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Carolyn Crummey is the owner of VirTasktic, an agency dedicated to providing high-level virtual services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 3 Team-Building Tips to Create an Active and Innovative TeamTo whom do you owe your success?
Reinventing the Family Business to Find Success in a New EraEveryone has their own reasons for starting a business.
You have probably seen this advice everywhere because social media is so prevalent in our society now that its difficult not to recommend it. Since most people search a particular business online first before actually going, having an elegant website is needed along with driving a massive amount of traffic there. There are a lot of different communities out there where you can get your business noticed. Don’t be afraid to ask for a partnership if you can offer something to another business in exchange for something from them.
Find bloggers that have a decent amount of followers and an article that relates to your business and comment on it.
Again, I want to reiterate that there are so many options available to market your business online. As i’ve mentioned a few times in this article, having a great website for people to find and look at is imperative. One of the many questions you will face as a business is the issue of having a social media presence. Not only that, but they boast some pretty impressive business case studies, such as Mercedes-Benz, Ben & Jerry’s, Taco Bell and Levi’s to name a few. This sounds a bit strange, to have an actual Instagram plan, but without one your business can easily get lost on IG.
Since the basis of Instagram is “instant pictures” find a way to add some spontaneous moments. Maureen Hochdorf is a creative content writer, specializing in SMBs, NGOs and Social Media.
In a world of micro-moment marketing, customers and prospects are seeking more bite-size content to consume.
Each month our partners offer small businesses special deals and discounts available for a limited time… along with some great ongoing offers. Duda is offering their biggest discount of the year on responsive and mobile website plans now through December 15, 2014.
To ring in the holiday season, Bing is offering a special holiday promotion with $100 in Free ads now through January 5, 2014. Get a custom designed logo for your company or other design services and save 12% with this special coupon code now through the end of November. With more than 100,000 opt-in journalists and a coveted relationship with the largest and most respected newswire, eReleases can offer your visitors a highly skilled writing team that will create and distribute captivating press releases specifically targeted at their intended audience and transmitted through newswire terminals across the country. For a limited time you can download your free expert guide to writing great online news releases plus Save 10% on your first news release with PRWeb. Now for a limited time you can register new domain names from Network Solutions for only $.99 a year!
RingCentral is offering several special offers on their on-demand phone systems (in addition to their free 30 day trial) that includes new exciting features include SMS messaging, Unlimited Call Conferencing, Automatic call forwarding and more! While many businesses strive to gain maximum exposure online, it is important to remember your local market. Many people turn to the Web to find a business and if it cannot be found, they are under the perception that the company does not exist. Even with the vast array of competitors, Google continues to dominate the market by contributing to 68% of search volume in February 2014 alone, according to comScore. Printed directory books are almost obsolete as there is a strong transition to online listings exclusively. While this strategy can tremendously help a business reach a local audience, it also holds the power to achieve the opposite. It is a largely missed opportunity if your online strategy is only enhanced for PC viewing. Every business is different and the process of “trial and error” is often necessary to identify exactly which strategies are best and worst for a specific company. 1&1, a global leader among Web hosts, provides companies with the tools necessary to get online and be successful. Pinterest  is an interesting one because its a great way to post details for free and people who want something specific to your business can find it there.

