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People on Twitter generally love to share and read the updates and with the arrival new video on Twitter platform, people started love to watch the real updates in the form of video. The lead generation cards on Twitter are specially designed for the advertisers to increase the audience engagement on Twitter. The Native video ad on Twitter platform provides a real time promotion using the Video on Twitter platform. Connect with the people wherever they go as they can reach mobile to tablet and to other new gadget and make sure your ad is compatible with majority of formats that are generally in use. Regardless of medium, choosing the optimum creative has always been one of the main considerations for advertisers crafting a campaign strategy. For social media marketers, creative selection is influenced by granular audience segmentation and “shareability,” as well as traditional concerns like target audience and desired effect. Nowhere is this a more complex decision-making process than in the case of video, which has a great deal more variables to consider than image-based advertising (e.g. It’s this efficacy that is drawing more advertisers to video, and notable new developments in the space have helped codify best practices to the benefit of advertisers still determining whether to invest in the medium.
Examining these improvements, along with how some of Nanigans’ (my employer) most successful customers are using the format, should provide advertisers with some valuable insights in terms of campaign management and creative choice. While video has traditionally been thought of as a branding exercise, these units were one of the first to marry video with direct response advertising, and they have evolved significantly since their rollout.
One of the biggest improvements is the ability to target these direct response ad units to drive events outside of an initial install. Using functionality like Nanigans’ SDK or Facebook’s own measurement tools, advertisers can structure specific campaigns to, for example, show ads to existing downloaders similar to current users who make the most in-app purchases within the first 30 days, a benefit of deep in-app event tracking and downstream revenue optimization.
Keep in mind that while these units are presently more geared toward gaming and other app-focused advertisers, recent developments from a number of social players indicate how the functionality of direct response video units will expand to be much more applicable for e-commerce and other industries. For many advertisers, it’s tempting to invest in high-end production for a cinematic-style video. As a bonus, overviews of the in-app experience require less time and fewer resources to create. Despite anything you may have heard, autoplay is not necessarily a default feature of every video ad on Facebook. As autoplay functionality traditionally helps increase video ad effectiveness, it’s worth limiting a campaign to oCPM or CPA (cost per action) bid types.
Autoplay videos always start with the sound off, so any desired message should be discernible even without sound. There may be a lot to share about a new offering, but a video ad unit isn’t the best place to do it. Creating video ads that take into account these best practices has resulted in a great deal of long-term campaign success for a number of Nanigans’ gaming advertisers.
Of course, as the format becomes more pervasive in the space, platform-specific nuances will become evident, so use these tips as a baseline to test against in achieving success across specific KPIs.
Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Andrew Waber is the Manager of Market Insights and Media Relations for advertising automation software provider Nanigans. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
9 Of The Best Places To Leverage Mobile Video Advertising You are using an outdated browser.
Facebook follows a flexible payment scheme that suits your daily budget, starting at a minimum of $5 per day.

It is the best option to connect with the people in real time because it is always busy with millions of Tweets every minute on different topics. Many users interested in watching various video ads which are attractive and useful to them. These cards are helpful to advertisers to access the information of user’s contacts with a call to action buttons. Columnist Andrew Waber offers these tips on how to maximize the performance of your campaigns.
And as more advertisers begin looking into video advertising on social channels, industry practitioners should note a number of proven ways to optimize performance. However, the vast majority of brands that have tested this type of content against things like gameplay video have found the latter to be much more effective in terms of driving clicks and valuable users.
Assuming the content is derived from existing assets, it’s inherently brand approved and easier to iterate against for testing purposes.
Specifically, Facebook cannot guarantee autoplay eligibility for video ads that utilize CPC (cost per click) or oCPM (optimized cost per mille) for clicks.
Capturing the attention of a user in the first five seconds is key to maximizing the effect of autoplay.
Locking down a compelling 15 to 30 seconds of video content is an optimum strategy, as it gives users an easy-to-consume taste of what’s in store, but naturally drives them to want to learn more. While instituting these criteria is a more involved process, it helps maximize the effectiveness of video ad campaigns on social media. In his current role, Andrew manages the data analysis, editorial direction, and strategy for the Nanigans Market Insights research program.
Ultimately, average CPI (cost per install) figures vary greatly depending on gender, age, interests, OS, and country.2.
Coloribus is a creative advertising & commercials archive with more than 2,000,000 ads, prints and promo videos by leading brands and agencies.
So, advertisers had targeted the Twitter platform for their advertising as they can reach their potential audience on the Twitter platform. The new video tools on Twitter helps the advertisers to record behind the scenes view of team or product or company working. Prior to his time at Nanigans, Andrew served as the Market Analyst and lead author of reports for Chitika Insights, the research arm of the Chitika online ad network.
Aardman animations created this ad for the macular society, soliciting donations to help find a cure for macular degeneration and other eyesight related issues.. The users submit the information before leaving Twitter which can be stored in the advertiser database. It boasts one billion unique users per month on mobile, with the average YouTube viewing session lasting a stunning 40 minutes. Advertising (or advertizing) is a form of marketing communication used to promote or sell something, usually a business's product or service. There much other type of Cards on the Twitter platform are helpful to the video advertisers. Bulk editing and bulk uploading features received the lowest ratings on average, sitting at 73 per cent and 75 per cent respectively. Visit magcloud, a content publishing web service, where you can publish, distribute, buy or sell content, in print and digital formats.. Bring it on, says Uber Canada Microsoft showcases updated version of Dynamics AX with Renault's Formula 1 team Posts, Sales and Marketing BrightRoll, doubleclick, G2 crowd, video advertising About Brian Jackson Editorial director of IT World Canada. InStream ads run when users play a video from a premium inventory partner on the Android YouTube app. Video ad formats include skippable and non-skippable video ads.Videos can run up to 45 minutes and performance can be measured using a built-in YouTube Analytics system.

