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On July 16, NASA made a statement that "the original recordings of the first humans landing on the moon 40 years ago were erased".
Anthony Nelson in Moon Landing Hoax ShotAZRainman Larry Hagman as Major Anthony Nelson.+10 commentsfull view Come in Houston.
NASA Moon Landing Hoax Studiocarl3 +6 commentsfull view Man, this is freaking genius composition!I especially LOVE the cutout parts of the photo face attached to the actor's face.
Moon Landing Sceneryberdulano +4 commentsfull view Two words are the key here: full view!Looks totally sci-fi and artistic at the same time!
McDonalds on the Moonjerrylambert The girl in the green dress had the job of nailing the stars to the background. Conspiracy Magazine Moon Landing Coverkruie +1 commentsfull view Hilarious!Indeed the most expensive movie ever made! Helicopter on Hoax Moon Landing Setjohnx1 +1 commentsfull view Good pun and nice work, hidden "chopper"! Letter and Script to Neil Armstrongalfie1977corona He made a blooper +3 commentsfull view According to NASA, Neil stepped off of the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) onto the moon's surface---not the Space Shuttle.
Moon Landing Astronautsnerb +1 commentsfull view The eye rolling look on their faces is hilarious!

Moon in Background of Moon Landing 1969jerrylambert +1 commentsfull view Very subtle indeed!
Cats on the Moonnerb +1 commentsfull view Nice blending. Moon Landing Actors in Astronaut Costumesjohnx1 +1 commentsfull view Made possible with the taxpayers money. Moon Landing HollywoodSLIXTER +1 commentsfull view The Hollywood reflection is hilarious!Gotta see this one in full view.
Backstage on the Moon Landing Set 1969nonno +1 commentsfull view Fair work. Omega Watch Advert in Flamesjohnx1 +2 commentsfull view poor Armstrong, I don't think he ever wanted to lie but just didn't want to end up like Ed White or Gus Grissom. In fact in 2006 NASA said that, all of a sudden, "over 700 BOXES of transmission tape from Apollo are missing".
Sadly she fell off of the ladder right after this picture was taken and she broke her neck and became paralyzed.
The first space shuttle wasn't launched until April of 1981 (unless all this NASA stuff is just Hollywood stunts---and then your terminology is probably as good as theirs).

NASA has been searching for these tapes for three years, and on July 16 told the world that it found out what happened to these recordings - they got erased by mistake. There’s a great story behind it, and plenty of German bunkers and guns left as well as craters from the Allied attack. The director at first wanted to replace the her with another star nailer upper but they just never could bring themselves to do it. You Deserve A Break Today, just not in the neck.+2 commentsfull view is the rover not too wide to drive thru the McDrive? And our execution is almost there.You might want to consider blurring the text slightly (to match the source text blur) and making the text darker to match the source text colour.

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