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SocioCons are a set of Social Network and Sharing icons, which are completely open source, free to use for personal or commercial applications without having the need to give credits.
The collection is open source, so if you would like to make any additions you can fork it on Github. If you are a Facebook User, you can send me a Message through my Facebook Page, and get a response & solution super quick.
One of my favorite things about social media is that it's still such a young and new form of communication. Every day seems to bring exciting new studies as research shows us more about how social media is changing the way we relate to one another, share information and even form our identities. I've been collecting a few of these studies and thinking over how they might relate to making us all better marketers (and hopefully better people, too).
Most of us are familiar with that slightly uncomfortable feeling you get before you publish something new to the world---we've even written about it here.
These charts show the number of censored (in red) and published (in blue) comments and posts during the study, and where on Facebook they were made. Researchers theorize that people are more likely to self-censor when they feel their audience is hard to define. Marketing takeaway: We all want to know our audience more deeply so we can communicate with them better. We know that emotions can be contagious in person-to-person settings, but not much was known about whether emotions can spread in the same way online until one of the largest-ever studies on the subject.
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, used software to examine the emotional content of one billion Facebook posts over two years---particularly on rainy days, when the chance of negative posts was generally higher.
This chart shows the total number of negative posts generated by a day of rainfall within a city and in other cities via contagion (indirect). Using weather records, they were able to see that gloomy rainy-day emotions were transmitting through the Facebook network to friends who lived in places where it wasn't raining. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the right social media profile picture is worth its weight in gold.
Researchers used photos all taken in similar lighting, but with slightly different facial expressions. Study participants changed their minds about which of the two individuals pictured was more extroverted or trustworthy after seeing only slightly different photos.
The study showed that even tiny variances in facial expression in a headshot can lead to wholesale changes in the way the image is perceived. Another segment of 19% shares nothing online at all, and the percentage of those who identify as big sharers varies wildly by country. Marketing takeaway: Keep your expectations for social sharing of your content in line with your audience's norms. A study by Dr Stephanie Tobin from The University of Queensland's School of Psychology found that active participation on social media sites gave users a greater sense of connectedness.
In the study, researchers took a group of Facebook users who post frequently and told half to remain active, while the other half was instructed to simply observe their friends who were still active on the site.
At the end of the study, those who had not posted on Facebook for two days said the experience had a negative affect on their personal well-being. Another study had participants post to social media but made sure that they received no responses or feedback---those participants, too, felt negative effects on their self-esteem and well-being.
We've talked about the emotions that affect marketing before on the blog, and even broken it down by age and gender as to who shares how. In two side-by-side studies, some participants watched video clips designed to activate their emotions while another group watched neutral video clips.
Subjects in two related studies showed more willingness to share when they were in states of higher arousal. In both studies, participants were much more likely to share when they had been part of one of the "arousal" groups. The runners were more than twice as likely as the other group to email the article. Why? Marketing takeaway: Even more evidence that content that engages readers' emotions is more likely to be shared. When we talk about ourselves, the brain's pleasure center lights up in the same way it does when we think about food, money and sex. Studies have even shown that participants are willing to give up money in order to talk about themselves. It's not surprising that this drive is clear on social media---researchers have found that up to 80% of social media posts are announcements about people's own immediate experiences.
Marketing takeaway: The drive for all of us flawed humans to make it all about us is strong, no doubt.
It's so fascinating to learn from these studies and think about the psychology behind social media. I'd love to hear your takeaways from these studies, or if there's anything you've read recently that got you thinking big about social media's role in our lives. The system works by connecting to users Facebook accounts, it then collects information regarding the members geographic location and maintains access so that it can make announcements on peoples walls. With the recent economic downturn any system which brings people together and helps them saves money is a good thing, but I’m not entirely convinced this type of website is necessarily a good idea.

