Chart with Fix & Variable Lot NP-Chart 2.
Acceptance Sampling Operating Characteristic Curve (OCC, for large lots) Hypergeometric Operating Characteristic Curve (HOCC, for small lots) Average Outgoing Quality Technicalities References Risk Analyst Risk Analyst Expert in a Few Minutes Introduction to Decision Analysis Introducing Risk Analyst with an example 1.
Model Building Assessing variable cells Output cells Locked cells Naming variables Formula bar Defining distributions Data fitting Model simulation 2. Model Report Simulation report Time Series charts Short report Report Preview 3.
Simulation Never heard of it Contributing Factor Diagram What are probability distribution functions? Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction mmCSII, Customer Satisfaction Index with Importance Weight mmCSIW, Customer Satisfaction Index Weighted 2.
How To Run CrossTab Data page Parameters page Statistics page Metrics page Options page Output Report 3.
Technicalities Testing proportions for significance (Z-test) Testing tables for independence (Chi squared) Testing variables for correlation (Pearson) References Descriptive Analyst1. Output Report Pareto analysis Statistics Box plots Technicalities References Gravitation Analysis How to run the Gravity Model Data Input Data Output Technicalities Bibliography Proportion Analyst How To Run Proportion Analyst Anatomy of a Proportion Analyst Output Report Technicalities References Sample Manager How To Run Sample Manager How to Extract a Random Sample Anatomy of a Sample Manager Output Report Technicalities References Segmentation Tree How to Run Segmentation Tree Anatomy of a Segmentation Tree Report The Tree The Table Technicalities Assembling Input Data Known Problems References Variation Analyst How to Run Group Variation Analyst Planning and Managing Business Tests Arranging Data for Testing Implementing a Marketing Testing Lab Anatomy of a Variation Analyst Output Report Technicalities References to Group Variation Analyst 3.

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