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Yandex analysts recently compiled data to assess the top digital advertising categories.  Generally speaking, the top industries include travel, fashion, financial services, medical services, and automobiles. These major industries that have a strong online presence actually vary when it comes to specific categories within these industries.  Two of the major travel industry categories, hotels and passenger air transport, make the top five digital advertising categories. For exclusive Yandex industry reports on these major advertising categories please visit Russian Search Marketing’s market research page. The Munich and Dusseldorf Airports have a very different kind of visitor, and it turns out that they are liked!
Oversized toads in colourful folk costumes and playing the pan pipes popped up into two of Germany’s main airports.
This clever and funny advert installation of oversized frogs has won the award at the Airport Media Awards (AMA).

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Soon locals and tourists alike were snapping pics of the toads and even posing next to them.
The message is: If the toads are piping and you are running out of money, go to Sixt!” Sixt offers premium hire cars at good prices, including convertibles and SUVs from luxury brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The AMA, awarded by the initiative Airport Media, honors the best advertising at airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites were buzzing with various angles of the the toads and their piping lips – including the Twitter account of Mirko Kaminski, an advertising professional and judge of the Airport Media Awards (AMA). The top advert winners are announced each month by a decision maker from marketing or media.

Mirko said of her experience: “I immediately took out my mobile, took a picture and tweeted and posted it with a nice slogan. So you can always seen to be flashing the cash even when you may be saving it for something else.

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