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Achieving video marketing success is sometimes seen as expensive and hard to do. Content creators are often disappointed with the amount of effort it takes to produce an online video versus the online exposure and visibility that it actually receives. Follow these 10 unforgettable but easy to implement video marketing success tips and you’ll be bragging about the exposure that this rich form of media is providing for you! I wanted to rank high for the keyword “Digital Marketing Company Columbus.” The content in my video was geared around this keyword. The process for getting a video ranked higher in Google search results can be faster than a website since there are less videos out there. During the video editing process; create a lower third graphic that is unobtrusive to the video content.
Additionally, include a link to your website in the video description on YouTube so people can get to your site by simply clicking on this link. For a real estate company, for a $100 budget, I was able to successfully drive over 2,400 views for one of their 30-second commercials. Additionally, more people will see the video, the more viral it will become which will result in more publicity. Typically, if one of my videos receives over 20 combined comments and “Likes” and also generates over 100 views, the more likely I am to see the video spike in the YouTube and organic search results.
If you are unfamiliar with creating a YouTube transcript, HERE is a great article that outlines the proper steps.
Did you know that when someone subscribes to your YouTube channel, your most recent video will appear on the homepage of their account! If you subscribe to other channels that are interesting and actively participate in comment discussions, you can easily build your subscriber base.
If you want to target your ads to the most, we have many to choose from, especially Google.
Logical point of intercession write, review these and a scientific article to share the work you do is very good. Thats all great advice, but what about the fact that using YouTube embedded on your website gives your customers the opportunity to go elsewhere from your website. If you would of added your keyword to the video file maybe you would of been more successful.
Think about your expertise – what are the questions your customers are asking you, what advice would you give to them? Product reviews, research findings and customer case studies all make excellent blog posts, and they don’t warrant a list of tips.
Blogs should be fun and easy to read, so don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your post.
So you’ve got a techie guy who has some powerful insights, or a member of the sales team who knows what questions your customers are asking?
The evolution of modern technologies seems to be increasing at an exponential rate, making it imperative for your business to have a presence online via digital marketing. Digital Marketing provides small and medium sized businesses a chance to compete with large corporations and get their share of the targeted traffic. Small businesses typically have extremely limited resources and capital, which is why it’s crucial to have a cost-effective online marketing campaign that will bring them far more targeted traffic than the old days of traditional marketing. Since the traffic that is getting to your site is targeted, the chances of them converting is higher than if they were just randomly appearing at your site. Of course, increased conversion rates will lead to increased revenue for your business, allowing your company to invest in other marketing campaigns that will further grow your business and make your presence known on the web. When people are on the hunt to purchase something, they usually are ready to buy right then and there. It is more important than ever and getting more important by the day that the sites of small businesses be specialized for mobile users. Once the ball gets rolling, you will begin to smile as you see the conversions and revenue increase more than ever, which will in turn give you an increased ROI for your marketing efforts. When people are reading through the material on your site, it’s important that you give them periodic calls-to-action to encourage them to solve whatever issue they are having. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Direct mail marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing channel for today's marketers, as it provides a straightforward and targeted approach to engaging and persuading potential customers. BEST PRACTICES GUIDE:Top 10 Best Practices for Direct Mail MarketingDirect mail marketing is an economical and effective way to communicate key messages to customers.Is your company getting the most out of its direct mail marketing campaigns? Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Those client conversations took me back to lessons learned from more than a dozen case studies we featured in Get Content Get Customers. If you haven’t read Get Content Get Customers, you can cut to the content marketing chase here with the following 10 top takeaways from our case studies. These takeaways apply to companies of every size, but will bring outsized benefits to small companies when they use marketing brains to outmaneuver marketing brawn. Only content that is intrinsically valuable to your customers will work as a core component of your content marketing strategy. You must have a thorough understanding of your customers and what is most important to them. A comprehensive content marketing strategy may completely or partially replace traditional advertising and marketing.

