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South Florida-based internet marketing company Top Ten Website Marketing is gearing up for its five-year anniversary in February 2012.
In fact, businesses of all sizes have been shifting their marketing efforts toward Internet-based strategies lately – rather than traditional, more costly advertising techniques – to maximize their return on investment in this soft economy. Along with the custom-designed website and expert Internet marketing services, which will place your business at the top of a potential customer’s Internet search results, Pekofsky’s firm provides clients free website development and hosting. Top Ten Website Marketing uses only the safest search engine optimization techniques, and their customers truly appreciate the personalized approach, which includes one-on-one Internet marketing consultations, helping them develop a complete plan that fits their business’ needs and budget. Top Ten Website Marketing can also show how website design can determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. As a small business owner who runs a marketing firm, I hear all the time about the relationships that didn’t work out. Before you spend a penny on your marketing, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re ready, willing and able to listen to the person you hire. Understanding your communication style is very helpful when searching for a marketing firm. Keep in mind that the more time a marketing company spends with you, the larger your bill will be. As the business owner, your marketing firm is depending on you to answer questions, provide insights and in-house graphics, review material as it’s developed and give approvals in a timely fashion to hit crucial implementation deadlines.
Maintaining an awareness of the project timeline is an important element to successful marketing. Some people prefer to be very behind the scenes, letting their business be represented by logos and iconography, while other business owners want their customers to be able to put a face with the business name. When it comes to expertise, some business owners believe that sharing almost everything they know results in empowered, educated buyers, while other business owners are more close-lipped. If you’re an experienced business owner and tech-savvy, you may feel fairly confident about your ability to implement the strategies your marketing firm recommends using the tools they suggest. However, if you’re not as confident, you may want your marketing firm to provide a certain level of education and training for your team.
For example, a digital marketing team may be asked to teach a business owner how to set up a Pinterest page or update a LinkedIn bio.
One big problem that crops up in marketing firm-client relationships is when clients expect services that the marketing firm doesn’t actually provide. Understand what your team does, what they do well and when you’d be better served by seeking out another pro to handle your needs. Taking some tasks in-house or finding a more affordable third-party provider to handle those tasks can make the most of your marketing budget. Talk to your prospective marketing firm about the existing relationships you have, and ask about their willingness to work collaboratively. However, there’s no way to guarantee that your audience will respond the way you want them to. Jennifer Shaheen, CEO and President of The Technology Therapy Group, captivates business & entrepreneurial audiences by teaching them how the smart, strategic use of great Web design and social media marketing allows them to do less and accomplish more. Thank you all for agreeing with my point I have seen this way too often with turn-key marketing programs and it confuses my clients as to why I can’t provide a guarantee.
Especially online, surprisingly, some marketing firms are not aware that what they are doing is unethical. In the marketing industry, one of the biggest traps firms fall into, particularly small and medium-sized ones, is not giving enough focus and attention to branding. Every time the name of your business is heard, a set of thoughts and impressions come to light. A brand resides in a customer's mind depending on the kind of image you project, the logo, marketing message or tagline, and what other people perceive about your business.
Every time a customer comes in contact with your business through the company website, a business card, billboards or even an employee, the brand image speaks volumes. Successful branding can only take off once you establish certain rules and guidelines about how you're going to present your logo, what typography and colors you're going to use in your marketing materials and taglines etc.
Follow through with these guidelines and you will effectively start boosting your consistency and staying powerful in the market. Your marketing brand identity is literally the face of your company on all branding materials so ensuring that it is presented in a clean and distinct way is essential. Stick to consistency and put a limit on the type styles you use in your brochures, ads, signs and other marketing mediums.
Engaging your audiences through color creates an emotional bond and a lasting impression that stands the test of time. When it comes to investing in a logo design, it's imperative to consider these aspects carefully before settling on one.
Representatives from numerous print advertising companies may be beating down your door to tell you how you must renew your billboard or newspaper ads if you want to reach clients.
Although print ads have worked for a long time, today more people are turning to the internet to locate a service than ever before.

