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Cadillac’s Chief Marketing Officer believes in hydrogen fuel cars as the future of transportation.
Cadillac’s Chief Marketing Officer considers hydrogen fuel cell cars as the future of transportation because they make their own electric power. Some of you don’t know this, but fuel cell vehicles only work if the hydrogen they use is in gas form.
Uwe Ellinghaus used to work for BMW, a company where he spent 15 years and which developed a combustion engine that ran on hydrogen. Enter your Direct Marketing News registration email address to receive a password reset link. Please take a moment to tell us a little more about yourself, so we can bring you specialized content that’s most valuable to you.
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On September 26, Bow Valley College welcomes Alberta Culture Days for the first time on campus.
For Hana Taleb Imai in the CEIIA, this provides a great opportunity for developing external relationships with the city community. The College will be hosting guests including famed Albertan novelist, Aritha van Herk, much to the excitement of Kelley Wadson from the RGO Library and Learning Commons. Alberta Culture Days started in 2008 as a means to showcase the talent and depth of the province's arts and culture initiatives and communities. The RGO LLC will host a Human Library that will allow visitors to learn more about the background and culture of living books. The Iniikokaan Aboriginal Centre will host a Smudge Ceremony by the Cultural Resource Elder.

Bow Valley College's West Campus will officially open its doors on April 1, 2015, having closed in the wake of the 2013 Alberta Floods. The long anticipated renovations and repairs have now been complete, and BVC staffers will be allowed to move in on March 29.
Originally built in 1962, the West Campus will be a brand new home for Connexion Carrière, TOWES, Directions for Immigrants, and the recently announced Alberta Aboriginal Construction Careers Centre, located on the second and third floors of the building.
In addition, the College is excited to announce West Campus will also play host to the Imagine Health Centres medical clinic, which will provide family physicians, physiotherapy and a pharmacy for the public, and BVC learners and employees. Construction project manager Robert Majamaa has been involved in the building and redesign of all BVC Calgary campuses since 2006.
On June 5, 2015 President Sharon Carry and VP Anna Kae Todd were adopted into the Blackfoot Confederacy as honorary members. Anna Kae Todd was also honored with a Walking stick and the name Aah Bee Nis Kim Aah Gee (White Buffalo Rock Woman) from Peter Strikes with a Gun (Elder from the Piikani Nation). The ceremony which took months to plan was very well attended by Close Family Members, Friends, Faculty and Staff. As far as current electric vehicles go, Uwe Ellinghaus considers they make no sense in the context in which the majority of electric energy is produced from fossil fuels. All the world needs now, above a broad range of fuel cell vehicles available for purchase, is an infrastructure for refilling. Currently, BMW is testing FCVs that work with hydrogen gas and has even developed a specific tank that can store more hydrogen.
After about twenty five, possibly even thirty years of Honda telling us exactly that with every new concept car they do which uses hydrogen has the tech got to a feasible point? Through the collaborative efforts of the Intercultural Centre, the Iniikokaan Aboriginal Centre, and the RGO Library and Learning Commons, the College was awarded a grant to host as a Pilot Celebration Site for this year's celebration.
In 2013, the province hosted over 1,450 events that highlighted areas of arts, heritage, cultural diversity, and provincial pride. Learn about samba dancing, enjoy the music of the erhu and guzheng Chinese instruments, and enjoy the performance of Lion Dancing, and Aboriginal Dance Demonstrations.

Participants will get a chance to explore different dimensions of culture, and how they take shape in different parts of the world.
The Smudge Ceremony has always been part of First Nations and Metis way of life, and this is the way Elders have taught to give thanks, and cleanse.
The West Campus was one of the last buildings in downtown core to reopen after being damaged during the flood. Sharon was presented with a Traditional Blackfoot Headdress and the name Knee Baah Daah Bis Skeen Knee Maat Skee (meaning lifelong educator) from Leonard Bastien (Cultural Ceremonialist and Elder).
The Iniikokaan Aboriginal Centre hosted the morning event followed by a traditional aboriginal feast. Since hydrogen has specific safety requirements, an extra pump at regular gas stations isn’t enough, because the gas needs to be stored at an extremely low temperature to maintain its state. It will showcase both talent from the College as well as community in the areas of Brazilian dancing, Aboriginal dance, and Chinese Lion Dancing and instrumental performance.
In the afternoon, the RGO LCC will host Albertan novelist, Aritha van Herk, for an engaging conversation on her writings.
Areas of culture that will be explored include food, clothing, jewellery, natural beauty techniques, crafts, and food.In the afternoon, the IC will continue to host its Communal Table, while also offering a viewing of the film Babies, a documentary on the life of babies from different areas of the globe. This provides an opportunity for the Iniikokaan Aboriginal Centre to share Aboriginal Peoples' Ways of Knowing through ceremony with the college community.To conclude the day, the Aboriginal Centre will host a discussion on issues and impacts surrounding residential schools in Alberta.
The legacy and effects of the Indian Residential Schools are part of Canadian history, and few Albertans know of their existence.

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