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The research also observes a marked uplift in ad spend within the Far East & China region, fuelled by the dramatic adoption of mCommerce retail activity within China, and claims that the region is expected to account for 43% of global mobile advertising spend in 2019. Meanwhile, the research highlighted increasing concerns around consumer privacy, with advertisers keen to exploit ‘Big Data’ analytics to gain an insight into consumer online and offline behaviour, including purchasing patterns. It observed that when the device user’s information is shared for advertising purposes, without their prior consent, consumers may feel a violation of their rights has occurred. Programmatic advertising (which is the Real Time Bidding of advertising space) will drive the growth in digital advertising as the technology advances over the coming years. Video advertising is expected to see progressive growth due to the higher engagement rates of the medium. Addressing viewability concerns should be at the forefront of issues to tackle within the industry.
The whitepaper, Digital Advertising Gets Personal, is available to download from the Juniper Research website together with further details of the research and interactive dataset. Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, providing consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary. Tweet405 Share70 Share68 Stumble1 +117 EmailShares 561It’s thought that many organisations spend up to 90% of their marketing budgets on outbound marketing, despite the fact that it’s difficult to track and gives less return than inbound marketing. In the modern digital world however, it’s vital for an organisation to use inbound marketing, if it wants to get ahead and compete.
It’s thought that 86% of people now ‘suffer’ from banner blindness, which simply means that they don’t take any notice of promotional information contained in internet advertising banners. The ad fails to attract attention – every element of the ad should be attractive to the user, including size, shape, colour and more. The ad lacks value – in order to gain click throughs on the ad, it has to offer something of value to the potential customer. The ad doesn’t ask for the click – consider carefully what elements such as the CTA button (which you can add, even if the entire graphic is actually clickable) says to the customer.
It’s worth remembering that the text and graphical information contained in the banner should directly address your audience and a need that they might have.
Check out Selena’s article for a fuller explanation of how you can best craft a banner ad that drives traffic to your landing pages. Banner ads do still have a place, but you should consider that overall, banner ads now have a click rate of less than .1%, so it’s unlikely to be the best way that you can spend your marketing budget.
Your website will be crawled by the search engines more often as you post regular, fresh content and this will help the site’s online visibility. When it comes to who writes the blog, ideally, someone within your company should do this who has a good level of industry knowledge.
Remember, your blog has to cut through the rest of the ‘noise’ and stand out – that means it’s better to avoid 300-500 word ‘fluff’ pieces and really try and create content that is thoughtful and provides commentary on the industry that isn’t found all over the web. Define your goals – for example, do you want your efforts to return X number of leads per month.
Know your audience – you should develop and use buyer personas to understand who your audience is and where you will find them online.
Set up analytics – a large part of your strategy should lie in generating and using data to further understand how you can fine-tune the process to reach your audience and to remarket to them. Editorial calendar – this should be set up so that you can plan your blog and social media posts in advance, taking advantage of any holidays or dates where you can easily predict what your audience will be interested in. Promotions – will need to be planned in advance and campaigns set up, including keyword research and ad copy where necessary. Ideally, your strategy should be documented so that everyone that works on inbound marketing and content creation has a central template to work from.
It’s important that your inbound marketing efforts are measurable if you’re to prove ROI and maintain a decent budget allocation. So yes, of course you should measure and track web and social analytics, but you should also track metrics that “go beyond traditional website KPIs.” So think about who is engaging with your brand and how. Consider what you can track across every single marketing activity that your brand participates in. You should also look at how campaigns perform both in the short and long term too, so that you can get a more accurate overview on ROI.
It will also be necessary to perform competitive analysis to get a good overview on how others in your industry are likely to be performing when compared to your own brand. However, there are many choices when it comes to mobile advertising and initially, this can be daunting. Location based – you must take care when it comes to privacy and permissions with location-based ads, but it’s becoming more popular as companies such as Foursquare enter the fray. So before embarking on a mobile ad campaign, it will be necessary to put in some research to see which format might best work for your brand.

