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Last week we wrote a post about who handles your online marketing and explained what we think is the best option for small and medium businesses when it comes to online marketing.
If I had to estimate, I would say that 65-70% of our current clients have told me some sort of horror story about their previous online marketing firm, SEO firm, or web design firm. First off I suggest reviewing their portfolio (they most certainly should have one if they are a reputable firm). And lastly I suggest speaking with someone high up in the company, either a general manager or the owner of the company.
I know this is very difficult for business owners as they are very busy people, but make sure you stay on top of things. Beyond this if you have any questions about the work being done, I suggest hiring an outside consultant to see if things are done properly.
Unfortunately the only thing I can say is to learn from the experience and find a new online marketing firm, follow the steps above in choosing them, and hope that you make a better decision and learn from your mistakes.
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We Go The Extra Step to Help You Grow Your BusinessWhether you need a new website, want to launch a digital marketing campaign, or just need a consultant to talk to, we're here to help. OMG is een e-mailmarketing bureau met een bereik van bijna 10 miljoen opt-in e-mailadressen (zowel data-, als performance- als branddriven).
En Liftin Group cambiamos y reorientamos la inversion para que sea mas natural rentable y te ofrecemos diferentes opciones de Planificacion y compra de medios en funcion de tus necesidades. Los servicios de Planificacion y Compra de Medios estan enfocados a aportar rendimiento al negocio de nuestros clientes. En Lifting Group ayudamos a las empresas a ser digitales y a liderar el cambio y la implementacion de soluciones  a medida.
El email marketing es una poderosa herramienta con la que podras comunicarte con tus clientes. El auge del Inbound Marketing ha desfasado de la “moda” las acciones de Outbound marketing.
We will help you create an affordable strategy that is focused on results, not just traffic. All our services include monthly reporting that keep you informed in a language you understand. Whether you sell low ticket products or even high-priced professional services, creating an effective online marketing funnel can give a much needed boost to your bottom line revenue.
Before I dive into the nitty gritty details of creating an effective online marketing funnel, you first have to understand a bit about typical consumer behaviour. The reason being that buyers go through different stages before they’re actually ready to purchase something. As you can see, each stage is different and distinct, and prospects are looking for different information at each stage of the buyer’s journey. The biggest mistake business owners & CMOs make when building out their online marketing funnel is to talk to every prospect as if they were in the decision stage–pitch them on the product, pitch them on the product some more, maybe offer a discount, and then pitch them the product again!
Now, looking back at the buyer’s journey image above, what questions are your prospects asking at each stage? In other words, what information do they need to know in order to progress along their journey? Your job is to give that to them–at the right time–and facilitate their decision-making process.

