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Special 30% discount on any PowerPoint Templates by redeeming voucher code 30PPTOFF at checkout.
Add dynamic action to your work with this fully editable and professional Camera Film PowerPoint Template to complete all your reports and personal or professional presentations.
Our powerful templates are fully customizable to edit it according to your design requirements.
If you want, you can click “Settings” icon to adjust every audio and video parameter like audio codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel, etc. After the PowerPoint to video conversion is ready, run VideoPad Editor and click “Add Media” icon to import the output video.
Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). Yes, it seems that if your default printer is a network printer, when you're not connected to that network, Word crashes trying to find it (although why it needs to find it for inserting an equation is beyond me). Open the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Find MS Office 2013 > Select Change > Select Repair.
Unfortunately, neither repairing, nor uninstalling nor installing the x64 instead of the x86 version did work.
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Taking pictures or photos has visibly been a popular enjoyment way in our daily life, no matter it is a festival celebration or just for common day entertainment. Taking Christmas pictures or photos is not only a nice way to get a happier Christmas celebration for the whole family, but also retains Christmas happiness for future review. The PowerPoint to Video Converter can help convert your PowerPoint picture slides to videos. These two powerful software programs could both help you create Christmas picture videos you want, and, what is worth mentioning now is that they could be available at quite low Christmas specials, thanks to the big Christmas promotion campaign. This Christmas campaign contains three parts: a full scale Christmas specials just like programs mentioned here for all people, and Christmas giveaway and super-low discount product for Leawo Facebook fans. Obviously, you would get more this Christmas with your own creations, rather than celebrating Christmas only. Before you write off PowerPoint as good for making only slideshows, it's worth investigating more closely.
Save your time and your sanity; check out the PowerPoint tools and features you can use to make your own small business graphics. Social media and blog posts all benefit from great images, and combining photos with text is simple in PowerPoint. To add a fill color, select the text box, choose Drawing Tools > Format tab and choose a color from the Shape Fill box.
Combine photos and text in PowerPoint to make great graphics for tweets and social media posts. You can select all the graphic objects and then save them as an independent graphics file to use in another application. PowerPoint 2013 has five merge shape options that you can use to make shapes for infographics.
When assembling graphics, PowerPoint has lots of tools in addition to the Merge Shape options.
Save your graphics in a PowerPoint file so you can copy them into other slide shows in future where they will adopt the current theme colors. You can change how objects are layered relative to each other by using the Bring Forward and Send Back options.

When you color shapes using theme colors, they change color whenever you change the color scheme or theme. With a little imagination it is possible to create a range of blog and infographic objects inside PowerPoint. Helen Bradley is a respected international journalist writing regularly for small business and computer publications in the USA, Canada, South Africa, UK and Australia.
Do you have a comment or question about this article or other small business topics in general?
At Upturn, we secure debt and equity financing for renewable energy projects from local and international sources.
As with many infrastructure projects, capital intensive energy projects are often financed as stand-alone entities (Project Finance) rather than as part of a corporate balance sheet (Corporate Finance).
At the heart of the project finance transaction is the project company, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that consists of the shareholders who may be investors or have other interests in the project (such as contractor or operator). Upturn commences the financing process for your renewable energy projects with an in-depth review of your project and your requirements. This approach, along with solid financial analysis of your project and our established relationships with funding sources (banks, private investors, public companies, funds, agencies), enhances your project’s possibilities of securing competitive financing terms. Typically, we help our clients secure project financing for medium to large Solar and Wind projects (total budget of more than 3 million Euros) with very favorable terms. This Black colored template will be a great choice for templates on perspectives, media, lead, funny, fun, frame, film shooting, film production, film director, film, director, classic, circular, cinematic, cinema film, cinema, camera, block, etc. It has an interface that is quite similar to Windows Movie Maker, so it won’t be hard to get used to it. Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converter helps you to convert PowerPoint to popular video formats like WMV, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, VOB, etc. So click on the dropdown menu of “Profile” and then move your mouse pointer to “HD Video” and choose “HD MPEG4 Video (*.mp4)” from the sub-list as output video format for high quality. Then click “OK” to apply your settings or click “Save As” to save your settings as a new profile for future usage so that you don’t need to adjust the settings again.
I am experiencing a problem with the equation editor in Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 (also Excel). I think the problem might have something to do with Office 2010 wich was preinstalled on my PC when i bought it. Additionally, it doesn't work with the x64 version (but I have the issue - and tried to solve it - with both x86 and x64).
Well if it is working on another account, that there is some problem with your current account. So many festival pictures have been taken for merriment sharing, like Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, etc. Firstly you should make PPT slides with your Christmas pictures or photos shot during Christmas celebration and then convert PPT to video formats you want.
With this tool, you can directly create Christmas picture videos with your Christmas pictures or photos shot, no need to create PowerPoint slides. During the campaign, both the PowerPoint to Video converter and Video editor would save you up to 20%, only US $39.95. The giveaway would be held every Tuesday and Thursday while the super-low discount at every Wednesday and Friday.
Alternately, from the Shape Fill dropdown choose More Fill Colors to choose a fill color and to make it semitransparent. From the Choose Commands From dropdown list select All Commands and scroll to locate and add the following commands: Shape Union, Shape Intersect, Shape Subtract and Shape Combine. Use the Align > Align to Selected Objects option to align shapes relative to other selected shapes rather than to the slide.