With inbound marketing, I consider it to be important to look at the whole picture and to approach it holistically. When done well, inbound marketing can be incredibly effective and rather than just send out messages to a somewhat disinterested audience – as outbound marketing does – allows a brand to build relationships that result in loyal customers, brand advocates and for the business itself, strong growth. A prolific technology writer, Kerry was an authority in her field and produced content for a variety of high profile sites in her niche. About XENWe help mid-large companies and government departments with their digital strategy, including SEO, SEM, social and content marketing.
Overall, the Indian media and entertainment industry is estimated to touch Rs 2,260 billion by 2020; consumption of online video content is up from 49 to 66 percent over the last year. In line with the trends seen in digital media across sectors, digital advertisement spend outperformed expectations in 2015, growing almost 38.2 percent over 2014 to reach INR 60 billion.
Television registered a 14.2 percent growth led by strong growth in advertising at 17 percent.
Digital advertising spends are increasing due to the increasing budgets to engage customers through the digital medium. Video has moved up the charts, driven by new launches such as Hotstar, much better monetization across platforms and high CPMs on premium content. With the growing smartphone penetration, content consumption behavior is now being driven by smartphones. Giving more insights on the digital advertising segments, the report states search and display continues to take the largest share of the market mainly driven by volume.
Another strong factor for the growth of digital advertising market is driven by the new found love for OTT video services. The video on-demand market in India is at a cusp of a meteoric take-off, thinks Gaurav Gandhi, Chief Operating Officer, Viacom18 Digital Ventures which joined the bandwagon of growing number of video on demand services in India with the launch of VOOT. This growth is happening at a time when the country has the slowest average Internet speeds in Asia Pacific. While these new platforms continue to grow and stabilize, YouTube is taking the lion’s share of video advertising in India. YouTube’s total viewing duration has grown 80 percent over the past year in India with 55 percent of YouTube’s watch time coming from mobile devices and hours of content uploaded from India growing by 90 percent. With such positive growth Digital advertisement spend per capita in India still continues to significantly lag behind global economies. Challenges such as ad blocking have increased by nearly tenfold to 181 million between 2010 and 2015. 2015 wasn’t a great year for publishers to rejoice across the globe, specifically US and Europe. Global publisher problem of Ad-blocking or ad filtering with the use of apps is yet to hit Indian publishers. According to the report to grow at 43%.Factors that are actively contributing to the growth include availability of wide array of smart phones and tablets across price spectrum. It argues that the ability of smartphones to deliver targeted, personalised and timely advertising – allied to the media-stacking trends amongst consumers – means that mobile advertising offers both high visibility and high response rates. It therefore stressed the need for consumers to be ‘opted-in’ to any data sharing to avoid both potential litigation and adverse publicity for the brands. Consumers have become increasingly resistant to outbound marketing, as they are exposed to it on a continuous basis. With that in mind, let’s have a look today at the key tactics and strategies that you’ll need to employ to ensure that you have inbound success. Whilst it’s true that many people don’t click on banners, others still do, especially when retargeting is used. Use your branding and ensure that if you use techniques like motion, that the CTA and central message remains strong.
Ask yourself why the customer would click through, based on what you know about your target audience. For the busy marketing manager, it can be difficult to find the time, personnel and budget to upkeep a blog however and that’s why many don’t utilise it to its full potential.
Further to this, a blog is a good chance to showcase industry and product expertise which in turn increases trusts and encourages followers to buy. It’s very common to see businesses blog about themselves only – offering information on awards they’ve won, or why their products are great. Despite this, in a survey 46% of executives said that they felt a “lack of effective strategy” was their biggest obstacle when it came to achieving their inbound goals.
Research has found that a documented strategy tends to make it easier for marketers to prove ROI. This means that it will be necessary to create reports that the company executives can refer to that show results. This means if you hold a Twitter chat, then you should track the number of tweets and retweets made during the chat. Social listening tools should be utilised so that you can pick up brand mentions and understand why these have occurred and from where. Most of you will already be aware of the necessity for having a responsive or adaptive website in the wake of Mobigeddon.

