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Not only is Smashburger doing a phenomenal job at cooking up tasty burgers across the United States, but they’re also doing a phenomenal job when it comes to advertising their QSR (quick service restaurant) SMS campaign to customers. When you walk into Smashburger, the first thing you see is the sign below, instructing you as a customer to text SMASH to 21333 to join the Smashclub.
After purchasing a tasty Smashclub burger, the restaurant’s receipts also instruct you as a customer to text SMASH to 21333.
Smashburgers is doing a great job as you can see above in using all available in-restaurant advertising options, and is a great example for any QSR looking to start advertising their SMS campaign to their own customers.
Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. Below are six different brands using their receipts to advertise their SMS campaign to customers, which hopefully will give you some SMS advertising ideas for your own campaign. Now with every advertisers eyes being focused on results, Enterprise Messaging Services is the most powerful choice for communicating.just about anything.
Armani is doing a great job of incentivizing customers to opt-in, by offering them $10 off any purchase after they opt-in. I love how Armani didn’t just throw up a printed piece of paper at their register to advertise their SMS campaign. When making a list of the types of businesses that achieve the best results from SMS advertising, usually restaurants are at the top of that list. Below is the text message customers receive after they opt-in by texting APPLEGATE to 585858, which is displayed in the SMS advertising above.

This is a great example of a restaurant using SMS advertising to not only capture customers mobile phone numbers, but also drive awareness of their restaurant, as the opt-in incentive encourages customers to bring a friend.
It doesn’t stop there though, continue down the page to see more of how this QSR is advertising their SMS campaign in their restaurants. Want more examples of brands that are using their customer receipts to advertise their SMS campaigns, check out how Chipotle is doing it here, or even Ace Hardware here. We have direct connectivity of Telecom Operators with network of data vendors across the country which helps us implement our sophisticated communication approach via Voice Call, Bulk SMS, Emails & two way SMS (Push & Pull) within short span of time.
If so, we’ve got something special for you today, as we wanted to introduce you to the receipt. Check out this blog post on how Ace Hardware is using in-store SMS advertising to encourage customers to opt-in. Even though one can't strictly measure the response of an advertisement campaign, one can get a rough idea of its effectiveness from the sales that follow the breaking of an ad campaign, be it newsprint, television or radio. A whole lot of branding exercises can be done via messaging, with measurable response rates. How much faster can a brand expect their SMS subscribers to grow when they incentive their opt-in? This makes it easier for customers to quickly look at the SMS advertisement, and remember what the SMS keyword and short code are. By Armani spending both time and capital to create those vinyl letters, it conveys to customers that this SMS marketing program is the real deal.

To find out what these are, and where they should have put them, download our TCPA & CTIA compliance templates for SMS advertising here.
Giving potential mobile text club members and incentive to join, can increase SMS advertising opt-in rates by 520%.
More importantly though, we wanted to show you how you can use receipts as yet another place to advertise your SMS marketing campaign to customers.
Hopefully with the receipts above, and the Ace Hardware post, you’ll now have a bunch of SMS advertising ideas that you can use for your own campaign. While it’s almost impossible for a brand to create the perfect SMS advertisement without downloading and using our SMS advertising templates, I thought it would help the readers of this blog if I explained what was both good and bad about this specific SMS advertisement. It’s too confusing for customers to be told to text a word to a word, where texting a word to a number is much more understood.
The SMS advertising examples in this blog post include examples from restaurants, retailers, outlet malls, and many other industries. That way when a brand is ready to advertise their own SMS marketing campaign to customers, they’ll understand what makes a good SMS advertisement.

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