The strength (or weakness) of BRWWR revolves around the idea of pairing you up with complete strangers who may be able to lend you the items you need. The trouble with borrowing is inevitably people are mostly going to want to borrow valuable items (ones they cant afford), without offering any form of protection to ensure the items are given back to the owner (after all they aren’t renting the item). Twitter is useful for monitoring conversations around specific topics which are relevant to your industry.
In terms of keeping your account up to date with fresh content, the iPad is probably the mode most suited to accessing Pinterest on the move.
There are also tools and services to help you manage your Twitter and Facebook communities all from one dashboard. About the Author – Paul Roebuck is a uni student who likes to keep tabs on the latest in social media with his iPhone and new iPad rentals.
Social media expertise has become one of the hottest things to add to your resume as of late, especially with the development and integration of the various new platforms. The first three criteria are standard, especially with WordPress’ new release, which will sure to make the platform a much more viable choice for professionals. What bothered me was not the fact that the position had asked of me to market via social media by linking to the week’s great articles, but rather, the lack of option I had. Other social media networks, though, in my personal opinion are more corporate in their nature and use, such as Twitter (which has been used as an enhancement to customer support for many corporate companies) and LinkedIn. To sum it up: give me time to get to know you, like any relationship, before I talk about you to others. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. If you are still wondering why Google is pushing so hard with its new product Buzz, it is because it wants in on social traffic. What isn’t easily appreciated is the extent to which such social sharing is tied to different identity and authentication platforms across the Web.
To get a sense of which services on the Web drive the most sharing, I asked Gigya for some stats. It makes sense, people prefer to broadcast links rather than share them one at a time via email. Facebook Chat is also a strong option, making up more than half of all live event chats measured by Gigya.
Update: A broader view of sharing on the Web comes from Gigya competitor AddThis, which has its sharing buttons on more than 600,000 Websites. Facebook is an online social networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products. Twitter is a global social networking platform that allows its users to send and read 140-character messages known as “tweets”.
Gigya's Customer Identity Management Platform helps companies build better customer relationships by turning unknown visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers.
So, if you use any of the Sociocons, you must mention this page in the readme file for license info of sociocons. It feels too early to take anything as a given, so we're all experimenting, testing and learning together.
Even though researchers were focusing on negative emotional contagion, they found that positivity is even more contagious. A recent study published in Psychological Science discovered that we draw conclusions about people based on a given photo in less than a second (40 milliseconds, to be precise). They asked participants in an online survey to view and rate headshots on characteristics like attractiveness, competence, creativity, extraversion, meanness, trustworthiness, and intelligence. Consider repurposing some of the time you spend promoting your own content to joining relevant conversations where you can add value, opinions or fun. So we know that content that arouses strong feelings (like anger or awe) are more likely to be shared.
This study by Jonah Berger provides a theory: Emotional arousal activates our nervous system, getting us all fired up. In fact, we love it so much that Harvard neuroscientists say we can't help but share our thoughts---it triggers the same sensation of pleasure in our brains as food and money do.
But armed with this knowledge, marketers can work on our listening and customer support skills to build stronger advocates by talking LESS about ourselves. As with many recent social start-ups new users are confronted with a single question, in this case “I want to borrow…”, upon filling in the information the website will attempt to help the user find someone who will be willing to lend them the item in question.
Not only will BRRWR makes automated announcements on Facebook to help people let friends know they are looking to borrow something, but it will also help connect members with people in the local area (presumably only other users of the site) who may also be willing to lend them the required item.
Asking to borrow something from a friend for short term use in order to save money is certainly a good idea and not that much of an issue to do, but is there really any need for an App to post the Facebook message to your friends for you? Though personally I don’t think many people are actually going to be interested in loaning their possessions out to strangers.
By Freecycling members get to feel good about helping other people out instead of throwing stuff away, whilst someone else gets something they needed for free, so everyone is happy.

As a result this could end up being a real hassle for people who originally just wanted to help someone in their community out. It’s a gamble (for the site owners and users), though it  will definitely be interesting to see if this is a concept that will be well received by the masses. Keep an eye out for trending topics (by searching for particular hashtags with keywords related to your industry) and join in the conversation by tweeting your views and insights on the topic, and using the same hashtag. Pinterest is a highly visual service that’s based almost completely on single clicks, organising and sharing – things that are often done easily with the intuitive capabilities of a large touchscreen. And search engine optimization, once viewed as something that was handled by the computer savvy, seems to be intriguing even the most basic blog users. When I start a position, I do not want to be marketing for the immediately through my Facebook account; I would like to keep some distance and privacy because of the fact that the affiliation is only budding.
I find these two networks in particular to be great gateways and mediums for someone to market via their own personal account without compromising a whole personal network.
I thought these social media initiatives in the workplace were restricted to company profiles on Twitter, FB, etc. I’ve seen my friends going into their accounts and posting about deals or contests, and stuff like that. It provides its users with the ability to create a profile, update information, add images, send friend requests, and accept requests from other users.
It enables registered users to read and post their tweets through the web, short message service (SMS), and mobile applications.
If you are creating a theme, I will be really happy if you mention me in the your stylesheet header.
Here are the major findings of 7 social media psychology studies that will make your marketing smarter.
To find out more about how this feeling affects the way we publish updates to social media, two researchers at Facebook conducted a study on self-censorship (that is, the posts you write and never actually publish).
Users were less likely to censor their comments on someone else's post because the audience was more concrete. And remember: Just because you don't always hear from your audience doesn't mean they're not listening. Take lingering customer problems offline and deal with negative feedback swiftly in order to keep it from spreading.
Then all participants in both studies were asked how likely they would be to share a pre-selected article (or simply given the article to share with whomever they liked).
In principle it works well for small groups of friends or neighbors, but expanding the idea beyond that may prove to be difficult. If your business is new to Facebook, and you’d like to start growing your fan base, the first place to start is your friends and email list. Tools such as Radian 6 come in particularly handy here, as it allows you to search for what’s being said about a topic, idea, or even your own brand. However, if you’re new to the virtual Pinboard that’s taking the world by storm, it can all seem incredibly overwhelming, but you can actually use Pinterest to increase referral traffic to your website. Also because Pinterest is so heavy on photos and video, it’ll certainly lend itself well to the iPad’s Retina display. In terms of when and what to post, check out this blog post on the best times to post on Twitter on Facebook.
Also, these two platforms came long after Facebook, which had originally been seen as personal.
And with Yelp and such, sometimes kids are asked to login into their account to write rave reviews, or to go on other sites and write positive reviews about the product.
Comprehension questions at the end of each story make sure children understand social concepts. But I have to make a note here that I do not agree in using my personal Facebook account to blindly advertise. Twitter and LinkedIn, though, have a cleaner slate in the sense that they are not as wrought in the conflict of when to market and when to privatize.
It should be up to the employee to decide and even then there is kind of a conflict of interest issue I think…. Then, once your little community has started growing, start posting relevant and interesting content – links to articles, videos, infographics, and be sure to offer something insightful to say about what you think as well. You should consider buying one if you don’t have one already, or maybe check out new iPad rental options. Not only am I not paid, but I don’t find it fair for all whatever number of friends I have to read these daily updates of things that I have not written or even familiar with.
And while I do post links to my blog and occasionally to the companies that I work for (in this regard, I prefer to tweet; explanation seen further below), I approve of this practice given that it is an expression of my productivity, in addition to the fact that I have developed a relationship with the company to whom I am linking.

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