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More than 15 years significant experience in Internet, design, marketing and interactive technologies.A  Background includes founding of six startups and three current companies. How newly merged firms create their new brand identity can provide some interesting insights into cohesion (or lack their of).
As designers and strategists, we are always interested in how firms align (or don’t align) their brand strategy with a new business strategy. The logo for the newly formed company represents each Towers Watson’s employees’ personal commitment to its customers by “putting their names on the line” with a personal signature of the company. Perhaps PwC’s brand evolution speaks to the future of consolidated brands, where simplicity and unity is most valued. Founded in 1948, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom is one of the largest, most prestigious, and highest grossing law firms in the world.
We recently came across an interesting article in Accounting Today that examined the expansion of accounting firms, noting specifically the growing trend of “expanding any way you can” across vertical and geographical markets. It is impossible to ignore the increasingly important role that content is playing in B2B marketing, especially for professional services brands.
The pace of M&A activity has not slowed down in recent years as many firms look to mergers to achieve growth goals.

Almost sixty years later, on March 1, 1934, Towers, Perrin, Forster & Crosby opened for business in Philadelphia. The identity is a combination of a strong, pragmatic word mark and an approachable signature symbol. Both firms were headquartered in the Midwest, founded in the mid-20th century, and, at the time of their merger in 2012, each boasted over forty offices nationwide.
Overall the new brand identity puts forth an image of modernity, a company that is changing with the times. And consulting firms of all sizes are trying to keep up, broadening the scope of their offering (often through acquisitions) to meet the increasing demand for technology solutions and services. Significant market research, prospective and marketing expertise including experience in different therapeutic areas and accounting.
Here, we have created a visual history of the logos of some consolidated firms as they originally were, and the subsequent logo that was created after the merger or acquisition.
The organic, hand-drawn nature of the logo and graphic system creates a personal and distinctive look amidst the impersonal, corporate, language of its competitors. It is straightforward and accessible – to a younger generation and clients across the globe.

Despite its long title, or perhaps because of it, the firm is often referred to as just ‘Skadden.’ Their logo, much like their brand history, is simple, straight-forward, and concise. The way in which firms choose to create their new brand identity can provide some interesting insight into the cohesion (or lack there of) of the separate businesses and cultures coming together. The new, simpler, more concise logo reflects a more solidified and united corporate brand, which has truly merged to become its own entity, no longer holding onto the identity of past partners.
The color red evokes passion and strength in this context, an appropriate color for one of the world’s most powerful law firms. Not only does the logo mark exude of feeling of approachability and personalization, it seamlessly integrates both “T” and “W” to reflect the joining of two brand cultures and identities in a natural and fluid way. The CLA logo reflects this balance, as it is a clear modernization of the separate logos and joins both brands in a new color scheme and layout.

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