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The Compact System Camera (CSC) revolution continues, as Sony adds to the brand’s Alpha range with the new 14.2MP Sony NEX-5 ultra compact interchangeable lens camera. We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for the three leading DSLR brands to enter the CSC market, and with Canon and Nikon yet to make their move it’s Sony who places its cards on the table first, with the NEX cameras. Restyling del sito realizzato nell'ambito del progetto OPENMUSEUMS finanziato nell'ambito del Programma per la Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013, dal Fondo di sviluppo regionale e dai fondi nazionali.
Preoblikovanje spletne strani je bilo izvedeno v sklopu projekta OPENMUSEUMS, sofinanciranega v okviru Programa cezmejnega sodelovanja Slovenija-Italija 2007-2013 iz sredstev Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj in nacionalnih sredstev.
Visit our forums where you'll find helpful photographers already chatting and swapping knowledge. Both are quite similar on paper, but the more compact and lightweight NEX-5 is the more attractive option, with the added advantage of HD video. A new lens mountThe Compact System Camera format has led to a number of ultra-small designs bridging the gap between the DSLR and hybrid compact. The NEX-5 takes the compact size of these CSC models down to a new level, as it’s the smallest and lightest of these removable lens models to date. In order to utilise the benefits of an APS-C sensor, Sony has developed a new lens system called E-mount. This mount is quite dominating on the small body, but it’s a necessity in order to get the large image circle required to cover the sensor size.
There will be an adapter for the A-series lenses, but the new mount will see a range of optics introduced.
The larger lenses look rather out of place on this new mount, but it’s an innovative and different direction from the electronics giant.
FeaturesOn the back of the NEX-5 sits a 3in LCD, which can be flipped out from the body to tilt up and down for alternative viewing angles. Most screens of this design tend to sit proud from the rear of the camera, but on the NEX-5 the design is kept neatly flush.

The screen itself is an XtraFine TruBlack LCD with auto brightness and it offers a vivid, high-contrast performance.
There is an optional viewfinder for this camera should you desire a more conventional framing option. The magnesium alloy body is one of the more minimalist we’ve seen, as there are hardly any buttons on the back of the camera. The NEX-5 is lacking a viewfinder and a built-in flash, but comes supplied with a plug-on flash, which helps keep the size down.
On the inside, the newly developed 14.2MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor is managed by the BIONZ image processor. The chip gives the NEX-5 DSLR-like performance with depth-of-field advantages and a high-speed shooting rate at 7fps in speed-priority mode. There’s no dual sensor cleaning, but there is an electromagnetic vibration system and anti-static coating on the sensor. There are potential issues here, as this may cause image quality problems such as distortion and aberration.
This mode allows you to pan the camera from one side to another, or up and down through an effective 226° angle-of-view, to capture a continuous image.
Other key features include an improved Auto HDR with three images being captured at different exposures and combined at high speed. You also have a neat Background Defocus Control where you can increase or decrease the level of blur in the background using the jog dial, effectively an easy and interactive way of controlling depth-of-field with the aperture settings.
Ease of useThe lack of buttons is an important element of the NEX-5, because it ensures it’s easy to use.
A couple of unlabelled soft-touch buttons to the side of the screen line up alongside the graphics on the LCD, and a large rotating dial also serves as a four-way rocker control.
This is a clever tool that is utilised to select the various functions, settings and shooting modes.

Elements like ISO and white balance adjustment are not where you may naturally expect – you have to go through a number of menu steps to reach them. The exposures aren’t bad thanks to the camera’s 49-zone multi-segment system, which enables the NEX-5 to deliver a good tonal range and accurate colours. This is not the fastest camera out there, but with speed priority engaged it’s impressive at 7fps.
Sweep Panorama is a great tool (see panel), but it struggles where there are moving elements within the pan. The HDR mode is okay, but it’s not as good as a true HDR creation using post-production software.
Final verdictThere’s a lot to like about this trendsetting CSC model from Sony, but there’s also a few niggling frustrations too. We really like the concept of an ultra-thin camera body delivering high quality images, but the large diameter (in comparison to the body size) lenses look almost out of place on the NEX-5.
The general consensus of opinion is that CSC cameras are effectively high quality compacts that deliver DSLR quality. The menus are really nice and display some simple graphics, but there are also frustrations with these menus.
The point-and-shoot user will probably enjoy this camera more than the enthusiast photographer. It’s nice to have manual controls and creative features, but it’s the fun features like Sweep Panorama, Auto HDR and Defocus Control that demonstrate who this camera is targeted at.

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