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El marketing mix es uno de los elementos clasicos del marketing, es un termino creado por McCarthy en 1960, el cual se utiliza para englobar a sus cuatro componentes basicos: producto, precio, distribucion y comunicacion. El producto es la variable por excelencia del marketing mix ya que engloba tanto a los bienes como a los servicios que comercializa una empresa. Establecer correctamente nuestra estrategia de precios no es tarea facil y tal y como se ha comentado anteriormente, todas las variables, incluido el precio tienen que trabajar conjuntamente y con total coherencia.
En terminos generales la distribucion consiste en un conjunto de tareas o actividades necesarias para trasladar el producto acabado hasta los diferentes puntos de venta. Gracias a la comunicacion las empresas pueden dar a conocer, como sus productos pueden satisfacer las necesidades de su publico objetivo. Sin duda a lo largo de la corta historia del marketing, el concepto de marketing mix ha constituido uno de los aspectos de mayor importancia en el ambito estrategico y tactico. Unete a mi comunidadRecibe los mejores articulos de marketing, estrategia y ventas en tu correo.
Social media can broaden your scope of business, keep you in contact with current customers, and reach potential new clients. This live-virtual series is the most comprehensive social media certificate course available.
Our sales and marketing professionals take a strategic approach to promoting your property through careful analysis of target markets, development of innovative programs and monitoring of results. In addition to PSS, Grandeur Management believes in taking advantage of every brand training and marketing initiative made available. Our front desk associates are considered an extension of our sales department and receive ongoing reservation training with the goal of converting more inquiries to sales.
Sales and Marketing is a critical part of a results-oriented strategy that drives consistent, above-average revenues to each of our hotels.
We identify, recruit, and orient top sales professionals to achieve and exceed revenue goals.
Our philosophy of building strong hotel sales and marketing teams and our commitment to support their efforts at the corporate level give Grandeur Management hotels an edge and contribute greatly to their success. While each flag brand is responsible for driving marketing efforts, Grandeur Management actively participates as full brand partners.
Grandeur Management places special emphasis on a strong and effective sales and marketing department. The sales and marketing department works closely with an in-house graphic artist to provide cost effective, full-service graphic design. In managing the sales process at Grandeur Management, we believe in a heavy emphasis on direct selling and outside sales calls.
Quarterly Power Sales Meetings to keep our teams energized and focused featuring renowned guest speaker. Marketing is defined as a process of communicating with an audience in order to inform them about various products or services which would be of benefit to them. Social media is not the “new kid on the block” anymore, but it is one of the newest DM strategies. Online press releases are very similar to the traditional ones, but the audience is much larger online. All the different tools that are used to make a digital marketing campaign work are futile attempts if there is no way to track the efforts to find out what is and what is not working. These are just a few of the tools that are available to build a successful digital marketing campaign. NetLZ is a digital marketing company that specializes in digital marketing for small and medium businesses. Companies have used social media marketing as a marketing tool to market their products and services but as to the question of whether it has been utilized effectively depends on the results. Social media marketing helps in building the brand name of the company, and establishes the company as an authority in the market. The companies become ubiquitous in term that they are found everywhere by the customers and anyone, anywhere can access your social profile, check out some of the user reviews and the latest product updates you’d posted there. A presence in social media would necessarily mean that you are going to get flooded with rave reviews; chances are a higher visibility will net you a few negative comments or reviews.
Social Media in the industrial manufacturing industry is still in its infancy, but it is growing as more companies recognise the potential benefits.
Social Media gives you the opportunity to build your brand, connect and build relationships with your customers, suppliers, prospects and partners, as well as improving your SEO and driving traffic to your website.
We think it’s important to remember that your audience uses social media personally as well as for business, so personal preferences come into play.
The one essential part of a successful social media campaign for your industrial manufacturing company is a blog.
No matter the size - startup business, small and medium sized enterprise (SME), or large corporation - marketing and sales are critical to every companya€™s success in the market place.
Too often, particularly in smaller and medium-sized enterprises, sales is performed in an untargeted and opportunistic way and good money is unnecessarily spent on suboptimal mass advertisement while there is no clear marketing and sales plan and no marketing and sales strategy in place. In a highly competitive market environment, professional and cost-effective targeted marketing and sales, based on a clearly defined marketing & sales strategy, is essential. With a strong focus on startup companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, Skywave Solutions helps clients to develop their marketing and sales strategy based on cost effective marketing and sales plans that are optimally aligned with their market opportunities and tailored to their individual needs and budgets. Please contact us for more information on our marketing and sales planning services and integrated business solutions or for a free initial consultation.
