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Jeff Beer (who was stolen away by Canadian Business late last year) is nominated for his article on Shaw Communications takeover of Canwest TV properties and again for a piece on the Globe and Mail redesign, as well as for his profile of Sid Lee as Agency of the Year. Senior editor Jeromy Lloyd is nominated twice, once for his piece on Miles Nadal’s ambitious plans for MDC and again for “Checking out check-ins,” his insightful explanation of the hot topic of geo-location marketing. Frequent contributor Chris Powell also made the list twice for articles written for Marketing: his farewell profile on the retiring Hugh Dow and again for his exploration of the ways Canadian newspapers are leveraging social media. Here at ECHO we believe that purpose should underpin everything that a brand does. We were invited to participate in Marketing's series of Brand Design Essays for the October edition of the magazine. ADVOCACY OVER ADVERTISING- The surfeit of advertising media means it is no longer possible for big brands to dominate channels.
ShowMe™ and Your Business Magazine, Africa’s finest SME magazine, bring you some of this magazine’s top notch content right here on our site. If you find out where your customers play online, you’re halfway there in terms of achieving your marketing goals. While complaints are the extreme case, your social media campaign can also be hindered by inconsistency in the tone of your brand persona.
Patel says that the key thing that business owners aren’t currently doing enough of is analysing the results of their digital marketing.
Going deeper into your analysis means really examining click-through rates, and deciding whether the clicks are converting to sales, or followers, or whatever your objective points towards.
Perhaps a last piece of advice is to make sure that whatever you are driving people towards is worth their effort. That will include work for the agency’s current clients including General Motors, Mondelez, William Grant & Sons, MasterCard and Wendy’s. Momentum chairman and CEO Chris Weil added that what a brand does today “is more important than what it says” and that creating experiences is a major growth area for brands, and in turn agencies. Lewis has more than 12 years of experience working with brands such as SAB Miller, Telus, Nike, Ferrari, RBC and Wrigley. Lewis is the latest in a string of new hires at MacLaren McCann Canada since Leonard joined the agency in April 2015. That includes the hiring of Mary Chambers in the role of chief strategy officer at the agency, Darren Clarke in the role of creative creative officer, as well as creative directors Scott Johnson and Chris Duffett, and media director Stefanie Kraupa.

The company also noted a handful of new business wins in recent months including Trillium Gift of Life Network, Niagara Tourism and PowerStream. I wrote the article that formed part of this double-page spread advertorial in Inside Business Magazine.  The aim was to attract both new corporate sponsors and also corporate spectators to the professional basketball games. Rogers Publishing has rebranded and relaunched Canadian Health & Lifestyle magazine, the digest magazine it purchased from Merit Marketing in April. The publication’s content now focuses on small adjustments readers can make to improve their lifestyles. Canadian Health & Lifestyle, which has a circulation of roughly 400,000, covers topics from health and beauty to food and fitness using practical tips from Canadian experts.
Currently published quarterly, Jones said the frequency will increase to six times a year in 2013. The relaunch of the print publication coincides with the creation of an iPad version of the magazine. Around the time Rogers Publishing purchased the book, Rogers Media senior vice-president of sales and marketing Dale Hooper said at an industry conference that women represent one of the main consumer groups Rogers is trying to better connect (the others being sports fans, entertainment lovers and news followers). The fall issue features a cover story on Citytv’s Breakfast Television co-host Dina Pugliese—a self-described “spicy, loud Italian who loves to laugh”—and her career path, family values and how she keeps her life balanced. Its website is set to be overhauled as well to coincide with the Winter 2012 issue, said Jones. Wilson Awards – Canada’s most important business press awards program – were announced last week and Marketing received 13 nominations; the second most of all magazines entered. Kristin Laird received nods for her profiles of the Toronto International Film Festival and HBC as Marketer of the Year, and again for her article “Crisis Talks,” dissecting various high-profile PR fumbles from last summer. 25 “Cool in the City” issue and again for the final issue of the year which featured the senior team of Sid Lee posing for the second consecutive Agency of the Year photo.
Finally, while Beer may no longer be part of this team, his place has been filled by Alicia Androich who made the list herself for an article about ethnic consumers she penned in her previous job with Canadian Grocer. If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”.
Consumers are readily attracted to the accessibility of their light often completely neutral flavour, which is easily combined with a wide range of mixers to create refreshing, long adult drinks.

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It makes sense that marketing has evolved together with these mediums; and that digital marketing has become as necessary a channel as traditional print advertising or television.
Once you’ve figured this out, you can assess which is the relevant technique for your business – bearing in mind that the digital landscape is broad with many tools on offer.
Again, as you would with traditional marketing, know your touch points and target group, set desired outcomes and gather market research to find out which mediums they prefer – i.e. Patel says that some sites have 1000 pages, and analysis will show that only five of these pages are being viewed. Launched last week, the iPad edition will provide sponsorship opportunities to advertisers starting with the Winter 2012 issue, which Jones said will be in-market Nov. If your objective is driving people to a touch point for example, Patel says the obvious step would be to set up a website, mobi-site or Facebook page.
Presently, approximately six million South Africans access the web from their desktops and 13 million via their mobile phones – with a three million cross over. It is estimated that this will climb steadily to at least eight million (via PC) and at least 15-18 million (via mobile) by 2015. Patel says that social media is the equivalent of a free customer relationship management (CRM) programme.

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