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When you think about great branding, large corporations probably come to mind like Starbucks, Pepsi or Nike. But branding is just as important for small businesses and most understand that it is essential to their business. Branding is a way of defining your business – your identity – which embodies your business values.
After developing brand guidelines, be proactive about monitoring how your branded elements are being used.
Compelling brands with a unique style and design that evokes emotion and relevancy are instantly recognizable.
As a small business, slice out your own identity and leverage your independent status to attract customers looking for more original offerings that are authentic and align with how feel about themselves.
Lauren Llewellyn is a Senior Account Executive serving several auto, transportation and manufacturing industry accounts in PadillaCRT’s Corporate and B2B Practices. You see, the question sounds so preposterous to a small business owner that it’s hard to know where to begin.
But did you also know that we have a big impact on the community?  The Andersonville Study of Retail Economics found that locally owned businesses generate 70 percent more local economic impact per square foot than chain stores.  Take that, McDonalds! So we work far more than most people, but we love what we do and we’re huge believers in our work. Fred Chu has been trying to get me to read this site for ages, and I never have time — because of my small business. I wanted to drop a note to say thank you for summing up our days, even though we have two, very different businesses.
Very sorry to miss you next weekend, Sifu, but my eldest graduates from college ( at very long last) out of town and we have to be there.
I have a small business and understand the value of time, if it were for sale it would be priceless!
Starting and running your own small business is a key way to get on the path to self-actualization.
I’m Sifu Anthony Korahais, and I’m living proof of the healing power of qigong and tai chi.
Our MissionI'm Sifu Anthony Korahais, and I help people young and old to discover the amazing healing powers of Qigong and Tai Chi. As small business the last thing you want to do is pay tax when you are struggling to sometimes pay the bills and expand the business! A key to this is having accurate records and cash management to know exactly where you are at – on a WEEKLY basis and to never get into a situation where there is inadequate funds to cover tax.- both GST and income tax. We see of businesses not maximizing their tax position due to poor books and record keeping. A lot of business leave the tax as late as possible after the end of the financial year on the basis that they have not the money or can delay things.
We have serviced many industries and are every familiar with the tax deductibility and income treatments specific to each. If you’re gross turnover is less than $2m you are able to claim additional business tax concessions such as accelerated deprecation under the SBE (small Business Entity rules). If you are a growing business we recommend at least quarterly meetings to review how your business is going and to forward plan any financial and tax matters.
Always consult your accountant before any major acquisitions whether it is equipment, property or business expansion.
In addition it is important that out have adequate cash flow forecasts to determine you cash requirements for the year. Robertson accounting has developed unique management reporting systems and statistics that your business can use that will results in ongoing solvency  and expansion.
I have been working a lot with aspiring entrepreneurs lately and the topic of small business funding comes up a lot. By now we’ve all heard of Kickstarter success stories – the Jeremy Lin story immediately comes to mind (I know, New Yorkers don’t want to hear about Linsanity, which is so over, but the producers got the movie funded heavily through crowdsourcing and now it’s set for a national release next month).