TwitterSince Twitter has always been a mobile-first platform, ad revenues from mobile advertising climbed as much as 88 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014. With a total of 700 million monthly users, the company can target users based on geography, gender, language, keyword, interest and username. You can also modify targeting settings according to mobile plan carrier, OS, and users on WiFi.Brands can upload and distribute their own video ads by using Twitter’s Promoted Video, which appear in a user’s Twitter timeline.
In fact, Millennial Media found that mobile video ads were five times more engaging than traditional standard banners. This article could be a good place to start.Mobile video advertising on social mediaMobile and social are a match made in heaven.
InstagramInstagram enjoyed huge success when it introduced its video program in mid-2013, and it is expected to pull in $2 billion in mobile ad revenue next year, thanks to its 200 million monthly users. It makes use of native video ads that pretty much look the same as user-posted videos, which can now be viewed as landscape for a more cinematic feel.The only difference is that it contains a “Sponsored” tag on the upper right corner. FacebookMobile advertising accounted for around 76 percent of Facebook’s revenue during the second quarter of 2015. SnapchatBoasting over 100 million monthly active users – the vast majority of whom are millennials – Snapchat uses the “disappearing model,” in which photos and videos uploaded by users vanish within a set limit of time.Snapchat video ads appear in a user’s friends list under the Recent Updates section. These ads are bought like spots on television as they are based on TRPs (Targeted Gross Rating Points) to reach a specific audience over a short period of time.You can target people based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections. Just recently, Facebook announced its support of the auto-play video ad format, as well as multi-image carousel ads and dynamic product ads. This unique method of holding to play can help you know exactly at which point a user stops watching the ad.Another way to run a video ad on Snapchat is through Discover, its news section. Ads automatically play as the user swipes to view the next piece of Discover content, although they can easily be swiped away if the user doesn’t want to watch the ad.At present, targeting is limited to country, age and gender. It has a standard price of two cents for a 10-second video, but premium ads can run longer.6.
PinterestInstead of videos, photo sharing platform Pinterest uses Cinematic Pins, which are GIF-like animations that play backwards and forwards every time the user scrolls up and down. These are around 30 to 50 frames long – short enough to be played before the user scrolls past the ad.At present, Cinematic Pins are not yet fully available for advertisers, although it is currently testing with select ad partners.
It will be releasing a pricing model that allows marketers to pay for Promoted Pins based on engagement. Pinterest also has its own analytics platform, but it has not yet been upgraded for Cinematic Pins.Mobile video advertising on mobile ad networksIn order to maximize reach and diversify your advertising efforts, you should always try to find a mix of social and “standard” mobile ad networks to work with. VungleDubbed as “the leader of in-app video advertising,” Vungle is the top choice for web developers like Zeptolab and Mobjo. It uses programmatic advertising technology that automates buying, placement, and optimization of media inventory.Vungle Premium is the company’s latest offering when it comes to mobile video ads. According to the company, its instant-play video ad technology means that unlike other networks, there’s virtually no load time regardless of connection strength or device type.9.
AppLovinWith video making up about 35 percent of its business, the ad network is embracing data and real-time programmatic advertising. The company claims that its algorithm allows for better targeting, increased conversion and reaching about 70 percent of your customers within just a week.To sum up, mobile video advertising is red hot. It’s where a lot of marketing attention is going to these days, with more and more news about its effectiveness – particularly on mobile – coming out.
To remain competitive in a hyper-competitive environment, it appears video is a must-have weapon in today’s app marketer arsenal.

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