So now you know that you have to provide your prospects with different information at each of the 3 stages.
You also have to create a quick snapshot of one or more of your ideal customers–their demographics, common problems & concerns, how they consume information, etc. If you have clientele in their late 50s as well as clientele in their early 20s, chances are they don’t consume information the same way. You may have heard of this before–a freebie, a cookie, a lead magnet, a downloadable guide, etc. Without free opt-in offers, your website visitors simply leave without any reason to come back.
If you can create a free eBook, checklist, excel document, video, or other that ticks off all 3 of these boxes, you’re well on your way to a successful opt-in offer. Now that you know how to create your free opt-in offer to start adding prospects to your online marketing funnel, it’s time to look at the technical side of how to create opt-ins on your website. While there are many ways to integrate forms on your website, I’m going to mention one method that really is better than the rest. Sure, you can use the basic forms that your email marketing provider gives you, but they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. For example, if your current form converts at 1% and you try out a test variation that ends up converting at 2%, you essentially double your lead capture rate. You can still use the forms provided by your email marketing platform, but you may need to hire a designer to make your forms look more appealing to visitors. Don’t forget to setup your autoresponder email to send out whatever it is that you promised your prospects–your free opt-in offer. You should now have prospects on your email list thanks to your free opt-in offer that you delivered with the help of ThriveLeads and your email marketing platform of choice. You have to now speak to these prospects and answer the questions & concerns you identified during the persona exercise in Step 2–provide content to help prospects move further along into the Consideration stage, and eventually the Decision stage where you can introduce your solution.
For more details on how to nurture your prospects the rest of the way down your online marketing funnel, read this article on lead nurturing.
If you do a good job when creating your free opt-in offer, you’re setting your online marketing funnel up for success.
Once you have your marketing funnel set up and firing on all cylinders, the next step is to measure and optimize. Are your nurturing emails doing a good job of providing answers to your prospects’ questions & concerns? At the end of the day, remember that your marketing funnel is simply to give prospects all they need to make their decision–your marketing funnel is NOT to sell blatantly. Instead, provide value and give your prospects the answer to all of their questions and your product or service will be the only ideal solution. AboutWebrunner is a Montreal inbound marketing agency that helps mid-sized businesses leverage the web to increase revenues. I’ve put together a few graphs to give you an overview of the online payment market in China.
Echo also posted a great article on the huge sales run by Taobao and their sub-brand Tmall. About the authorSamantha Wang is the manager at Nanjing Marketing Group, where she coordinates a wide variety of Chinese localization and marketing projects for Western clients. Alpiay also has some ways to protect sellers, such as when the deal made online, the buyer needs to confirm they received the goods within 15 days, otherwise, Alipay will transfer the payment to seller automatically.

CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Wij leveren e-maildriven conversies: van doelgroep naar lead, naar prospect, naar nieuwe klant, naar trouwe klant.
We doen dit al jaren in onze commissies, tijdens bijeenkomsten en door middel van onderzoek.
Y sobre todo estan pensados para obtener mayor rentabilidad, tanto efectiva en volumen de negocio como en insights cualitativos.
Your online marketing funnel is simply to open the door and give your prospects the opportunity to buy. Maybe your older clientele hangs out on Facebook while your younger clientele browses YouTube and Instagram. All of these things are used to fill your online marketing funnel with interested prospects. Maybe this worked in the past, but in 2016, you’re going to have to try a little harder. Great opt-in offers provide instant credibility (you’re seen as an expert), instant value (your prospects learn something new in just a few minutes), and your new prospects are a perfect fit for your products down the line! Opt-in forms are the door to your funnel, and without them, you won’t collect leads for your products or services.
Creating opt-in forms for your free offers literally takes less than a minute, and you don’t need any coding or design know-how.
With your lead to sale rate remaining the same, this small boost in opt-in form conversion would double your sales! Prospects have shown intent by downloading your giveaway, and the rest of the work relies on your ability to nurture your prospects through to sale, which you can do with content delivered via automated emails (again, read this article to learn how).
Through clever website design and proper inbound strategy, we'll increase your traffic, get you more leads, and help you close more sales. With that massive figure, and other promising trends in Chinese Internet usage, it’s clear that e-commerce has a bright future in China. However, compared to the total online transaction volume, it’s still just a small fraction. DDMA formuleert kwaliteitseisen voor het vakgebied en leden committeren zich aan de afspraken over integere commerciele communicatie. Un equipo de consultores especializado analiza la situacion en base a la estrategia, a los objetivos cualitativos y cuantitativos y busca el  mejor enfoque para conseguir el mayor ROI. Asi aseguramos un incremento en el rendimiento de su negocio, aprovechando todas las posibilidades que los distintos canales proporcionan.
Nuestros equipos plantean estrategias 100% pensadas y personalizadas para nuestros clientes, analizando desde el primer hasta el ultimo de los soportes propuestos para conseguir una efectividad REAL. Imaginal Marketing, IM Marketing Group, IM Marketing and Imaginal Design are registered trademarks of Imaginal Marketing Group since 2005. We use the Thriveleads plugin for all of our opt-in forms, and this plugin alone is responsible for doubling our lead capture rate since we started using it.
Note that this graph shows Chinese online payment companies only, so does not include PayPal.

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