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Social media can broaden your scope of business, keep you in contact with current customers, and reach potential new clients. This live-virtual series is the most comprehensive social media certificate course available. If you simply build content without a plan for how this content will reach its intended audience, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Channel plans can vary quite a bit in complexity, but at Content Harmony, we define a channel plan as the breakdown of resources for how your content will be distributed and promoted once it has been published.
Our clients are entrepreneurs and marketers who are building successful organizations and are asking us to help them get to the next level.
At the same time, not all of our clients are digital marketing specialists – that’s why they hired us.
Your channel plan will be bigger or smaller depending on the scope of promotion for a specific project type. We will add in our budget for this and our other available resources – usually time required. Clients look to their marketing agencies to drive traffic, create business, and ultimately – generate sales. Once your channel plan is created, it’s time to create your social media editorial schedule.
Our free guide walks you through the process of building your own Minimum Viable Content Marketing Strategy in a single 8-hour work day.
This strategy approach covers the 12 essential questions you have to answer in order to properly document your strategy. We’re a content marketing agency based in Seattle, WA (but we work with clients across the country).
Panel of the world’s leading executives affirm comprehensive social media training plays a critical role in the global marketplace. Social Media Marketing University (SMMU), a leader in social media training, was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Best Training Site category in the 9th Annual International Business Awards on August 15. In addition to the International Business Awards, SMMU has been recognized by The Mashable Awards, Forbes magazine’s America’s Most Promising Companies campaign and the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG).
This year’s International Business Awards will be presented at a gala event at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on Monday, October 15, 2012. To interview John Souza, or inquire about speaking engagements or guest blogs and columns, contact Ty Mays at (770) 256-8710 or ty(at)smmu(dot)com. Social Media Marketing University (SMMU) is the world’s most trusted social media training program. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Below you will find 5 easy tips that will help make your marketing strategy that much more successful. There’s nothing that can hurt or help your reputation more than the reviews posted by previous tenants. Regardless of which websites you use to get your social media on, post relevant material and do it regularly. We understand how the social media work and can help you create buzz around your branding and products. Our team of thought leading social media marketing experts can help set the pace for social media. Social media can be a valuable tool to help build a community around your company and brand. We can help you create Facebook timeline brand page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn Business Profile, Google+ Business Page and Authorship, YouTube Channel and so much more. When high school students graduate and move away to college, they are suddenly faced with making new decisions – and buying new things. Most college students will like a company’s Facebook page and then unlike it after they get whatever giveaway is being offered. Once every couple of days, look at relevant local tweets, Instagram posts, or social media trends. Sign up below to receive free monthly videos, infographics, and whitepapers which will keep you in the know. Understanding social media’s great potential is just the first step in widening your online reach, however, what comes next is making sure that what you’re doing on social media is correct.
For tips on the right things to do when using social media for higher education, you can download our recent whitepaper on the topic by clicking below.
But, for an insight into what your university shouldn’t be doing on social media, keep reading. While it may seem obvious that you shouldn’t be swearing or saying inappropriate things on social media, it’s also important that your posts shouldn’t be overly negative, aggressive, insensitive or rude. Whether you’re posting a personal opinion on Facebook or responding to a complaint on Twitter, the tone and language of social media should always be civil, polite and appropriate.
Keeping a consistent tone becomes increasingly difficult to monitor and manage when your university operates multiple accounts across multiple platforms.
It may seem enough of a challenge to manage your university’s presence across several social media platforms, but this challenge can be further amplified when you have multiple accounts on each individual platform.
When drawing up a social media strategy, it’s therefore wise to plan for each of your audiences accordingly. It would be considered rude to ignore someone when they address you or ask you a question in person, so is it not equally rude to ignore someone that mentions you or contacts you on social media? Social media is a conversation-starter for you and your audience; think of it not as a megaphone, through which you can shout your messages to any follower who will listen, but instead as a metaphorical telephone. Not using a hashtag when posting on social media platforms that use them (such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+) could mean that the content you are posting is getting lost in the ever-expanding noise of social media.