You want to create a blog on your site and from here you can ask bloggers with plenty of followers to guest write on your blog and vice versa. There are various other websites that you can post your information on for free like craigslist and mylot.
If you need assistance in creating this, contact the team at SDI for an amazingly responsive website. A key example is when the newspaper sales man comes knocking on the door wanting to do some lunch with you to help you decide what ads you need to post in their newspaper.I had a few failed ad campaigns before I realized that a huge giveaway saw bigger results than an ad for my specific market. If you’re not willing or able to give it the effort it needs, you really should think twice about creating an account. Just as any other avenue, Instagram is an extension of your brand, so it needs to reflect that.
Is your business ready to jump aboard the IG train and start posting some #Amazing business pics? With years of writing experience for both corporate and non-profit businesses, Maureen's expertise, combined with her writing, contributes to the overall marketing, branding, social media and public relation strategies of FaxNgo's online faxing service. They are looking for information that is quick, understandable and easy to act upon if desired. It’s the perfect opportunity to try a new service or resource to improve your marketing or business productivity.
Bing and Yahoo searchers spend 32% more than average internet searcher.* This translates to more sales for advertisers. Catch customers on the go and drive them into a store with ads on devices like smartphones.
Search advertising is one of the most effective marketing channels for small and mid-sized businesses. PRWeb is a great affordable way for small businesses to get their press releases distributed.
Now is a great time to extend the reach of your PPC ad campaign by trying out BING… a search engine growing in popularity. Browse through an extensive list of free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade magazines, white papers, downloads and eBooks to find the titles that best match your skills; topics include management, marketing, operations, sales, and technology.
This low price is a great way to stock up on domain names for your business or businesses (including secondary domains). Especially for those with a physical location, a local audience is perhaps most valuable to their bottom line.
In order for the popular search engine to place a high value on a business, the owner needs to position themselves in the mind of the consumer.
Location based check-in services, review sites, social media directories, and mapping services are great platforms for businesses to get their business known by the local community. Business owners need to stay aware of what information is being distributed and to what outlets.
If not optimized for mobile, visitors are forced to scroll, pan, and zoom extensively to see websites in their entirety. The layout and content of the site is then adjusted to fit the end users screen size and resolution for ideal viewing. These statistics will help determine elements like where most of your visitors are coming from, what pages they are viewing and overall website traffic.
With a passion for helping SMBs to get off the ground and become profitable, Peters’ goal is to eliminate hesitations of getting online and encourage SMBs to embrace all the Web has to offer including website design, social media and online marketing.
To help you in your marketing endeavors, I will go over some ways to market your business online for free. I recommend giving them a shot anyway and since it’s free, you don’t have to worry about losing any money. However, there are so many up and coming social media venues and others that have already become huge like Instagram and Pinterest that Facebook shouldn’t be the focus. There are many landing page template sites that you can use to create some great free ones on.
You should even join marketing communities to receive even more insight as to what you could do to increase awareness of your business. People love to see that their writing has been read, and what better way to show them than by commenting on it.
Discovering tons of people lined up at the doorway before the mall even opened, showed me exactly what worked for my business.There are so many marketing tools available that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the options. With brand engagement rates an all-time high, 4.21% on Instagram, you really should be asking yourself if it’s for you?

It’s become so popular to #hashtag on Instagram that it has even become a part of everyday life. Some great ways of displaying this is behind the scenes shots or teasers that fans won’t be able to see anywhere else.
Instagram’s the most engaging place on the web right now, be sure to benefit from its countless tools and promotion strategies.
Take advantage of these special offers while they last – and be sure to use links and coupon or promo codes below to get the special price, rate or discount.
For first-timers, we recommend Quicken Starter Edition 2014 as it is the most affordable option for organizing your finances.
Constantly developing algorithms are filtering out those that try to take “shortcuts” and favoring those that provide genuine value to a search. Therefore, business owners need to stay patient and give the process time to prove itself before adjusting the strategy. To achieve the best SEO, contribute articles and quotes to great media outlets or start your own blog. Inconsistency across platforms can do more harm than good as search engines will find it challenging to identify the business and properly rank it on results pages.
Changes to promotions or hours can then be adjusted in the centralized location and updated across all platforms within minutes. Specifically for local customers, a strong mobile presence will make it simpler for them to find your physical location while on-the-go.
If done correctly, a business can gain a competitive edge against those that have not welcomed this trend.
Take time to examine the options online and identify those channels that are best to be leveraged for your individual mission. Since most people tend to search more online now, it is safe to say that marketing online is a useful tool for small business owners.
Not only can you #hashtag items relevant to your product or service, you can now use #hashtag tracking tools to monitor the success of your posts.
The Detroit Tigers know all about having fun with their Instagram account, and the fans just keep coming.
No other social newtwork offers such a wide variety of tools to get viral, at least cause other platforms don’t have Zengram, ultimate automation service that can skyrocket your brand. Being smart with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will encourage a more prominent placement as well as both online and offline traffic. A regular stream of articles speaking to your expertise will attract your two target audiences: consumers and Google. This eliminates the need for multiple logins, outdated information, and neglected listings. Employing this in your online strategy can make a huge difference in getting found online by a mobile audience. If you have a free online marketing tactic that has worked for you, we would love to hear it.
Coming from a finance background I need to keep reading this stuff over and over to make sure that it sinks in and over rides years of thinking a different way!!
This is important to consider because a lot of marketing tools compliment each other quite nicely. For example, if you’re distributing a regular newsletter then an advertising exchange with a relevant business who also publishes a regular newsletter can double your exposure and increase your opt-in list.What are your goals for your business?
For example if you want to increase sales by 10% that’s very different than wanting to increase your opt-in list and will require different marketing tools and strategies.What tools have been successful in the past? The objective of any marketing initiative is to have a positive return on investment, even if that ROI is $1 that is the sign of a successful strategy.
I have so many different marketing tools I use I would not even know where to start to list them all. Rather than look for a new or different marketing tool optimize the tool you just used successfully so that your ROI continues to improve.
Choosing the right marketing tool for your business is a little bit guesswork, a little bit art and a bit of science and research.

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