That means that if you dismiss mobile as a means of marketing, then you’re potentially missing out on a huge audience.
It’s thought that in the US alone, by 2019 mobile will account for 72% of the digital ad spend. Successful inbound marketing rarely relies on one channel, and is always looking for innovative ways to improve and considers strategy to be at the heart of the discipline.
Also a published author, she adored the written word and all things tech and internet related. These findings are a part of the recently released annual report on the media and entertainment (M&E) industry by market research and audit firm KPMG and lobby group Ficci (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry).
This is also backed by Continued allocation of spend from e-commerce companies and a significant rise in consumption of video on-line, a category that tends to attract much higher CPMs.
This category should continue to see significant growth till 2020 as more and more premium content is monitised on OTT platforms.
This has led to increase in mobile advertisement spends which has reflected a significant growth. While it is a true fact that 90% of households in India have a television set, still watching other content on laptops and smartphones based on individual choices has been a key trigger for increasing adoption and usage of OTT services. He further adds that the numbers already are substantial, but the next 24 months will drive this up manifold driven by much improved mobile data speeds, reduced data prices, fixed line broadband growth and large OTT services investing heavily on marketing and content.
Mobile data traffic grew 50 percent in 2015, driven by 85 percent surge in 3G data traffic.
YouTube continues to lead with maximum share of the online video viewership and online video advertising revenues, while other OTT platforms currently occupy only a small portion of this pie.
On YouTube, entertainment-related content (film, TV and music videos) continue to take the lions share, contributing 90 percent of viewership on the Top 100 YouTube channels.
While active advertisement blockers account for merely 7 percent of the total internet population, it is becoming a widely adopted practice by consumers to avoid watching unwanted content while carrying out their daily activities on the web. With digital reaching double digits in terms of users in the country, the industry has witnessed continued growth in views from social media and ad dollars being invested by businesses. The report is based on extensive research conducted by exchange4mediaand inputs from brands, agencies and the mobile ecosystem in India in September 2013.
Either way, the blog should be well written and well formatted to ensure that it’s fairly easy to read. Further to this, analytics play a vital role in allowing you to tweak campaigns in order to improve results on an ongoing basis. Or if you send out a promotional email campaign, then you should track how many signups or sales were made off the back of it. Marketing analysis is about analysing everything in order that you can further tweak your campaigns and understand where strengths and weaknesses lie and where improvements can be made.
So you’re aware that mobile is here to stay and that this means that we have to adapt our way of marketing online in order to reach all of our customers.
Not everyone still accesses the net on a desktop PC anymore; increasingly, people are using smartphones and tablets to carry out all manner of entertainment and productivity tasks. Besides Improvement in mobile broadband infrastructure, gradual reduction in the cost of internet and increase in smartphone screen sizes are driving consumers to shift their viewing preferences to mobile.
This growth is largely on the back of surging consumption of videos, with approximately 40 percent of mobile data traffic being driven by video and audio consumption. Education and health-related videos are growing and likely to be the future growth drivers on YouTube. It’s not enough to simply place them anywhere, they have to be placed on a site where it’s likely to reach your audience and it does of course also have to appeal to your potential customers. Always posting purely self-promotional blogs will not help to increase trust and is likely to bore your audience. If you don’t first plan out a strategy and understand how this is tied to your goals, then how do you expect to achieve or even define those goals? Keep it relatively simple and include other documents – such as buyer personas, style guides – separate or added an as appendix. And by 2018, it’s expected that digital advertising will finally surpass TV advertising in terms of how much revenue is generated.
According to the current growth assumptions, India is expected to be about 0.6 percent of global digital spend in 2015 indicating significant headroom for growth. Growth of mobile ad spends is also driven by small and medium businesses (SMBs), a segment which is not being adequately tracked. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t ever post a promotional blog, but they should be far less frequent than informational and educational blogs.

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