Great design adds significant value to content marketing by making it more accessible, more appealing, and more actionable for your customers.
Your best content marketing investment may be in the creation of a dedicated internal or external team that understands how to produce great content and that lives and dies by the success of your content marketing program. Get your customers to participate actively with the content that you create in print and online. Relevant and valuable content is just the first step in turning prospects or visitors into customers. What if your video could appear extremely high in the search engines and thousands of views could be obtained for an extremely low price point?
More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month and over 6 billion hours of video are watched every 30 days. I made sure that the keyword in which I was targeting was included in the title, description and tags.
Including the website URL that you’d like to promote as well as the phone number and logo is ideal for driving traffic from the video to the website that you’re looking to endorse. This will be the last memory the viewer takes away from your video so give them a reason to visit your website! Additionally, with YouTube advertising you can include a lower third message with clickable links. Similar to link building, if your video is picked up on numerous websites, the search engines will view this content as more powerful which can improve your organic ranking for the video. Just like a social media post, the more buzz that your video receives will result in greater exposure.
Since major keywords that you want to rank high for will likely be included in the script, this will provide SEO juice for your video.
The more subscribers you have, the easier it will be for you to gain publicity for a new video that has been uploaded. That being said, uploading your video to sites like DailyMotion, Vimeo and Break will be beneficial for added exposure. With affordable advertising and tremendous search engine exposure, this rich form of media will help you obtain more publicity. Some are long-term and some are just beginning, but they are what make us connect as human beings. Born of the Internet age, Mr Top Tips uses the same ancient formula handed down from his grandfather – the pen and paper list. In an information-overloaded world, tips blogs satisfy our desire to find out all the information we need in the shortest possible time. Then do your research – it’s no good writing a blog post that has been done a million times before. First decide what your goal is: are you promoting a new product or service, highlighting an example of your work or reporting on an industry newsworthy topic? Think about what level of knowledge they will already have – the key with any top tips is to offer real advice, that doesn’t patronise your audience.
People are looking for interesting, thought-provoking, useful posts, which will add value to their lives. Perfect for drilling home your key points, infographics not only make your blog look pretty, they create shareable pieces of content which can be used on pictorial social media sites – Pinterest, Flickr, etc. Make each word count: every tip should have a purpose – a piece of advice a potential customer could action.
Not only are small and medium sized businesses trying to keep up with all the technological advancements, but the same can be said for the rest of the human race.
Small businesses now have the ability and resources to perform sales and marketing processes that in the past have only been available to big business.
This will open doors to bigger, better, and farther reaching markets not only locally, but globally. If they come to your website through Google, or a link from social media, or perhaps a serendipitous event, having a nice looking website that is easy to use and navigate through will only encourage them to make a purchase on your site. Building authority and establishing a good web reputation is important for the longevity of your business. You can then invest that money further into your company for future endeavors and campaigns. Hopefully, that will involve them using your product or service in the process, but the fact that you are encouraging to do so on your site, will only prove to be beneficial in motivating the potential customers on your site. Straight out of a Sci-Fi film, we are expected to have 24 billion gadgets by the year 2020. Download your free best practices guide on direct mail marketing and learn how to make the most of your direct mail marketing campaigns. Here are 10 bestpractices to guide you to a successful campaign.Direct mail marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing channel for today’s marketers. If you do not understand the problems and challenges that they face, you cannot hope to create content that is truly relevant to them. Such a strategy can be both more effective and less expensive than doing things the old-fashioned way.
They enable you to reach out to your customers with precision, offering carefully targeted messages that are totally under your control. Whenever possible, use your own company’s products or services to prove their worth to your customers.

Begin a conversation and keep it going in order to earn your customers’ loyalty and trust. Uploading your video to YouTube will instantly get your online video content seen by the masses.
Within 30 days, I was able to get this specific video ranked #2 in the organic search results.
Sites like Vimeo cost money to sign-up for but depending on your wants and needs for your video, it could very well be worth it. Follow the ten steps above and you’ll see your video skyrocket in the search engine rankings in no time! I’ve gone after some pretty competitive terms and was able to achieve page one organic results within a 4-6 month timespan. But unlike his predecessor he’s virtual – he lives in a blog, which makes him smarter, faster and all round whizzier. So, here are my top tips for making your top tips original, engaging and above all shareable. It may sound obvious, but name your blog something that someone would search for on Google – don’t overload the title with fancy words or clever puns. Is there a new product, colour or lifestyle trend, which you think people could do with some advice on? But don’t go overboard; just because you’re celebrating 100 years of business, doesn’t mean you should have 100 related tips. But remember the aim, you want people to think you know your stuff, but that they need help, they need to buy your product or service.
Digital marketing provides business owners with the tools and techniques they need to make their company compete, survive and even thrive.
It’s important that we utilize all the tools we have access to right now in order to keep this race a close one. Instead of sending thousands of flyers out to residential homes in a particular zip code and hoping they check their mail and read your piece, your online marketing campaign can find your target audience in a precise and efficient manner–when they are actually looking to buy. The goal is not to get an insane amount of random traffic to your site, but rather to get the right people to your site who are looking for your particular product or service in hopes of them being ready to buy, or at least on the path to purchase. As people begin to trust you and your company’s online authority, you will begin to establish a relationship with your target audience, and you will begin to have loyal customers that will not only come back for more purchases, but will also promote your product or service throughout their own circles of people. Since marketing campaigns are easily tracked and monitored, you will be able to see a steady flow of targeted traffic that will turn into sales and leads, further enhancing your ROI. As you tell your audience what the next step is, be sure to think of clever ways of doing so that will plant the seed in their head that they have found what they are looking for. A successful digital marketing campaign will ensure your site is part of the interconnected ecosystem-grid, giving you window access to reach out to target audiences belonging to this grid. Manymarketers invest in direct mail marketing as part of their overall marketing mix because it provides astraightforward and targeted approach to engaging with, persuading, and driving potential customersto action.
How long would it take if you were to make it more targeted to your audience and less generic? Everyone knows that video engages better, and so offers a better experience to potential customers.
But people have cottoned on, and now there are millions, if not billions of posts trying to copy Top Tip’s laidback charm. And of course, make sure you have sharing functionality on your blog so people can easily share the post directly to social media channels.
The following are 10 reasons why digital marketing would be not only be a clever investment for 2015, but an essential strategy. Now that it is possible to orchestrate an online marketing campaign to boost awareness and reputation, it’s imperative to fully harness the power at our fingertips. This is why business owners are streamlining their marketing campaigns towards conversion optimization, which makes conversions the number one priority above anything else.
You’ll increase the response to your Be aware of certain mail standards so you don’tcampaign by ensuring your messages are relevant end up paying more than you expected. Use customer intelligence such must fit within certain sizes to meet standard mailas demographic and geographic information, as regulations. Census reports that more than 43 million 4) Personalize your messageAmericans move each year.
Make sure your address Since you’re working with a targeted audience,lists are kept up to date by running your lists through direct mail marketing provides a great opportunitythe USPS National Change of Address database, to personalize your message. However, keep in mindwhich houses more than 16 million permanent that the more componentschange-of-address records, at least twice a year.
In you personalize, the moreorder to use the service, you need to purchase a you need to monitor 70 plicense from USPS. In addition, if you work adver er to ers tisem receive prom ents anwith a mailing house that has an in-house postalemployee who can weigh and certify mailings, they ot dcan help quicken the process.

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