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GMS is among the very best for creative ideas and insightful marketing strategies to change your business.
I have called upon GMS to provide various web and design based services to several of my clients.
I moved my Web work over to Peter and Karl in November of 2007, after another firm I hired -“Dropped the Ball”.
Gonzo Strategies gives the medium-sized and small businesses of the Fort Worth, Texas area the tools to market their businesses effectively without draining their budgets. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Marketing online is still a mystery for many small businesses, so I recently did a presentation for Local First Arizona to help small business owners get a handle on the concept of online marketing and where to spend their time. Getting StartedQuestions to Ask• How much time doyou have?• How much budgetdo you have?• What kind ofmarketer are you?• What’s your niche? Search Engine Optimization• Local SEO• Websiteoptimization• Link Building– Directories– Guest blogging– Blog commenting– Forums etc.
Small businesses are looking at online marketing with more and more fervor, and this recent survey from Merchant Circle shows exactly how small businesses have been and are planning to market online. What I find most interesting about this is that the site most openly about advertising, Groupon, is the lowest on the list. Think of the survey as a guide as to what other businesses think are successful, but also as a guide to which markets are unexplored and exploitable.

Not acknowledging that the good will of your community and the word of mouth from satisfied customers is marketing, is a mistake.
Taking the time to create a marketing strategy for your local business can be the difference between just getting by and growing your business into a strong and vibrant part of your community.
There are quite a few people who own small businesses who aren’t even entirely sure who their customer is!
Take the time to get to know who the people are who choose your business, and who are the people you want to choose your business.  Doing this provides you with what you need to attract new customers and better serve your existing ones. So how do your separate yourself from the rest?  While you may provide similar services or products and be comparatively priced to similar businesses in the area, there are some small business marketing strategies you can utilize to set your company apart from the competition.   Read on to learn more about how to win over your customer base. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I value a relationship with a partner who is cut from the same mold.
The team at GMS have taken creative marketing and a solutions driven strategy to a new level.
In every instance, I have found GMS to be client focused, extremely responsive and cost and value conscious. As a start-up company or small businesses you probably lack the funds to compete on the grand scale of your big box rivals. Our “beyond the box” marketing strategies keep businesses like yours from throwing away money on ineffective and wasteful marketing.
This presentation will help you understand the elements of online marketing, such as SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, and then put together a plan to use them effectively to promote your company.

I will continue to use their services and recommend them to clients, associates and friends. Since then, GMS has become my one stop shop for marketing advice, graphic design, printing, website design and maintenance. I am happy to recommend GMS to my clients as a valuable resource and extension of the strategic services I provide.
They spruced up our logo, redesigned our web site, printed new literature, and worked smoothly with our people. One must be prepared to monitor closely or completely select, no commentary, because YouTube seems to draw the most inane comments, YT is (in)famous for this all over the web.
With GMS as our partner we can focus on our core business while they execute on our marketing strategy.
Karl Hofmeier and the team at GMS are a tremendous resource for companies that are seeking to grow their revenues and increase profits.

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