Similar to crowdsourcing, you can search for local entrepreneur forums near your area to find out where people with alternative funding needs can go to present ideas to high net worth people with “play” money just itching to get in on the next great startup.
Debra Wheatman is a certified writer and career coach who has guided the professional development of thousands of clients globally.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Business Plan for CreativesIf you are looking for a business plan youve probably found that most of thebusiness plans out their are aimed at big businesses, with sales projections fiveyears in advance. The Edenvale of my youth was a small town, almost rural.  There were no high walls separating us from our neighbours, and we would ride our bikes through the streets that were quietly suburban, with an absence of taxis taking aim at pedestrians. It’s changed a lot over the years.  It’s grown tremendously, with shopping malls springing up all over and business moving from Edenvale’s main drag, van Riebeek ave, to the surrounding avenues, buying up the houses because it was cheaper to pay a bond than to rent offices.
Because of its central location (we’re close to everything), Edenvale sees many out of town visitors, but in spite of its size and growth, we remain a neighbourly bunch.
You’ve most likely landed on this page through our Facebook Page, which leads me to assume that you live, or have lived, in Edenvale and, like me, feel somewhat strongly about this town. These small businesses and their owners are the mainstay of our local, and in fact our national, economic system. Take some time this week and stop at your local small businesses and thank them for what they’ve done for you and for our community. Small businesses see that branding makes strong connections, and understand that branding is not just a logo or how their business is perceived.
How effectively you communicate your brand can have more impact on your success than the product itself. Without defined guidelines for your logo, color palette, typography, imagery or voice, your branding efforts will lack consistency and direction. Quality graphic design in your marketing materials should exude professionalism and trigger feelings of reassurance to reinforce the value of the brand. All too often, big brands are burdened by bureaucracy, restricting their flexibility to react to changing needs. Lauren leads the Department of Rail and Public Transportation account, alongside Amtrak, managing various marketing initiatives targeting business and leisure travelers and college students through advertising, social media campaigns, sponsorships, and creative materials. Of course, I’ll be busy with lord-only-knows-what this afternoon before I start teaching at 5pm. As a new-ish (coming up on 2 years) fellow small business owner, I want to add that courage is a huge component. I strongly advise people to support their local business, with out them big business have a free reign . I created Flowing Zen because I know what it’s like to wrestle with debilitating back pain, clinical depression, anxiety, and fatigue. A huge obstacle to any great idea is the capital required to get something real off the ground. Putting your idea in front of a crowdsourcing forum is a great way to see if you have a viable product.
So with this in mind the Explainafide team have come up with afree Plan specifically designed for creatives and other micro-businesses on aminimal budget.A plan of attack is essential when youre in a hyper competitive industry like Art,Photography, Writing or Music.
1.)Write a simple budget of regular income you can rely on and the bare minimum you need to earn to live on.
The benefits of a defined brand encourage customers to emotionally connect to the same values, which leads to loyalty and advocacy. Avoid vague statements – your brand should be an enthusiastic reflection of what it stands for. Carefully crafted brand guidelines help to reinforce and maintain your branding characteristics as you roll them out across your company’s marketing materials. Keep in mind that every time you deviate from your brand guidelines, you weaken their power and association with a more unified branding campaign. Consistency gives companies the opportunity to become sustainable brands, build trust, recognition and greater profits, and invoke a feeling in their customers.

Also, when engaging your customers, allow them to unearth more about your brand themselves by creating some intrigue that will fostering ambassadors who will share what they discovered with others.
She supports the CarMax account, coordinating national integrated media campaigns, media outreach, grand openings, social media and creative materials. I'm offering a live, online version of the Flowing Zen 101 Workshop that I've already taught to thousands of people. It’s serious risk taking to work for yourself and create a locally-grounded business.
When you own a small business you can make your difference by navigating it into areas where you perceive needs, which in turn allows you to feel you made a positive difference. Sadly, for many great would-be entrepreneurs, the lack of funding killed great companies before it could even sell one widget. Sharing your potential for success with friends and family with cash sitting on the sideline is a great way to extend ownership of your idea to a willing participant.
How do you think you can improve marketability?Market position: Of all your competitors out there where do you see yourself fit in?
Many have been there for a long time, and in these economic times, it’s not easy.  Small businesses are the underdogs in the land of big business, they represent our dreams and remind us of the connection between family, community and business. In order to build meaningful relationships, get to know your audience – their needs, desires, struggles and challenges, why they purchase, and the channels they interact with. Lauren also manages digital strategy and content planning for Afton Chemical, including persona and message development and various product campaigns. I am here to tell you though that you can get funding for your business idea if you know who to ask. If your company isn’t going to be the next big thing but is expected to kick out solid free cash flow, you may garner interest. Lease: This may not be necessary, but if you are taking out a loan it will be important as it affects your cash flow. While these companies may be small, they have real branding needs – the market size is estimated at $50 billion. Then, think of your brand as a person, made up of stories, beliefs and purposes that define who it is. Lauren received a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications (IMC) and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from West Virginia University, where she concentrated her research efforts on branding and public relations. But so glad I did…and there is real job security when you are a) living, giving and working from your passion and b) providing a healing service.
Again, as long as risks are fully disclosed and your family member or friend can stand to take a loss under the worst scenario, you should be OK to broach this idea.
You would probably have to sacrifice a chunk of your company to that high net worth person you find to fund your company, but with other options that may be dry, this could be a great resource. Anticipated demand: How busy do you envisage yourself being?Pricing strategy: How are you going to compete on price?
Did you know that the highly successful business plan for Sun Microsystems was famously written on the back of a napkin (or was it a shoddy piece of binder paper?) back in the late 90s? Are you going to be thecheapest of the cheap or slightly above average but give better service to justify the extraprice?Market researchHow do you plan to research your market? Will this be done through extended familyand friends or something larger?Customer demographicsFrom your research what are your key customer demographics? I've already helped thousands to get results with these amazing arts, and I'd love to share my knowledge with you as well.

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