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Whether it's just getting a video converted and posted on YouTube or more complex video editing and processing needs, our editing suite and trained video specialists can deliver when you need it most.
With the advent of digital recording, Artists and Writers alike are making recordings of themselves at home. Whether background vocals need tightening, drum tracks need sliding, sibilance needs taming or the entire arrangement of the song needs to be changed, the Winterwood Recording Studios staff can clean up your tracks before you start to mix.
Turn around time: All audio cassette tape conversions are processed in house.
However, when converting from compressed format (for example MP3) to Audio CD or converting between compressed formats (for example MP3 and AAC), you may notice a reduction in the sound quality.A  For this reason, we are providing, uncompressed, good quality Audio CD as your original source of audio transfer with the very best results so that in case you want your music encoded in a different file format( such as MP3 or WAV), you can always import the sound from the original Audio CD source and encode to different file format anytime without sound quality reduction. We enjoy shooting music videos for musicians who create musical works from all genre’s. We operate multiple cameras and employ multi-camera music video editing technology which allows us to seem together as many scenes (9+) as necessary to bring to fruition any vision an artist or producer could have for their music video all prior to adding extras, and effects. We employ DSLR camera technology when we shoot music videos to ensure we get the look and feel the composition should have based on the temperature and the feel of the music.

2-5 day turnaround of the final product after all video shoots, video files, and audio have been obtained and stored on VizTV Media controlled storage devices.
This is an opportunity to develop and grow your career in an expanding, lively, active production company where you can gain knowledge every day.
Media and TV sales executive to handle the sales of the television programs, product placements, and sponsors.
I-deastv is one of the largest independent production houses in the Middle East region, with productions in LEBANON, KSA, EGYPT, UAE, and the USA. We can help with: Marketing for Arts and Entertainment including websites for musicians, websites for bands, websites for entertainers, websites for record labels, press kits, presskits for bands, press kit musicians, press kits for entertainers, press kits for musicians, EPKs, music EPK, electronic press kit for musicians, free electronic press kits, business card musician, business card musicians, e press kits, musician business card, epresskits, business cards for bands, business cards for musicians, marketing for agencies, promotion for musicians, promotion for bands, promotion for musicians.
There is no doubt that the equipment available today is capable of things that were only dreamed of back in the analog days but, occasionally, that’s not good enough.
If you want a simple music video production with 1 or 2 scenes, or want your video to feature text, animations, multiple scenes at multiple locations, lots of cool effects, or a mixture of excellence, contact us immediately by calling us at 713-443-7578 so can go over your ideas.
To honor and thank our men and women that serve our country, activeduty military and seniors, 60 and over, are eligible for a discount to be assessed upon booking **Note that smaller ceremony set up with 25 or less people can sometimes waive the need to get a permit at certain locations.

Editing is something home-brewed studios still have a tough time pulling off in a transparent manner. Full Officiant Services and 90 minutes of Photography  $595          Our most popular package when couples require little or no package set up. We are happy to file your marriage license back at the county clerk's office after the ceremony for official processing and recording. We are happy to file your marriage license back at the county clerk's office after the ceremony for official processing and recording.

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