Estas cuatro variables tambien son conocidas como las 4Ps por su acepcion anglosajona (product, price, place y promotion). Antes de fijar los precios de nuestros productos debemos estudiar ciertos aspectos como el consumidor, mercado, costes, competencia, etc.

La variable del precio nos ayuda a posicionar nuestro producto, es por ello que si comercializamos un producto de calidad, fijar un precio alto nos ayudara a reforzar su imagen. Podemos encontrar diferentes herramientas de comunicacion: venta personal, promocion de ventas, publicidad, marketing directo y las relaciones publicas.
En mi opinion sigue siendo un instrumento basico e imprescindible y debe seguir estando en el corazon de toda estrategia de marketing. En la distribucion, la comodidad de compra del cliente es un punto clave, por ello es necesario elegir los canales de distribucion en base a sus preferencias.
The program thoroughly covers the core competencies required for businesses to generate revenue using social media.
This training is reinforced with an ongoing sales shopping program so that ongoing training and support can be followed through. This training and shopping service is done through a company called The Hotel Shopping Network. To ensure sales and marketing efforts are appropriate, given highest priority, and reflect our corporate culture of excellence, Grandeur Management provides strong corporate support to hotel marketing departments through our Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Area Sales Supervisors. Our policy of corporate superintendence does not undermine hotel initiative but supports it. We invest in sales and marketing initiatives that unleash the full communication power of both interactive and traditional sales and marketing tools. Together with important online selling resources, industry reports, and a state-of-the-art sales data management system, we take full advantage of data mining to target, create, measure, and track our sales and marketing communications. The department handles all advertising including direct mail, print media, radio, television and billboards.
It is an effective means to increase ROI by helping improve a site’s ranking in the SERPs so that traffic increases on the site. It is rapidly growing to be one of the most popular strategies since recent changes have made it possible to track ROI and engagement. Press releases as well as industry related articles are online publications which are written and optimized and then distributed to various websites that are the best suited to the brand; or the sites that are the best match for the target audience. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to incorporating digital advertising into the campaign. There are presently several different analytics programs which can offer extensive details into how a website is performing. Each business and website is different and every campaign must also be uniquely designed to reach a specific target audience with the business’ message. Yes, quite a few have jumped onto the social media bandwagon without understanding the need to utilize it effectively. Building a profile in the most followed social media platform is not going to cost you much.
You can use the platform to interact with other users and increase brand awareness and gain higher visibility.
By making it easy for others to communicate with you, you can answer all queries and issues promptly. Though at the onset it seems to be costless, the resources are to be paid to create the profile, update it and answer to the queries posted by clients, on regular basis.
It is possible for the employees to leak out information through the media and if you don’t check the profiles several times, you could find out that some of your latest news have been pre-released, resulting in more negative press.
Whilst Facebook may not be an obvious choice, it is still the largest network and we consistently record click-throughs to our clients’ websites from Facebook; however, Twitter and LinkedIn are often more successful in terms of driving traffic to sites. We ensure your company has a presence on all the popular social media sites, giving your customers and potential customers the very best opportunity to access information about you and your products. This fresh content is essential for giving people a reason to visit your website on a regular basis. For B2B companies, the use of press releases is a very valuable part of the marketing mix, adding to the overall brand in the conventional print world - and in the digital space where good coverage also has significant impact on SEO. Together we have built a successful profile on the internet against key phrases relating to our market. Las 4Ps del marketing (el marketing mix de la empresa) pueden considerarse como las variables tradicionales con las que cuenta una organizacion para conseguir sus objetivos comerciales. Por tanto el producto debe centrarse en resolver dichas necesidades y no en sus caracteristicas tal y como se hacia anos atras. En ultima instancia es el consumidor quien dictaminara si hemos fijado correctamente el precio, puesto que comparara el valor recibido del producto adquirido, frente al precio que ha desembolsado por el. Es necesario trabajar continuamente para lograr poner el producto en manos del consumidor en el tiempo y lugar adecuado.
La forma en que se combinen estas herramientas dependera de nuestro producto, del mercado, del publico objetivo, de nuestra competencia y de la estrategia que hayamos definido. Sin embargo es necesario dotar a las 4Ps de un enfoque actual, de un enfoque basado en el protagonista, el cliente. Son preguntas que se planteaban en el siglo XX, donde el producto era el protagonista del marketing y su enfoque estaba basado en la oferta. En la actualidad ya no es viable fabricar el producto para posteriormente intentar venderlo, si no que es necesario estudiar las necesidades de nuestros clientes y desarrollar el producto para ellos. En cuanto a la comunicacion el cliente ya no quiere que sea una via de un unico sentido, donde los clientes simplemente se limitaban a escuchar.
