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Por tal motivo, el SMS es una manera eficaz y rentable para satisfacer la capacidad de atencion que es tipico de los usuarios de dispositivos moviles.
El SMS Marketing no es tan simple como el hecho de la difusion de mensajes de texto al azar a cualquier numero de telefono. La ventaja de la incorporacion de SMS en sus campanas de marketing es la capacidad de llegar a un numero extraordinariamente grande de personas en un corto periodo de tiempo. El SMS Marketing tambien puede ser usado para rastrear los habitos de compra de los individuos que optan por recibir tus mensajes, sin necesidad de software especializado para recuperar la informacion.
El SMS Marketing se logra a menudo mediante el uso de un servicio de SMS, que pueden difundir los mensajes y seguimiento de los resultados, cumpliendo con los estandares de la practica de la utilizacion de este tipo de Marketing.
Otras ventajas para el uso de la SMS Marketing incluye la posibilidad de llegar no solo a una audiencia nacional, tambien las audiencias internacionales. Los Mensajes tipo SMS tambien tienden a ser mas confiables y llegar a tu publico objetivo con una precision mortal, a diferencia de las campanas de marketing como banners y los medios impresos tradicionales.
On a slightly less expensive sms text marketing scale, bulk sms messages are sent out through the internet using SMTP technology, rather than directly through the phone lines.
Mobile marketing can be used for almost all retail operations, with the primary objective being increasing customer traffic, patronage and REVENUE.
SMS Text Marketing is for all businesses because the response rates dwarf those of traditional advertising.
However, just like all forms of communication, SMS marketing must be done properly to generate truly fantastic results. Here are the 5 most important considerations when creating an SMS campaign in the financial services sector.
Let’s get this one sorted out straight away: The regulations around SMS marketing are (despite popular concern) just as easy to follow as those for any other communications channel, for example email or social media marketing. Again just as with email marketing you must provide a simple and transparent way to unsubscribe or otherwise ‘opt out’ from future messages. And finally, just as with (you guessed it) email marketing, you need to state very clearly who the message is from. Of course within the financial services sector there are many areas of industry compliance, each unique to certain types of product or service. It seems pretty obvious to say that you need to send the right messages to the right customers… but cutting corners here is actually one of the biggest obstacles to SMS success. However, there is a cardinal sin in SMS marketing in the financial services sector which is born of the need to keep messages short: I’m talking of course about ‘text speak’. Finally, despite the short length, it is still important to include a strong start, middle and end to each text message. Sending a buildings & content insurance call-to-action following mortgage applications (and possibly pre-approval).
Sending remortgaging quotes as a customer’s existing fixed-term mortgage period draws to an end. Sending text messages to notify customers that they have received an important email or letter.

On that last point, it is worth mentioning that SMS messages are over twice as likely to be opened than email messages – the average open rate for email is 20–50% (and often lower for more promotional messages) whereas for SMS it is a staggering 98%! Talk to our experts about better timing your SMS marketing messages and strengthening your integrated communications. Finally, perhaps above all else, you need to make sure that you are not just barking at customers… you must be engaging them in a meaningful dialogue. Marketing planning focuses directly on customers and their needs and how to best meet those needs in a profitable manner. It seems like behind display advertising, SMS marketing has a strong market share (24%) when it comes to what ad agencies in the U.S. View all of the slides from the eMarketer Webinar: Mobile Advertising and Marketing—Key Trends and Benchmarks.
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Es importante resaltar que los usuarios de dispositivos moviles son dinamicos, utilizan Internet de una manera rapida, el interes es constante, no cuentan con mucho tiempo.
Es importante tener en cuenta los SMS siempre deben generar atencion del quien lo recibe, por eso se dice que la Primera Impresion es la mas importante. A diferencia del correo tradicional o campanas de los medios, los resultados de una campana de SMS tienden a realizar en un periodo corto de tiempo.
We like to inform you that our DNS TEL team has some qualified IT specialist who are skilled in SMS technology.
SMS text messages are sent by businesses to consumers, usually as a form of promotion or service. And at an average cost of five to ten cent per message, it will not drain your advertising budget either. No matter what size business you are, you can become a mobile marketer within hours and start using a shared short code. SMS Text Marketing companies such as us provide clubs the opportunity to send out a text marketing messages to every cell number they have collected. Our financial services clients’ successes with SMS range from shortened credit application processing to increased renewal rates and up-sells.
The types of messages, the timing and targeting of SMS campaigns are all areas which need forethought and careful planning. In other words, when you collect mobile numbers from clients, you must assume that they don’t want to receive SMS marketing messages from you unless they choose to receive them (for example by ticking a box).
It can be tempting to ‘get your money’s worth’ from the big data lists at your disposal, but actually you’ll get much better results (and keep unsubscribe rates as low as possible) by sending fewer messages to any one customer but ensuring that each is more relevant to them. It can also pay off to set up mechanisms whereby levels of engagement with different types of messages are tracked, allowing you to constantly update data as individual customers’ interests evolve over time. You can however send longer messages up to 614 characters by combining up to four SMS messages. If it doesn’t fit in 614 characters, you are trying to say too much or are using the wrong medium.

In other words you need an engaging attention-grabber at the start, a concise message in the middle and a compelling call-to-action at the end. Generally speaking between 8am and 8pm are considered ok, although early mornings, lunch times and evenings tend to catch people outside of working hours meaning a higher likelihood of engagement.
For example, if you are chasing a loan applicant for relevant documentation, you should allow them a reasonable time to respond on their own before sending the text message. Emails are great for sending longer-form content that just won’t fit naturally into text messages or that cannot be published online, but by integrating the two channels using a follow up SMS message we have seen email open rates increase by as much as four-fold.
The beginning of the process is always sound market information that is integrated into meaningful market intelligence. The following slide from a recent webinar from eMarketer does a good job of answering that question.
Se dara de cuenta que para hacer Mercadeo con SMS se debe tener una estrategia y ante todo no es hacer SPAM !!! Es necesario que la persona acepte voluntariamente recibir este tipo de Mensajes de Texto tipo Comercial. So we are so much confident to deliver any kind SMS solution like bulk sms, push-pull sms, web based sms service.
Utilizing our web based software, you can create a new message at any time of day or night, then send that text message out with a simple click of their mouse (a standard text message is limited to 160 characters; characters means letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and punctuation). The beauty of using SMS in the financial services sector is that mobile numbers are usually willingly provided by customers, so the data requirements are generally fulfilled quite easily. With regulations tightening around the marketing of financial services and products, the pressure to tread carefully can also add a layer of uncertainty for anyone approaching SMS marketing for the first time.
Secondly, some people just outright despise text speak (myself included) so using it will incense them rather than incentivise them! To reiterate the first point in this article, you also need to include simple unsubscribe options.
La mejor practica es que el Cliente llene un formulario escribiendo su telefono respectivo. We like to inform you that our Uttara Info Tech team has some qualified IT specialist who is skilled in SMS technology. A key element of the process must ensure that the next step and implementation conforms to the strategies and tactics. Esta es una forma valida de aceptacion para recibir ofertas y otra informacion de un servicio de SMS en nombre de tu empresa. So we are so much confident to deliver any kind SMS solution like bulk SMS, push-pull SMS, web based SMS service. Too many times, the creative process (if advertising is included in the plan) overwhelms the strategies, and thus the effort is less likely to succeed.

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