Not posting regularly across all your social media channels will give the impression that your university has nothing interesting to say. There can be a temptation to post simply for the sake of posting; a temptation that needs to be controlled in order to keep your social media activity relevant and beneficial to your followers.
Make sure you’re getting your social media marketing right by downloading our whitepaper on best practices for higher education.
The program thoroughly covers the core competencies required for businesses to generate revenue using social media. The idea is to generate a plan that earns buy-in from clients, stakeholders, and team members on exact resources that will be devoted to promoting a project and prevents you from wasting valuable promotional resources.
Our plans and presentations need to be plain-spoken and legible for a non-industry expert to understand. Big content projects will require more channels of promotion, usually require a defined budget, and often involve multiple parties in the promotion effort.
You get a blank template, but also some examples of how you’d complete this channel plan both for an ongoing program and for a single campaign. In our case, we will start with our website and blog, and back up this promotion with Facebook and Twitter. Expecting a simple Facebook post to single-handedly increase sales isn’t realistic, so we have to measure success in another way. More on that in my next post, where I’ll show you how to auto-populate your social media calendar inside the same Google Docs spreadsheet as your website editorial calendar. She keeps our creative projects running smoothly and makes sure the rest of the Content Harmony team is pushing out grammatically and factually correct content. I found it through a simple keyword search and your template’s taken care of a couple of my major anxieties.
Entries were received from more than 50 nations and territories, and more than 300 executives worldwide participated in the judging process. Since then, the e-learning firm has provided social media and online marketing training to more than 85,000 entrepreneurs and business professionals around the world. Souza is available for interviews and guest blogs or columns and is available to provide commentary on social media trends, best practices and crises, and the impact of social media on breaking news stories.
Courses are taught by some of the world’s foremost authorities on social media and online marketing best practices, and the social media course curriculum includes interactive sessions and instruction on social media strategy, platforms and tools. It seems as if everyday you hear about a new app or website that is supposed to make your job easier and keep you connected with the world.
College students spend relentless hours on Facebook, and not surprisingly this is where they share their likes and dislikes. Now although Craigslist is generally known for buying and selling old VHS tapes and garage sale novelties, you can make quite the impact on your housing market too. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of updates per minute, so if you’re looking to make an impact, you must post your content throughout the day. We can create powerful social media campaigns that will help drive more traffic, promote your brand and establish your presence in the market place.
Working in close collaboration with you, we can help craft a unique social media campaign to drive more conversations about your brand and your products. You can use it to create a dialogue and direct conversations with your customers and clients. We will make it possible for you to join the conversation in the most effective way possible that allows you to talk to your audience and build a powerfully relevant following.
Where they once never would have considered which brand of laundry detergent was the cheapest but still managed to get their clothes clean, this is now a thought at the forefront of their minds. Make sure to display it in your storefront as well as on your website and in your own tweets. Share it!7 SharesSocial media has the potential to make your university brand look relevant, fresh and on trend.
This doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humour or even show an ever-so-slight bias towards your university or partners. Fortunately, social media tools, such as Hootsuite, allow a main administrator to access various social media accounts while at the same time limiting others’ ability to post without their approval. While it may save you time to limit yourself to one account per platform, not segmenting your different audiences tends to result in them finding your posts bland and, more often than not, irrelevant.
Use social media management tools and make time to tailor your posts and provide the best content for the right audiences. Not responding to mentions means missing an opportunity to better connect with your audience. Consistent, and more importantly, relevant hashtags will help followers and potential new recruits find and access your content easily. While it undeniably necessitates a greater use of resources to create and post relevant and interesting content every day, this is vital if you want your social media marketing to be effective. Your audience is following you because of its interest in what your university brand has to say on relevant topics; so don’t ruin this by giving in to your overwhelming desire to share another cat video, no matter how cute the cat may be. It’s just as beneficial to share repurposed and curated content that is still relevant to your audience.