Unlike print advertising and billboards, online marketing will allow you to clearly track the results of your efforts.
SEO is the process of improving the on page factors of your website and increasing inbound links to improve site authority. PPC advertising is a form or advertising in which you pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads. Since many of us use social media in our personal lives, this is one of the first places people will try to launch a DIY campaign.
Taking the time to consider those questions can take you a long way in developing and effective social media strategy, even if you are new to social media for business.
Although content marketing has become a hot topic in the past year or two, it originated in the early 1900s. Simply put, content marketing is when you create educational content that helps the buyer understand your product or service during the research phase of the buying process so that they are likely to return to when they are ready to make a purchase. Regardless of the content format you choose to use, the key to successfully using this strategy is making sure that you are offering value to your audience. Although inbound marketing may seem a bit confusing, taking the time to implement an inbound strategy will pay for itself time and time again. If you have the time and patience to learn about online marketing, it is something you can do for yourself. If you are not willing or able to devote a lot of time each week to promoting your firm, you would be better off to enlist the help of a professional. Yes we actually offer free consultations to all of our potential customers and even those who decide not to work with us will take away a ton of actionable information from the consultation that will help them to improve their website and online presence. And for Top Ten Website Marketing, a leading provider of search engine optimization and local internet marketing services, the transition is keeping them busy helping small- and medium-sized businesses grow their businesses.
With this all-in-one package, you are guaranteed to grow your customer base and show a strong return on investment. Top Ten Website Marketing works with companies to demonstrate how to effectively use their limited marketing budget to drive business with pay-per-click management and other Internet marketing techniques, rather than traditional (and more expensive) advertising techniques such as print, radio or television. They specialize in creating “search engine-friendly” websites that will land you at the top of the list when performing an Internet search.
Some people prefer to communicate with their marketing firm very rarely, communicating primarily through emails and scheduled meetings. Do you want them to generate creative ideas for you, or do you want them to implement ideas you already have? In the progression of a long-term relationship with a marketing firm, some of the creative concepts are firm-generated while others come from the clients.  The best ideas are often collaborations.
You need to think through how you’re going to integrate these qualities into your brand messaging. Be aware of what your needs and expectations are, and communicate them to your prospective marketing firm. However, do make sure everyone knows how to work together to support your overall brand and message. You have really thought about the small business owner and what they already have and the value a marketing consultant should provide.
It seems that most companies give out these guarantees thinking that they can win more business.
You need to be able to do your part to make the relationship work and communication is key. I think a good approach is to create goals and milestones, and a contract that allows you to break out of the engagement if you’re unhappy with the delivery a certain milestone.
A brand doesn't have to be some mysterious treasure that's only accessible to the rich and famous of the business and marketing world. These impressions directly influence the kind of outlook customers will have towards your products or services. It forms an ideal perception in their minds with regard to your unique products and services. All it takes is knowing the type of brand image you want to project, and where your target audience is coming from. Ask your designer to select ink colors that confirm with the Pantone Matching System, which is compatible with almost all printers. Say, if you're looking to convey a traditional tone, you're best off using a serif typeface. Dare to be different and stand out from your competitors by using color schemes that complement the personality of your business. If you are a criminal defense lawyer, you may want to keep a phone book ad so that inmates can find and call you, otherwise, taking your marketing online is the best way to reach clients in 2015. According to the Lawyer Marketing Blog, more survey respondents said they would use the internet to find an attorney than print or word-of-mouth referrals.

If an online marketing channel such as social media is working extremely well for your law firm, you will be able to clearly see it and if it is the weakest link in your online campaign, you will be able to see that as well.
Search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media, and content marketing are the most popular options though. As a matter of fact, a recent survey by Hubspot indicated that 90% of businesses using inbound marketing saw a return on their investment. The result of this is that your website will appear highly when people search for the services you offer.
Facebook and LinkedIn show ads based upon other factors you select such as audience demographics.
While actually posting on various social sites is similar on business and personal accounts, effectively marketing requires more insight into your audience and a more detailed strategy.
John Deere was actually one of the first companies to leverage content marketing in their guide that offered practical advice for farmers. If they come to know you as the “go to” resource for advice, they are very likely to come to you when it is time to buy. If you would like to speak with someone about which methods may work best for your site and how to get started, schedule your free consultation today with me!
Either way, I encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation so we can show you where your site stands and where it could be with the right marketing strategy in place. For each client that signs up for Top Ten’s search engine optimization package, it is offering free custom website design and website development (a $1,000 value) that will give you the Internet presence that your business needs to succeed. But if you’re not willing to even consider something different from how you’ve always done it, you’re wasting your money paying for someone else’s new ideas.
Other people want more time from their marketing team, expecting instant availability and response to calls, emails and tweets. If you like instant communication and the firm you work with has a more laid-back approach to answering calls and emails, it will be a difficult working relationship to maintain. You need to know what your preferences are and communicate those preferences to your prospective marketing firm. The team that might create fantastic signage for your store could be a total flop when it comes to event marketing.
The best sales campaign in the world can be useless if there’s a major blizzard the weekend of your sales event. But it is better if you know the marketing methods and outsource the particular methods without the guarantees. Mainly because an agency sees them on a daily basis, and most clients aren’t aware of them. There are always situations where something comes up, and you need to have an urgent discussion. In outsourcing, it’s vital that the communication is as clear as possible, and communicating too often or spot checks as a product of stress cloud it up.
This gives you a bit of a guarantee that whoever is on the other side is focused to reach the goal, and a bit of space for the agency in an off-chance they miss the expected goal, to provide you with insight on why that happened and suggest adjustments. The road to marketing success starts with building a recognizable brand design which revolves around a creative strategy and something which lands trust and inspiration in the hearts and minds of customers everywhere. Digital marketing has proven to be a highly effective method of reaching your ideal client more often.
The near real time tracking will allow you to optimize your spending and focus on channels that drive the highest ROI for your firm.
If you use a combination of those advertising methods it is often referred to as inbound marketing. The goals and budget of your law firm will determine which marketing channels you should be using, but here is a bit more information about each of the methods.
If you are a personal injury attorney in San Diego, a good SEO strategy would make sure you show up first when people are looking for personal injury attorneys in your area.
All of the platforms determine the cost you will pay per click based upon the number of people competing to show ads to the same people. Great marketers will present you with tactics and tools that have worked well for companies similar to yours in the past, as well as their own creative approach to implementation. There are several additional factors that can influence pricing but generally speaking, more competition equals higher prices. Can I sign up for a free consultation even though I’m in a completely different field?

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