Students acquire real-world experience as they learn and develop a social media marketing plan for an actual business.
Major consideration is placed on working with managers to better enable them to work with their sales staff. Marketing incorporates the use of a wide range of strategies to increase consumers’ knowledge of products or services.

The strategies work together in order to drive relevant traffic to a business (either online or off) and then convert a one time visitor into a returning, loyal customer.  Well structured campaigns may use any combination of a number of different strategies.
SEO specialists have to stay on top of the ever changing algorithms and updating done by the search engines in order to modify their campaigns to reap the greatest benefit. There are literally thousands of social media platforms available and businesses can benefit from different types based on the nature of their business.
Just like a traditional press report, they are the work of a journalist or editor who writes the content to help a business gain exposure for their brand.
Google AdWords uses keyword research and data to create ads which can be textual, banners or image based. Naturally, a few companies including Pepsi co found that this form of marketing remains effective only if the right market is targeted.
This will help in building up brand loyalty and will only serve to increase your target audience. Also, let’s not forget YouTube, which is extremely powerful and yet still under-utilised in B2B industries. If you are not sure what subjects to cover in your blog, don’t worry – that’s something we can deal with alongside your PR program.
Para ello es totalmente necesario que las cuatro variables del marketing mix se combinen con total coherencia y trabajen conjuntamente para lograr complementarse entre si.
Dentro del producto encontramos aspectos tan importantes a trabajar como la imagen, la marca, el packaging o los servicios posventa. No hay una unica forma de distribuir los productos, sino que dependera de las caracteristicas del mercado, del mismo producto, de los consumidores, y de los recursos disponibles. En la actualidad el cliente dicta las normas, por tanto la perspectiva del marketing mix se tiene que plantear desde la optica de la demanda. En un entorno social y digital como es el actual, los clientes forman parte de una via de doble sentido, donde son parte activa de una conversacion con las marcas.
Through the convenience of web conference technology, this virtual format meets with a certified instructor in real time.
Following careful research, strategic marketing plans are put in place for each property in the portfolio and reviewed quarterly. The goal of marketing is to present information about products to consumers in such a way that the consumer realizes it fills some need in their lives and they make a purchase. SEO best practices helps website’s rank organically in SERPs, drive relevant and valuable traffic to sites, encourages conversions and helps the website maintain its page rank. The most popular or well known social sites include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube. Advertising on Facebook can be so specific that certain age groups, genders and even those with special interests will see appropriate ads. In other words, a marketing blitz does not necessarily mean the same where social media marketing is concerned.
Moreover, once you set the profile up and link it to your website, you can get the word out about your products, services, etc. The releases are sent to a very large number of pertinent publications, and have good take-up. El director de marketing tambien debe tomar decisiones acerca de la cartera de productos, de su estrategia de diferenciacion de productos, del ciclo de vida o incluso de lanzamiento de nuevos productos. Dentro del marketing mix, la estrategia de distribucion trabaja aspectos como el almacenamiento, gestion de inventarios, transporte, localizacion de puntos de venta, procesos de pedidos, etc. En definitiva, toda empresa del siglo XXI que desee tener exito, tiene que plantearse trabajar en un escenario donde el cliente cobre protagonismo ante el producto, en las estrategias de marketing mix.
The interactive classes, focused sessions, small class size and personal instruction create a worthwhile educational experience. Marketing dollars are carefully allocated and accurate market segment tracking is reviewed to assure that the monies are being spent wisely. Digital marketing is simply using digital strategies to communicate business specific information to an audience in order to illicit a response.
The way social media contributes to a digital marketing campaign is that it offers an open platform. There has been lots of discussion regarding social media marketing, for the last couple of years. Ian’s enthusiasm for his craft is coupled with the readiness to help with other aspects of our marketing program where needed, and the giving of advice at regular briefings. In order to further promote sales and marketing, major national conventions such as HSMAI, NTA and ABA are attended regularly.
While some discuss means and ways by which these platforms, can be utilized effectively (FB, Twitter, etc.) the other segment is worried about the disadvantages to this form of marketing.
Companies are able to monitor followers on a regular, even daily basis while also keeping them up on the latest news or releases in their business. It is worthwhile to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing and find out what how beneficial or how problematic these can be.

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