Students acquire real-world experience as they learn and develop a social media marketing plan for an actual business. It’s important to develop a clear plan that will define these efforts for clients and stakeholders.
We add in our other resources like PR, email outreach and LinkedIn; plus some paid search opportunities.
Defining goals ahead of time lets us measure at defined stages of the sales funnel, which ultimately shows how well our campaign is doing.

SMMU currently offers 12 comprehensive course modules, certification for experienced or aspiring social media strategists and weekly professional development webinars. The program currently boasts nearly 3,000 graduates, and more than 85,000 business owners and business professionals have attended SMMU’s social media webinars. However, this can make the life of student housing companies that serve college students that much more difficult. Say for instance you’re talking about the upcoming University of Texas football game you can tag your post with #UTFootball. On your fan page you should do regular postings of your new specials, upcoming events, and show pictures of all the fun that your current non-residents are missing by not living at your community. Unless you’re marketing a brand new property, your property more than likely already has a review posted on one of these sites. Our goal is to help grow a loyal community and all the activities will ultimately lead to increase your sales and revenue. You can blog about your company culture, or post comments or upcoming event invitations on your Facebook page or promote your new product Twitter, the possibilities are virtually endless. We will also help integrate social media elements into your corporate web site so the visitors can share the content and help spread the word.
College students notoriously have less money than the rest of the world and are trying to spend as little as possible. This way, students will be encouraged to use the hashtag as well, and will spread the word to their friends, basically creating a social media database for other interested students to see what your business is all about. Say you own a restaurant and a student tweets about being hungry but not wanting to make their own food.
By making your business accessible, personable, and right up their ally, you will be sure to bring in more business from college students.
Not only can it drive student recruitment, but it can also increase your university brand recognition and reputation in the process. However, attacking other universities on social media – or responding defensively to criticism – can create a very unprofessional impression. This is because the posts that will interest your alumni will rarely be the same as those that interest your prospective students or your research partners.
Here again, automation tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck can be incredibly useful in helping you to schedule your social media posts for the week in advance. Through the convenience of web conference technology, this virtual format meets with a certified instructor in real time.
In this example, we define our metrics as the number of emails collected and the number of downloads via Facebook referral. How can you reach your target market if there are more than 100 different social media websites out there for them to use? Included in your fan page, you will have access to see the stats of your posts, followers and virality. In some markets such as San Antonio, there will be thousands of postings for available apartments before noon, which makes the odds of your one post being seen very slim. By using social media effectively, you will captivate your audience and create evangelists and loyal fans that will help you promote your products, brand and company. The more original and compelling content you post on your social media network the more likelihood that it will get shared by the site visitors and social media users. Where paper advertisements and commercials worked best for their parents, they now pay to watch shows without commercials and never pick up a paper. In addition, it can open up lines of communication for current and prospective students, staff, partners and alumni. Of course, original content is ideal and should be an integral part of your social media strategy, but it need not be the only part of it. The interactive classes, focused sessions, small class size and personal instruction create a worthwhile educational experience. For instance, you can search for #UT16 to find anyone talking about the incoming freshman class at UT.
If you’re not seeing the ratings you want, talk to your current residents that you know are happy and have them post their reviews on these sites to help boost your ratings and bring about a good reputation.
Pick two or three times to post different ads to increase your odds of being seen by your future customers. A growing new way to attract college students’ eyes is through social media advertising. Curating and sharing the content of others also helps kickstart online conversations and builds connections with other institutions and organisations.
Craigslist allows you to create your own advertisement and it allows you to post up to 4 pictures- a key component to a successful ad. So if your first 5 or 6 reviews are positive, then you’re more likely to see more traffic on your site and in your office. Think about what you would search for to find your post, and then include those keywords into your post. If you struggle with creative postings, there are other free sites like Postlets that will create professional Craigslist posts for you for free.

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