We focus on medium to large projects (typically nominal capacity of 1MW and above) in solar and wind energy parks.
The main advantage of project finance is there is no or only limited recourse to the project sponsor's assets for the liabilities of the project. The SPV is created as an independent legal entity that enters into contractual agreements with a number of other parties necessary in a project finance deal. We work with you in structuring a successful project that will be well-received by reputable financial institutions. Download this stylish Camera Film PowerPoint Template Background instantly after purchase and enhance your productivity.
So you should further edit your PowerPoint slideshow with a video editor if you want it to be popular on YouTube.
You can easily edit your video on the timeline: trim, crop, add music, video clips, transitions or effects.
But, there is no doubt that the peak of festival pictures would arrive at Christmas celebration, the most popular festival.
Here, I would like to recommend two powerful discounted picture videos creating software programs for people who plan to DIY their own Christmas picture videos – PowerPoint to Video Converter and Video Editor. After conversion, you can review your Christmas celebration via video players or your personal computer. Moreover, this Video Editor provides more editing options for picture video creating, editing elements including effects, transitions, and tittles.
And because you're already familiar with PowerPoint, using it to make graphics will be quicker and easier than trying to learn new applications. Type a file name and click to save the image as a PNG file, which retains any transparency in and around the objects. In PowerPoint 2013, you'll find these tools on the Drawing Tools > Format tab in the Merge Shapes collection. To place the circle above the body, right-click and choose Bring Forward > Bring to Front.
Grouped shapes move and resize as a single object; use them when you need to center a group of objects relative to another object. If you want to build a library of objects that are "theme aware," do it in a slide presentation so that you can copy-and-paste the objects into another presentation in future. We work with you to determine the optimum financing structure for your project, based on the project itself, the participants and the financial conditions that prevail at the time of the project. Instead, Banks place a substantial degree of reliance on the performance of the project itself. Add your message or ideas to the pre-made PowerPoint Template and you're ready to rock at the work place. In PowerPoint the equation editor also doesn't work as it should but the PowerPoint doesn't crash, also i can see the equations (in Word i can't see the equations) but they look as if the encoding is not correct or something. Use Align > Distribute Horizontally to space the shapes so that their horizontal centers are equally spaced. Uplift your presentation backgrounds to the next level with our power-packed and classy collections of PowerPoint Templates. You can also add as many and different songs as you like to each picture or the whole picture video. Note that the order in which you select objects will affect the outcome of commands such as Merge Shapes > Subtract Shapes.

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